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C1613. She's a bully

When LAN Yanxi called, Ling Mo Feng just finished an important meeting. The busy state affairs made him tired. Suddenly, he saw the name on the mobile phone screen. His mood seemed to be pulled away by a pair of gentle hands, revealing the warm sunshine.

"Hello!" His voice was deep and soft, with a smile.

"Is it convenient for you to talk now?" LAN Yanxi asked softly, some greedy will be close to the mobile phone ear, as if even his breath are not willing to miss the general.

"Yes, you say!" Men's voice lines are full of laughter and love.

LAN Yanxi breathed in a low voice, and then said, "just now my grandfather said that blue fiber has been lost, and has not found her until now. My grandfather wants me to ask you for a help. Do you have any way to find her as soon as possible?"

Ling Mo Feng heard the name, and his voice was a little more cold: "why did she lose it? Did you ask why?"

"She was insane and didn't want to go abroad for treatment, so she ran away at the airport and can't be contacted now." LAN Yanxi knows that Ling Mo Feng doesn't want to hear the name of blue microfiber. Last time, she nearly stabbed her, which makes Ling Mo Feng hate her very much.

"I'll ask Chu lie to help me find it. Don't worry." Ling Mo Feng resumed his gentleness: "don't you hate her?"

Lanyanxi was silent for two seconds, biting her lips and saying, "hate, what's the use of hating her? She has been like this. A woman who has experienced such a terrible event must be very painful. I just want to find her quickly and don't let her experience it again, otherwise, my grandfather will be very sad."

"OK, I'll ask chulie to help me find her." Ling Mo Feng also feels that blue fiber is hateful and pitiful. It's the key to let her get treatment quickly. Maybe even her vicious heart can be cured.

"Then I won't disturb your work. I'll see you in the evening." LAN Yanxi's heart was peaceful and his tone was gentle.

Ling Mo Feng hung up the phone and asked her in a low voice, "what did you have for lunch?"

The man obviously has nothing to talk about.

"I just had some soup. My aunt sent me a lot of dishes, but I didn't eat much. It was a waste." LAN Yan hoped that he would take the initiative to find a topic to talk about. He was in a relaxed mood and immediately replied with a smile.

"Why don't you eat more? Don't you know you're thin now?" Men speak reproachfully.

"I can't eat. Maybe I have too many things in mind. I'm going to lose weight." LAN Yanxi's naughty answer.

"No weight loss, I want you to eat more fat." The man demanded of her.

"No." LAN Yanxi immediately turned into a disobedient child, leaving the man helpless.

The man knew that she would play a rogue, and immediately laughed a few times. He seemed to be in a better mood.

"I really want to finish my work and go home to hold you." Ling has opened the door of the office now, so what he said has become less serious.

Blue words Hope Heart sharp son a shudder, inexplicable, just because he a word, make her whole body as if the electric current flies, she can't help chuckling: "you are not serious."

"I don't want to be serious now." The man sits lazily on his big office chair, and rarely relaxes. If he answers, he becomes extremely evil.

"Well, you can come back earlier tonight. I'll give you a hug. Whatever you do." LAN Yanxi is even less serious in front of him.

Ling Mo Feng is in a good mood. This little woman is really capable of making him reflect now.

"Well, you said, don't beg for mercy then." The man's voice sank and became dangerous.

"I won't ask for mercy." Blue words and then Du small mouth, said not satisfied.

"I want you to look good tonight." The man deliberately grinds his teeth and says a lot.

"I look good all day, not only tonight." LAN Yanxi is not such a bullying woman. If it's talking, Ling Mo Feng is really not her opponent.

The man immediately laughed and said, "well, don't make fun of you. Take care of your grandpa first, and wait for me tonight!"

"Well!" LAN Yanxi won the fight, and her mood improved a lot.

After hanging up the phone, LAN Yanxi went back to the ward and told the old man about it. The old man was very pleased: "Mo Feng is willing to help. It's really hard for him."

"Grandpa, we are a family. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. It's important to find her quickly." Lanyanxi comforted immediately.

Blue old man suddenly thought of the picture of the two sons fighting each other. If they could have half of the tolerance and goodness, they would not be so hateful today.

People are really different from each other. There is a boundary between good and evil. The old man is sad again.

Ling wennuan has been at school for several days. Her willpower is more and more firm. In her petite body, she also has a manly tenacity. She will never be defeated or run away because of the threat of the other party.

A few days have passed since the last time when she was wronged. Those people didn't mean to continue to target her, but their eyes were threatening, but everywhere.

To eat in the canteen, someone deliberately hit her hard and made a warning sound in her ear to let her be careful.

In the locker of the dressing room, someone put two caterpillars for her, which made Ling wennuan's frightened soul fly up. Carrying that uniform, she ran out and directly hit Mu Weicheng.

"I'm sorry..." Ling wennuan thought it was someone else. After apologizing quickly, she felt that the collar on her back was held by someone, and she was backward.

"Mu Wei Cheng?" Ling warm a pair of beautiful eyes as if to see the Savior, immediately sparkle: "quick, help me to get these two caterpillars away."

Mu's deep eyes looked down and saw that there were two disgusting insects on her school uniform.

"They're taking care of you again?" The man's face suddenly turned pale.

"Yes, please help me. I'm afraid of this thing. It's scary." Ling warm day not afraid of the character, but defeated in the soft hoof of the multi legged insect.

Mu Weicheng takes away her clothes directly, shakes off the insect on the ground, and then directly tramples on her feet.

Ling warm a pair of beautiful eyes instantly open big, looking at his pair of polished shoes: "over, I dare not look at you this pair of shoes in the future."

Muwei Cheng speechless gave her a white eye: "you haven't thought about the transfer, how long will you endure here? Aren't you afraid they'll put a snake in your closet next time? "

"I'm afraid, so I'm smart now. I just installed a small camera head in me. I'd like to see who is so hateful." Ling wennuan will not be foolishly bullied. She has her hands around her chest and a proud expression.

"Women's dressing rooms don't let costumes be monitored. Aren't you afraid of being exposed?" Mu Weicheng looked at her with great admiration. Unexpectedly, she found such a solution.

"I'm not afraid. Anyway, my camera head is installed in my cabinet. It's very hidden. I can only take pictures of the whole person. I can't see others changing their clothes." Ling warm curled her mouth, then she snorted coldly, "I'd like to see what else they can do. When I get the evidence, I'll go to the headmaster for the first time to sue them."

When Mu Weicheng and Ling wennuan were standing here talking, they didn't find that in a corner not far away, someone took out his mobile phone and was recording.

"Ling wennuan, your elder brother is going to be elected in recent days. Don't act rashly. After he is elected successfully, you can settle accounts with those people." Mu Weicheng frowned and thought for her. "You're worried that my business will affect my brother? No, no one knows I'm his sister. " Ling wennuan immediately shook his head, feeling that he and his brother would not be connected.

"Even so, I suggest you wait a little longer." Mu's voice slowed down a little.

"Well, listen to you." Ling warm hands behind his back, smiling at him: "teacher mu, I heard someone gave you a love letter. How can I write it? Can I borrow it? I want to write it too."

The man's face suddenly turned red with embarrassment and said angrily, "you are a student. You are not allowed to learn things that have nothing to do with study."

"But I seem to hear that among those who write you love letters, there are female students." Ling warm mouth a turn, a face unhappy: "those love letters you how to deal with?"

"It's none of your business." The man turned to go.

Ling wennuan immediately grabbed his arm and said, "you are not allowed to read, not a word. Do you hear me? Otherwise I'll write you a hundred and a thousand, so you can see the vomiting. "