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Hearing that there was nothing to say from the people over there, Ling wennuan immediately burst out laughing happily. The laughter was clear and pleasant. It reached the tip of Mu Weicheng's heart, and he was trembling gently.

"Well, don't tease you. I have to get ready to go and wait for me there." Ling wennuan knows that he has been joking too much. Mu Weicheng is a mature man with a calm and introverted temperament. How can she stand her frivolous jokes.

"Well, be safe on the way. Call me if you need anything." Muwei Cheng relaxed, but he seemed to have foreseen that the next days would not be so boring.

"I see, hang up!" Ling warm nodded, hung up the phone, continue to brush his teeth and wash his face.

When Ling wennuan pushes the box downstairs, she finds that Xia ninglan has also packed up her box, which is still held by the boy next to her.

When Lin Bo saw Ling warm, he immediately smiled and asked, "warm, did you sleep well yesterday?"

"Not bad!" Ling warm smile.

"The driver hasn't come down yet. Have you had breakfast? There is a porridge shop nearby. I'll show you the suitcase. Go and have some porridge. " Lin Bo immediately asked her.

"Yes, please!" Ling wennuan thanked him immediately.

"You're welcome!" LiNbO pushed her and the box aside and put them away.

Ling warm road summer ninglan side, summer ninglan look at her eyes are still complex with resentment.

Ling wennuan chose to ignore, and walked out of the hotel to have breakfast.

On the way, Ling wennuan went through another agony of nausea. He got off the highway. When he was walking along the mountain road, everyone screamed and screamed. He grabbed his seat belt in fear. The driver's eldest brother was also frightened by cold sweat and comforted everyone all the time.

Ling wennuan looks at the mountains along the way. He can't imagine that Mu Weicheng has been in such a place for several years. God, what has he experienced? Why do you want to torture yourself like this? He has good conditions. There are still better and more choices.

Is it really to avoid her?

Ling warm for a while, five taste miscellaneous, I don't know whether to cry or laugh, perhaps, to beat him, hide so far, hurt her Acacia for several years, don't hit him who?

"Ah!" There was a scream from Xia ninglan in front of him. Ling wennuan found out that there was a geological disaster and a road was blocked.

"Don't be afraid, we may need help!" The driver immediately appeased the group of college students who had not been far away. However, the staff of several charities seemed to go back and forth on the mountain road frequently. They were calm and calm, and helped to comfort everyone together.

Someone gave Ling wennuan a bottle of water and a loaf of bread: "let's get out of the car first, let's see what's going on."

Ling wennuan went down with her backpack on her back. Suddenly, she felt that she was very small, because the scenery in front of her was so vast that she felt that she was like a grain of dust in the world, which was dispensable.

"Ninglan, it's windy here. I'll give you a coat." There's a boy next to me who's concerned about Chardonnay.

Shanninglan immediately thanked and took over.

Ling wennuan heard two female students sneering at him in a low voice: "I really shouldn't come to such a place because I'm so delicate."

"Just go home and be her little princess."

Ling wennuan found that Xia ninglan's behavior had not only offended her, but also offended the other female students, and they all despised her.

Ling wennuan suddenly thought that when she was at school, Xia ninglan didn't seem to have any friends. There was a reason. She was only blamed for not getting along with her for a long time. She didn't see her real person for a while.

Lingnuan takes out her mobile phone and takes several pictures of the scenery. There is no signal here. Lingnuan can't send several pictures to his brother and family.

The driver took out a walkie talkie and talked to each other for a long time. Then he got off the bus and comforted everyone and said, "don't worry, it's still early. I just contacted a nearby base. They are willing to send someone to help us."

Hearing the two words of the base, lingnuan and xianinglan's expression lit up.

It seems that it's almost the place where Mu Weicheng is.

Xia ninglan hurriedly ran to talk with the driver. Ling warms up his ears and listens.

"Master, is this base far from here?" Xia ninglan asked curiously.

"It's a little far. It's over 170 kilometers. It'll take two or three hours to get there." The driver's uncle lit a cigarette and began to smoke.

"Do you know if the person in charge of this base is mu Weicheng?" She asked directly.

The driver's uncle looked at her confused and shook his head: "I don't know. We can't touch the people here in our daily life. We just know that there is a rescue phone that can be called. Little girl, do you know anyone in the base?"

"Well, yes, he used to be our instructor." Shanninglan immediately laughed happily.

Ling wennuan turns a white eye to the sky, and Xia ninglan will not really bring herself into the role of Mu Weicheng's girlfriend, right?

Alas, it's a headache. Ling wennuan really has an impulse to tear the truth to her. How cruel it is.

Xia ninglan turns her head and takes a look at Ling Nuan. Seeing Ling Nuan looking up at the sky, she laughs at the bottom of her heart. It's not a school here. They can compete fairly.

Xia ninglan is still very confident. She feels that she is more careful and gentle than Ling Nuan in dealing with men. It is said that men like women they want to protect. Xia ninglan looks at her slender body. As long as she covers her ears and screams, she is afraid that it will arouse the strong desire for protection of men.

Ling wennuan is a person who likes to be brave. She used to see it in school, and she didn't know what she could do. It's not good to show weakness in front of men?

Lin Bo has a professional SLR camera in his hand. While photographing the scenery, he also takes Ling Nuan in. She is wearing a pair of slim jeans, a white shirt, long hair tied into a ponytail, standing on a big stone, slim and graceful, with a blue figure. In this vast landscape, she is very unique and beautiful.

Ling didn't know Lin Bo was secretly photographing her. She continued to stare at the scenery in front of her.

Time passed by, everyone was tired, Ling wennuan went back to the car and planned to sleep first.

I don't know how long it has passed. She seems to hear the sound of the car. She opens her eyes sharply.

On the other side of the mountain, the smoke was billowing, and three cars came here quickly.

Ling warm heart a tight, breathing quickly.

She hurried to get out of the car and heard the driver's uncle say happily, "the rescue car is coming."

Two of them are SUVs and one is a minivan. It seems that they are helping to deliver the donation.

Xia ninglan's eyes dye happy, a blink does not blink of looking at those vehicles.

There is a long distance between the mountains. Although we can see the cars here, it will take more than half an hour before they come here.

Ling wennuan is waiting while drinking water. She has a feeling that the person she loves is in the three cars.

Will he come?

Ling warm heart in the acceleration, Mingming just separated soon, to meet again, that mood will be so ups and downs.

Maybe it's in this kind of environment that Ling is eager to feel safe.

Finally, when the cars approached, Ling wennuan stood in the crowd and saw a group of people coming from the other end of the muddy water. The leader was Mu Weicheng.

He was wearing a military green sportswear and a hat. He looked formal and serious, full of a sense of heroism.

Almost all the women in the audience, seeing the powerful Mu Weicheng coming over, looked straight into a line and ignored all the men in the audience, leaving him alone in their eyes.

"Master Mu!" Xia ninglan was so happy that she ran over excitedly: "teacher mu, how can you be here?"

Xia ninglan pretended to be ignorant and asked shyly.

Mu Weicheng listens to Ling wennuan and says that Xia ninglan is here, and it's because of him. At the moment, Xia ninglan's eyes full of adoration and adoration make him ignore it directly. He just points his head towards the official of Xia ninglan, and walks towards the driver and the person responsible for the donation.

Although I tried my best to resist the desire of my heart, when I saw the beautiful figure, my heart beat wildly for a few times, and Mu's eyes quickly recovered from Ling's warm face.