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Lu Qing made up his mind to invite Liu Xiaoxing to dinner. After he ordered a good restaurant, he picked up his suits in front of the mirror. At last, he found that he had a very bad shopping habit. He could buy five pieces of clothes. All year round, there was only one kind of clothes for him. The white shirt matched with the black suit, and there was no more clothes that showed his vitality 。

Lu Qing found for the first time that he was not really old. He was only 26 years old, but his mentality seemed to be very old.

Lu Qing finally went on a date in his usual suit. When he arrived at the restaurant, he found that Liu Xiaoxing was ahead of him. She was wearing a pink Nizi coat. She looked young and playful. She had messy hair, tied a ponytail behind her head and dropped several strands, which made her look more lovely and innocent.

Lu Qing is also a person who has experienced great storms. But when he saw the girl waiting at the door from afar, his steps were a little stiff and his tense palms were sweating.

"Lu Qing, here!" Liu Xiaoxing saw him at the tip of his eye and immediately jumped up and waved to him.

Lu Qing then straightened his clothes, walked quickly, and asked with embarrassment, "why did you come here first?"

"I happened to be shopping with my friend in the shopping mall next to me, so I came here first." Liu Xiaoxing said, pointing to a few bags in his hand, and replied with a smile.

"Let's go. We have reserved a place!" Lu Qing's eyes swept over her quickly, and he didn't dare to look hard.

"Well!" Liu Xiaoxing is actually a pretty smart woman.

After entering the restaurant, the two found a place by the window. At the moment, the window was full of traffic, bright lights and a bustling city scene.

Liu Xiaoxing usually looks at the courage very fat, and now suddenly he is not restrained.

"Lu Qing, where do you live?" Liu Xiaoxing asked curiously.

"It's in a neighborhood right here!" Lu Qing replied casually.

"Do you live with your family?" Liu Xiaoxing continued.

"No, I have no family, just me!" Lu Qing's face was slightly taut. Liu Xiaoxing asked him about his family, because he had no family.

"Oh!" Liu Xiaoxing can't understand Lu Qing's sadness about not having a family.

Lu Qing turns to look out of the window with some inferiority. There are so many windows out of the window, but none of the lights in front of the window are for him. He suddenly feels that he shouldn't be responsible for other girls.

"Lu Qing, close your eyes and I'll give you something!" Liu Xiaoxing saw his mood suddenly depressed, she immediately said with a smile.

Lu qingyileng, look up her eyes, Liu Xiaoxing said solemnly: "close up quickly, cooperate!"

Lu Qing looks at her optimistic and happy smile and suddenly feels that he shouldn't show sadness and disturb such a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere, so he closes his eyes.

Liu Xiaoxing quickly took something out of a packing bag and put it in front of him. Then she laughed: "OK, open it!"

Lu Qing opened his eyes slowly. What he saw was a small man made of clay. Although he was small, he was like a miniature version of him. He looked at him with amazement, and then looked at Liu Xiaoxing who couldn't close his mouth.

"I pinched it like you?" Liu Xiaoxing asked some questions.

"How can you still knead clay figurines?" Lu Qing's face is incredible.

"This is a little hobby of mine. I used to knead these little clay figurines and sell them on the Internet!" Liu Xiaoxing's mouth was curled and he was very pleased.

Lu Qing reached for the small version of himself: "am I so handsome?"

Liu Xiaoxing nodded, "of course, why don't you seem confident?"

"I always thought I was an old man!" Lu Qing stares at the little clay figurine. The more she looks, the more she beautifies her image.

"How can it be? You are mature, Lu Qing. After dinner, let's go to a movie. It's a new science fiction movie. I heard that the picture is cool." Liu Xiaoxing, drinking water, invited him on his own initiative.

"I haven't actually been to the cinema, can you believe it?" Lu Qing smiled a little embarrassed.

"No, young people now have seen several movies." Liu Xiaoxing suddenly felt that Lu Qing was like a person who passed from ancient times. He didn't understand what ordinary people would do.

"Little star, I don't know how you like me. I'm a very uninteresting person. I'm afraid I'll miss your youth and waste your time. Would you like to think about it again..."

"Do you think I am that kind of person?" Liu Xiaoxing listened to his words, instantly angry stare at him: "Lu Qing, I Liu Xiaoxing is not a casual woman, of course, I will not casually like you."

Lu Qing was moved by her sincere eyes and her mood fluctuated.

Liu Xiaoxing bowed his head, pinched his fingers and blinked in his eyes: "is it Are you not satisfied with me? "

Lu Qing's face suddenly shocked. Then, he quickly clarified, "of course not, I have no dissatisfaction with you!"

"Really? Then you didn't ask me about my family conditions. My parents are just ordinary employees. I have a younger brother, who is only 13 years old. Half of the money I get from work now needs to be paid for my younger brother's tuition and living expenses. Lu Qing, you are the big star around Mr. Ji. You will certainly not be short of money, but I am It's not as good as you think. I have a family burden! " Liu Xiaoxing's head is lowered, and her voice is much smaller, but she has no grievance, because this is her real situation, and she doesn't want to hide it from Lu Qing.

Lu Qing's face did not change. After hearing this, he only chuckled: "if you want, I want to help you take care of your family."

"Ah?" Liu Xiaoxing looked up at him incredulously: "don't you dislike my poverty?"

"But your spiritual world is not poor. I seem to have a lot of money, but I have nothing in spirit." Lu Qing laughs at herself. Liu Xiaoxing is just a girl in a normal family. At least she grew up in a sound family environment. Unlike him, she endured loneliness for a long time.

Liu Xiaoxing suddenly blushed, "Lu Qing, do you doubt that I like your money?"

Lu Qing was drinking water. Hearing this, he almost choked.

"I'm not rich enough to make you greedy for my money!" Lu Qing's face flashed with interest.

"But compared with our ordinary family, you are already rich!" Liu Xiaoxing laughed at himself.

"Xiaoxing, do you know the nature of my work? I work 24 hours a day for Ji Zong. He will call me and I will come. Because I have sworn that I will be loyal to this job in my life. If you can accept it, I will not care about any of your conditions and requirements. " Lu Qing explained to her seriously.

"I've seen it for a long time. You seem to regard Mr. Ji not only as your boss, but also as your master. Lu Qing, what is the relationship between you and Mr. Ji?" Liu Xiaoxing blinked and asked curiously.

"He is my life-saving benefactor, he gave me the chance to regenerate, so my mission in this life is to work for him, Xiaoxing, I don't know if I am suitable to be a lover." Lu Qing doesn't want to hide it from her. He has to explain his situation to her.

"Did he save your life? What happened to you? " Liu Xiaoxing's eyes widened in surprise.

"Yes, without him, I couldn't have picked up this life. Xiaoxing, others looked at me as if I was very beautiful, but only I knew that my life, like being stolen, was very careful in every step. You like me and make me very happy. In fact, I also like you very much. You are sincere and frank and always bring people happiness." Lu Qing looks at Liu Xiaoxing tenderly and tells her true feelings.

"Then Would you like me to be your girlfriend? " Liu Xiaoxing blinked and asked expectantly.

"If you don't dislike my broken life, I will treat you with all my heart." Lu Qing was moved by the sincere eyes of the girl. He didn't hide his lack. Liu Xiaoxing was willing to be his girlfriend. He was really happy.

"You are not confident, but I like your steadfast character. Lu Qing, let's make up our mind. From this moment on, we are a couple!" Liu Xiaoxing narrowed her eyes and smiled.

Lu Qingzheng worried for a long time, then suddenly reflected that he was going to get rid of the single.