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C2044 plan changes

Shopping malls are full of goods, cabinets are also filled with a variety of beautiful clothes and hand decorations, people come and go, a bustling and lively.

It's hard for Tang Weixin to relax. He talks with Ji Tingyan lazily. They have different personalities. When they talk about women's things, they have the same opinions. This may be women's nature. They have no resistance to beautiful things.

On the slide, a woman's voice burst out in the crowd: "my bag Give me my bag back... "

Then, two men wearing masks pushed the crowd out of the elevator at full speed. They rushed down and squeezed the children in Baoma's arms. The children cried out in fear.

"Take it for me, Nana." Before Ji Tingyan could reflect, she was shoved into two shopping bags. Next second, she saw Tang Weixin holding on with one hand, turning over the elevator on the other side as light as a swallow, and chasing two bag Snatchers quickly.

"Idealism..." Ji Tingyan sees Tang Weixin chasing after her. She is worried about whether she will get hurt.

She quickly took out her mobile phone, dialed tie ting and asked him for help.

At the moment, in the crowd, a pair of sinister eyes are also looking at this scene. Li Jingwen stands in the corridor, and two men roar at her with ferocious faces: "get out of the way, don't block the way."

Li Jingwen gives way to her position, and suddenly feels a gust of wind passing in front of her. The next second, she hears one of the men make a tragic cry. It turns out that someone smashed her arm with something. The bag in his hand, because of the loss of strength in his hand, fell to the ground. Another person wants to return to pick it up, but at this time, she hears a cold female voice: "Don't struggle, you can't escape."

When the two men saw that they were chasing a young woman, they immediately despised the enemy and sneered, "dead woman, I do my job. You'd better mind your own business, or..."

The two men immediately showed their swords and looked like villains, threatening with words. They thought that the thin woman in front of them would walk away.

But did not expect, she showed disdainful eyes: "with you two, I am not afraid."

Li Jingwen is standing beside her. She recognizes Tang Weixin and looks surprised.

Isn't this the woman who follows Ji Tingyan? It's not her bodyguard again, is it? Love meddling.

The sudden incident changed Li Jingwen's plan. She was a little angry. She gave those two men a look. These two bastards really wanted to cut them to pieces.

At the moment, the two men's cruel eyes only want to frustrate the nosy Tang idealism.

Tang Weixin stares at them with sharp eyes. At this time, one of the taller men stabs him with a knife. There is a cry of surprise all around. They are worried about whether Tang Weixin will be hurt. After all, she looks at a delicate woman.

But in fact, Tang idealism didn't give up his strength to deal with such a slow-moving man.

As soon as she raised her foot directly, she kicked away the knife in the other side's hand, and turned her body around. With a handsome and neat action, she firmly caught the falling knife. The men were all covered, and Tang Weixin's foot was scared.

"I'll fight you." Another man took the chance and rushed over with a knife while his companion was being beaten.

Tang Weixin turns over and jumps, supporting the injured man's shoulder, and kicks another man's back in a fast action. His original action of rushing forward is accelerated. For a moment, he doesn't stop, and the whole man falls on the floor.

The people around were also shocked. Tang idealism beat the running clouds and water. They were handsome and charming. However, the two men were unlucky. The knives in their hands were turned over, and the women were heavy. In a short time, their noses were blue and their faces were swollen. The security guard brought people here, and the one who was robbed was a rich woman who ran with a big boy.

"What's your name, miss? Thanks to you, I have a lot of important documents here. It doesn't matter if I lose my money. It's mainly because these things are too important. " The rich woman came and gasped for Tang's gratitude.

"Are you OK, nane?" Ji Tingyan also ran over, her breath was unsteady.

Li Jingwen stood in the crowd and looked at Ji Tingyan, who was close to her. She was as elegant and noble as ever. She saw that many men beside her could not move their eyes away from her. Li Jingwen squeezed her fist, but could only turn away unwillingly.

She's lucky today. Don't leave it in her hands next time.

As Li Jingwen walked through the corridor, she saw that in the opposite corridor, two brothers, tieting, ran quickly.

The hatred in her eyes melted in an instant, and she stared at bondeng obsessively until he rushed to Ji Tingyan's side, gently holding her hand, and the love in her eyes almost blinded her. Li Jingwen only felt that her breath was hard, and her heart was like a needle. She couldn't accept such a picture, so she could only bear the hatred and leave quickly.

Maybe she is too persistent, but that man is the one she has been waiting for for three years. He dreamt back at midnight. It was all that summer. As an instructor, he was with her in the details. In the primitive jungle, they were all sweaty, their thin clothes were wet, they were lying on his back, close to his back. Until now, they can still feel his body temperature, mosquitoes and insects Biting everywhere, beasts come and go. It was a very bad environment, but Li Jingwen wanted to go back to that time. If she knew that she would fall in love with her later, she shouldn't wait for him to become someone else's bridegroom.

Tang Weixin's righteous deeds make people around her give her a favorable look. Ji Tingyan also admires her bravery. The world is becoming colder and colder. Her warm-hearted actions can warm the hearts of many people.

"Sister, how did you practice? The way you jumped up just now is so cool. Who taught you that? " A bold little boy ran up to her and asked her, obviously wanting to learn.

Tang Weixin is inexplicably hot. She quickly touches each other's head: "study hard and make progress day by day."

The little boy's face is covered. He just wants to learn martial arts to help others. Do you want to learn? Scratched his head and went back to his parents.

"Are you ok?" Fuxun looked at it and jumped. Seeing that she still had a knife in her hand, he grabbed it and handed it to the security guard nearby.

Tang Weixin had a fearless expression just now. When she saw tie Xun, she immediately showed the look of the little woman: "let's leave now. I don't want to be photographed."

"Sister, wait a minute. This is from my mother. You must take it as a souvenir." The boy beside the rich woman suddenly ran over and gave her a gold pendant.

"Thank you." Tang Weixin accepts the good intention, turns around and follows tie Xun to leave.