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Ji Xiao Han thought he had misheard, he raised his head and looked at Tang You You in shock, then at her eyes that were as clean as water, his heart trembled.

He had always felt that the woman's eyes were beautiful, sometimes they were as clear as water and sometimes they were ethereal. At this moment, she looked a little tired, and the smoke was very thick, causing Ji Xiao Han's heart to beat quickly, wishing he could kiss her charming eyes.

"Daddy, Mummy agreed!" Tang Xiao Rui looked like he had just achieved his goals as he laughed non-stop.

"It's not like I'm as delicate as Xiao Nai the idiot, I don't want to sleep with you guys, I'm so crowded, I'm going back to my room to sleep." After Tang Xiao Rui said this, he turned around and opened the door, and walked out with large strides.

Then, he gently closed the door.

Tang You You looked at his son's stubborn little figure and couldn't help but sigh in his heart.

It was unknown who his son's stubborn and strong personality was like, but it was also a good habit for boys to be independent since they were young.

"Daddy, Mummy, Xiao Nai is so happy!" Tang Xiao Nai suddenly lost sleep again. Her two small hands touched Mummy as she stroked her father's sturdy arms. Her little face was filled with joy.

"Xiao Nai, it's very late. Quickly close your eyes and go to sleep." Tang You You scolded her daughter in a low voice.

Tang Xiao Nai was rolling around in the middle, and she was not sleepy at all.

Ji Xiao Han hugged her daughter, and played with her for a while. Then, her beautiful eyes subconsciously drifted towards the woman in front of her.

Tang You You lied down on the ground with her eyes closed, pretending to sleep. But, no one knew how nervous she was at the moment.

"Mummy, Daddy is so hard here, he knocked my head so hard that it hurt. Feel around and see, I didn't lie to you." The little guy suddenly grabbed one of her small hands and placed it on the man's firm and hard chest.

Tang You You felt her head explode as her beautiful eyes widened.

Ji Xiao Han also didn't expect his daughter to be so impressive, to actually grab her hand directly.

"Xiao Nai, stop messing around. Hurry up and go to sleep. If you don't, I'll get angry." Tang You You immediately retracted her hand as if she was electrocuted. Then, she glared at her daughter with feigned anger, and immediately, she turned her body to the side and faced in that direction.

Ji Xiao Han knew that she must be shy again. This woman seemed to be stubborn, but she was actually very simple at times.

Ji Xiao Han had guessed it right, at that moment, Tang You You's entire body was tensed, and her face was flushed red.

Her daughter was really a little moron. She could roll around on his father's body as she liked, but that was only because she was his daughter. Of course she couldn't care less, but how could she just grab her hand away from that man?

Ai, her naive daughter really made her want to laugh and cry. If she wanted to get angry, she wouldn't be able to find an excuse.

When the little fellow saw Mummy turning his back on her, she thought that she was really angry, so she didn't dare to move anymore and obediently hugged her father's arm. She stuck her face close and closed her eyes.

Ji Xiao Han looked at his daughter's silly look and wanted to laugh, but wanted to kiss her face even more.

As soon as the little fellow calmed down, a feeling of sleepiness overwhelmed it. Its large eyes blinked, and even its eyelids drooped downwards.

"Daddy, I'm going to sleep!" The little guy said in a daze.

Ji Xiao Han gently kissed her forehead. "Mn, go to sleep.

"Hm!" Daddy, Xiao Nai loves you so much! " The little fellow took the opportunity to confess.

Ji Xiao Han's cold and hard heart was now like a sponge, extremely soft.

"Daddy loves you too, very much!" Ji Xiao Han was led astray by his daughter, and his words revealed a childish tone.

The little guy was already asleep, but she must have heard her father's words. Her pretty little mouth curled up into a smile.

Tang You You felt goosebumps all over his body as he listened to his father and daughter.

Finally, the little guy fell asleep, soundly sleeping.

Looking at her innocent and cute sleeping face, Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but curl his lips when he thought of how she peed all over his body for the first time.

Tang You You straightened his body and waited for a long time. Then he turned his head and met the man's dark eyes.

What the hell, did he keep staring at her like that?

"Daughter is already asleep, you can go to your son's side and sleep now." Tang You You said coldly on purpose.

Ji Xiao Han replied shamelessly, "I want to sleep on this bed tonight."

"What are you doing? I'm warning you, don't do anything rash." After Tang You You heard his words, her entire body tensed up, even her small face showed signs of panic.

Ji Xiao Han's long body suddenly flipped, and easily moved from his daughter's small body to Tang You You's.

Tang You You was completely dumbstruck.

Her beautiful eyes widened, and her two small hands covered her chest, frantically calling out. "Ji Xiao Han, you're crazy, what are you doing?"

Tang You You's handsome face enlarged so much that it was already too late for him to dodge if she wanted to. His thin lips forcefully kissed the corner of her lips.

"You …" Tang You You was about to collapse, this bastard was too bold, to actually have his daughter by his side, and dared to do such a despicable thing to her.

"Eternal Rest!" The man's voice was low and hoarse as he called out her name. He had a sort of charm that seemed as if he wanted to lure away a person's soul.

Tang You You was struggling just now, but when she heard Yue Yang calling her name in a low voice, her eyes widened as she stared at him in shock.

"Don't worry, I won't act recklessly. At least, I won't do it today!" Although Ji Xiao Han said that he wouldn't, in the next second, he forcefully kissed her slightly parted lips, and deeply kissed his.

Tang You You's mind went blank.

When this man spoke, he was not speaking at all. He said that he wouldn't do anything rash, then what was he doing now?