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Bai Yiyan is totally shocked to wake up. Her clothes are all wet. There is a wind outside the window. She shivers coldly. Meimou looks uneasily at the direction of the bedroom with the light on.

Because she was afraid of the cold, she held herself subconsciously with her hands, shrunk in a corner of the sofa, shivering. After a while, there was a tall and upright figure, stepping out angrily.

Ji Yueze didn't go directly to Bai Yiyan. He just went to the door and quickly turned on all the lights in the living room. The bright crystal lights covered her eyes. She couldn't adapt to such a strong light for a while.

Ji Yueze saw her position clearly, so he angrily walked to her and glared at her.

"Bai Yiyan, what do you see?" Ji asked angrily.

Bai Yiyan reached out her hand and held her head at once. She murmured, "Ji Yueze, I have a headache and my eyes hurt. I don't see anything. Really, I swear."

Ji Yueze doesn't believe her, squinting and saying coldly, "no matter what you see, it's better to forget it immediately."

"I really don't see anything?" Bai Yiyan bit her lips and tried to firm her tone.

Ji Yueze knows that she is a woman with many small cleverness. Maybe she saw it, but she didn't admit it.

"Next time you dare to get drunk, I'll throw you on the street!" Ji Yueze warned her coldly that he didn't expect this woman to go crazy when she was drunk, and he dared to break into his bathroom to peep, which was unforgivable.

"No, I won't touch a drop of wine in the future!" Bai Yiyan also knew that this time he was completely angry. He must be very angry. Anyone else will be angry.

Ji Yueze wanted to scold her again, but for her serious attitude, he could not scold again, so he turned back to his bedroom with a cold face.

Bai Yiyan is still shivering. She peeks at the door he closed and decides to take a bath in the next room and change clothes. Otherwise, if she shakes like this, she will get sick.

Bai Yiyan gets up and enters the bathroom next door. This is the room she used to live in. There is also the white robe she wore. She takes the robe and goes in.

Quickly filled a tank of hot water, and then comfortable lying in.

"Oh!" Because it was too warm, Bai Yiyan couldn't help making a comfortable voice, closed her eyes and decided to enjoy the moment.

Ji Yueze changes a suit of clothes and finds that Bai Yiyan is no longer on the sofa. His eyes are thin and narrow. Where has this woman gone?

Was he just scolded a few words, can't bear to run out?

Ji Yueze changed his clothes to take her out for dinner. He didn't find him for a while, which made his face gloomy again.

At last, he suddenly thought that when the woman just broke into his bathroom, it seemed that she had also got water on her clothes.

Ji Yueze thought, strode into the room she had lived in before, and saw the bathroom door closed.

"Bai Yiyan, what are you doing in there?" he asked in a low voice

Because the water temperature is too comfortable, Bai Yiyan is dizzy and sleepy.

Although she woke up just now, Bai Yiyan, who was drunk for the first time, was not strong in willpower. The comfortable water temperature comforted her soul again, and she had fallen asleep.

Ji Yueze's voice was already low, and she didn't hear it, because she was separated by a door.

Ji Yueze waited for a while, but he didn't notice. His face changed, and his palm was already beating hard.

"Bai Yiyan, open the door for me!"

"Ah..." Suddenly there came a woman's muffled scream, as if something unexpected had happened.

Bai Yiyan was sleeping well. She was shocked by the sound of clapping the door like thunder. The whole person slipped into the bathtub, so her facial features choked on the water and made a painful cry.

Ji Yueze's eyebrow heart also follows a jump. Next second, he can't care about anything. He pushes open the bathroom door and rushes in.

Sure enough, I saw Bai Yiyan struggling to get up in the bathtub.

The bathtub in Ji Yueze's house is big. Bai Yiyan's bath is really dangerous.

Ji Yueze saw this scene, his heart was sluggish, instinctively came forward, reached out and yanked the woman.

Bai Yiyan is saved. However, her life is not in danger, but her innocence is not guaranteed.

Ji Yueze didn't expect this woman to peel herself so clean, white and tender skin, young and compact body. Each scene stimulated Ji Yueze's nerves, blood rushing back, a beautiful face, and she was blushing hard.

Ji Yueze is also in a hurry, breathing fast. Seeing the bathrobe piled up beside him, he immediately reaches out his hand to pull the bathrobe and directly covers the pulled up woman.

Bai Yiyan is still standing in shock and stupefied. When she sees the man wrapping the bathrobe, she instinctively pulls the bathrobe tightly, a little face flooded by water, pale and pitiful.

"If you don't die, you'll die!" Ji Yueze didn't scold her.

Although she looks pitiful, Ji Yueze doesn't want to sympathize with her. Knowing that she's drunk, she even dares to take a bath in the bathtub. It's too long.

Bai Yiyan has gone through the background. Her face is pale. She doesn't respond to his scolding.

"Go clean yourself up."

"I I have no clothes to wear! " Bai Yiyan wrapped her bathrobe and looked at him tremblingly, forgetting to care about what he had seen her out of just now.

"Wait, I'll have one sent!" Ji Yueze looks at her like a poor child and doesn't want to scold her any more. If he was angry just now, Ji Yueze will be relieved after just seeing her figure.

"Thank you!" Bai Yiyan is still very grateful to him. Anyway, Ji Yueze is pretty good to her.

"Go to bed and lie down. Don't get cold again!" When Ji Yueze saw her shivering with cold and white lips, he immediately reminded her.

Bai Yiyan ran to the quilt in a hurry and wrapped herself tightly again.

"That Did you see anything just now? " Bai Yiyan wants to ask Ji Yueze when she wants to go out.

Ji Yueze steps a meal, micro side of the eye light, but did not go to see her, thin lips raised a sinister smile: "do you feel it?"

"Then Can we even it? " Bai Yiyan looks embarrassed.

Ji Yueze turns around fiercely and looks at her like electricity: "so, what do you see?"

Bai Yiyan immediately shakes and laughs awkwardly: "that Don't you see me too? " Ji Yueze bit his teeth. Sure enough, this woman was lying just now, a damn liar.