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Tang You You suddenly understood one thing. If she and Ji Xiao Han did not stay in the same room for the night tonight, the two little fellows would continuously tell her that missing Ji Xiao Han would be a huge loss.

Alright, she was going to be sold off by her own children.

Of course, Ji Xiao Han only dared to think about these things. In terms of actual actions, he was an extremely noble man.

Xiao Nai, Mummy promises to sleep in the same room as Father tonight, but you must promise me that you are not to step on the blankets tonight. Otherwise, you will catch a cold tomorrow, understand? Tang You You was worried that the two little fellows would sleep on the same bed. What if they kicked off the blanket in the middle of the night and caught a cold?

The moment Tang Xiao Rui heard Mummy, his eyes immediately lit up. He patted his chest and guaranteed, "Mummy, you can rest assured that this brother of mine is not for nothing. I will definitely take good care of this idiot Xiao Nai."

"En, Mummy, don't worry, brother will take care of me!" Tang Xiao Nai firmly believed that Big Brother would definitely take care of her.

Ji Xiao Han suddenly felt that his two children had moved him a lot, and that they were becoming more and more sensible.

Although he might have meat to eat tonight, Ji Xiao Han still kept all of these surprises at the bottom of his heart, not showing any of it.

He straightened his tall body and hugged his daughter in his arms. His thin lips then kissed her. "Let's go. Daddy will carry you to your room to sleep."

"Daddy, quickly put me down. I don't need you to carry me, I've grown up!" You should still stay here to accompany Mummy! " Tang Xiao Nai's only thought right now was to get Father and the Mummy together.

Tang Xiao Rui quickly jumped off the chair, walked over, and held onto his sister's hand. "Let's go, brother will bring you to sleep!"

"Daddy, remember to lock the door, otherwise, Mummy will run away!" Before Tang Xiao Nai went out of the door, she even considerately warned Ji Xiao Han.

Tang You You looked at her daughter's serious face and suddenly felt like she was going to collapse.

Heavens, how did she give birth to these two little imps?

The two little guys held hands and went to sleep next door. The air in the bedroom suddenly became quiet.

Just now, there were two little things making a ruckus, causing the entire room to be filled with a sense of joy.

However, after the little fellows left, only the two of them were left.

"Should I close the door?" Ji Xiao Han thought back to what his daughter had said before she left, and turned to Tang You You and asked.

Tang You You glared at him with slight resentment. "Why didn't you help me speak up just now?

"I was wrongly accused, I didn't dare to think like that!" Ji Xiao Han's handsome face was filled with an innocent expression.

Tang You You squinted his eyes, and stared straight into the man's eyes: "Do you not dare, or do you not want to!"

Ji Xiao Han never thought that this woman would actually take it out on him, and even start asking about it from the bottom of his heart.

He shrugged his shoulders helplessly and said honestly, "Fine, I admit it, I want to, but …" If you don't want to, I can't think about it, can I? "

He had already answered so honestly, yet Tang You You still wanted to retract her anger on him, but she felt that she was really making trouble for him.

"Tonight, I'll sleep on the floor. You sleep on the bed!" After Tang You You finished speaking, he planned to go to the cabinet to get a blanket.

The expression in Ji Xiao Han's eyes stiffened, and his voice dropped to a low whisper, "Are you insulting my dignity? No matter how much of a bastard I am, I can't possibly let you sleep on the floor! "

"It's okay, I like sleeping on the floor!" Tang You You wanted to compete with him.

"I'll close the door first, and then we can discuss this matter. Otherwise, if the children hear it, we'll have another big fight!" Seeing the resolute look on her face, Ji Xiao Han immediately reached out to close the door.

Tang You You reached out to the two extra quilts on the top floor of the cupboard.

Unfortunately, she didn't have enough altitude, so she couldn't hook up with him even after jumping twice. She felt a bit depressed.

Ji Xiao Han extended his arm and easily grabbed a blanket off.

"You're a woman, your body is weaker, and the cold air on the floor is too much. Let me sleep!" Ji Xiao Han's tone carried gentleness.

"I don't need you to worry about me. I'm still very healthy!" Tang You You felt that since she chose not to sleep on the bed with him, then she should be the one sleeping on the floor. That would be fair.

She was not a delicate person. The floor was too dirty and too cold, so she had to struggle to sleep on the bed.

Ji Xiao Han frowned, seeing her reaching her hands out to take away the blanket in his hands, he suddenly used his other hand to buckle her wrist gently: "Be obedient, don't argue with me!"

Tang You You's heart was already in a mess. Hearing how warm and gentle he was coaxing her, her entire body trembled, as if an electric current was flowing through the nerves in her entire body, and she suddenly struggled out of his big hands in panic.

"I've never been an obedient person!" Tang You You didn't want to accept his kindness.

While the two were arguing about who should sleep on the floor, the door handle was gently bending downwards. Soon after, two little fellows' small heads poked their heads in.

"Daddy, Mummy, what are you doing? Why aren't you sleeping! "

Ji Xiao Han and Tang You You's bodies froze, they turned their heads at the same time, only to see a tall and a short little head, looking at them with blinking eyes.

Tang You You was so scared that she quickly took a step back, and then walked over: "What are you two doing? Aren't we going to sleep? Why are you here to peek? "

"Mummy, are you lying to us? You don't intend to sleep with Father at all." Tang Xiao Nai pouted and asked sadly.

"No, we're just going to sleep!" Tang You You hurriedly said.

"Liar, both of you took down two blankets …" Tang Xiao Rui immediately said.