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He is willing to give her

Hearing Ji Xiao Han's words, the old lady became suspicious and asked, "Xiao Han, am I that scary? Would it scare your girlfriend away? "

"Grandma, just be a grandson and beg, okay? Give me three months, and I'll promise to give you a big surprise." What Ji Xiao Han understood the most was that once she came, Tang You You would definitely be scared off by her.

Actually, he really didn't have much confidence in this woman.

Previously, he felt that it would be fine to just throw money at a woman after getting her, but Tang You You was obviously not greedy.

Now, he understood one thing. A woman like Tang You You must go into her heart and let her guard down, only then would she treat you as a family.

Actually, this kind of woman might seem hard to accept a relationship, but once she accepted it, she might become passionate and treat the relationship as one.

When he thought about Tang You You's passionate look, Ji Xiao Han's body swelled up.

If she were to become charming and passionate, she would definitely be extremely enchanting.

Ji Yue Ze was only able to appease the old man after his grandmother asked him for more than ten minutes.

He walked over with his cellphone and looked at his big brother who was sitting on the office desk with a serious expression on his face.

"You told Grandma just now that Tang You You is your girlfriend? Why did you lie to Grandmother? "

Ji Xiao Han didn't raise his head, his only voice was filled with seriousness: "I didn't lie to her. I've decided to pursue Tang You You, and want her to be my girlfriend."

"What?" Ji Yue Ze could not believe it, his expression was a little dazed, and then, he said: "Did Tang You You agree to accept your pursuit?"

"For the sake of the child, she will agree." Ji Xiao Han was very confident. That woman seemed to be very strict with her two children, but he knew very well that her love for them was more important than her life.

Previously, when he had forcefully taken away the child, he had seen her in despair. At that time, he knew that this woman would definitely sacrifice everything for the child, including her feelings.

After Ji Yue Ze heard his brother's indifferent words, he frowned. His handsome face flashed with a trace of ridicule: "Then, aren't you going to use your child to force her? So what's the point of getting married? She still doesn't love you. "

"I don't need her to love me. I just need to be with her, understand?" Ji Xiao Han had originally wanted to say that he had fallen in love with her anyway, but in front of his younger brother, he didn't want to say that.

"Big Brother, aren't you always very cautious towards love? And now you're marrying a woman you can't even feel? " Ji Yue Ze once thought that his big brother didn't have any feelings for Tang You You, and had only decided to be together with him for the sake of his two children.

"I was being cautious to begin with, but when I see her, I won't pick her!" Ji Xiao Han replied indifferently as before.

"But …" Are you happy together like this? A lifetime? That is so long, big brother. You are not a person who can be easily taken care of. Marriage requires a lot of emotional fundamentals. Don't you want to find someone you like to be romantic and walk into marriage at the most passionate time, then slowly wear down the passion in the world of marriage? If you are willing... Marry a woman you don't like for the sake of a child? " Ji Yue Ze didn't know what he should say to stop the two people he didn't love from entering the marriage. Or perhaps, he didn't even understand why he said that.

Ji Xiao Han suddenly raised his head, his sharp and gloomy eyes stared straight at him: "I'm marrying her, what are you worried about?"

Ji Yue Ze almost choked. Then, his handsome face tensed up as he took his jacket: "I feel that since two people are married, they should be responsible for their marriage and love."

"She and I are already so old. Raising a child together is our greatest responsibility." Ji Xiao Han said in a serious tone.

Ji Yue Ze was unable to understand his words. He grabbed his clothes, and turned to leave with large strides.

Ji Xiao Han stared at his younger brother's back. After a long while, the expression in his eyes darkened.

Around 6 PM, Tang You You finished her work and planned to get off work.

When she went back to search for that information on the internet, she found that there was no more news. She was startled for a moment, it seemed that Ji Xiao Han had helped her to clean it up.

Thinking about how he had actually done all this for her, her mood became somewhat complicated.

Tang You You was also not an iron-clad person, she would never forget the things that Ji Xiao Han had done for her.

Although she didn't want to say it, she would remember it.

After work, Tang You You went straight home.

As soon as she entered the house, her sticky daughter threw herself into her arms.

"Mummy, you're back!" The little guy was extremely happy as he lazily laid in her embrace, kissing her in all kinds of ways.

Tang You You's tired body and mind instantly disappeared when faced with her daughter's caring and cute actions.

She hugged her daughter tightly and kissed her face a few times. "Did you cause any trouble at school? Tell Mummy. "

The little guy immediately blushed red and whispered into Tang You You's ears, "Mummy, when I went to sleep today, I peed on the bed."

"No way!" Tang You You didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"I'm sorry, Mummy. I was really too sleepy, I finished pulling you out just when I was asleep." Tang Xiao Nai was so anxious that she wanted to cry, her expression was very pitiful.

"It's fine. Next time, be careful not to drag her onto the bed. Do you understand why she's so embarrassed?" With such a small matter, Tang You You would definitely not curse his daughter. He could only remind her to be more careful next time.

"I won't dare to do it again!" The little fellow nodded its head in an aggrieved manner.