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C1495 wants to draw his attention

As soon as LAN Yanxi came out, she felt that the water on her face had become ice. She put out her hand and wiped it. As expected, the ice dregs in her hand were cold. She could not help but breathe.

Blue fiber is also fully armed at the moment, only showing a pair of eyes, with a smile.

"Lan Yanxi, how does it feel to be scolded?" Blue fiber can't wait to see her sad side, and asked her deliberately.

LAN Yanxi grins at her angrily and scolds: "your mind is really vicious."

"How can it blame me? I've already reminded you that for men who don't love you, it's better to give up as early as possible. Otherwise, even if you get it, it's not happiness, but suffering. Lanyanxi, my father always says you're smart, but I think you're in the water. " Blue fibril loves to see her face frustrated and failed. I can't say how happy she is.

"Well, even if it's not happy, I won't give it to you. Just daydream." LAN Yan answers her angrily.

Two people stand on the grass outside the door and quarrel. The people who come and go by look at her with strange eyes.

LAN Yanxi immediately left the blue fiber and was ready to go to find Cheng Yuan.

LAN Xianxian looks at LAN Yanxi's angry face. She is in a good mood. She looks at Ling Mo Feng's door with beautiful eyes. What is he doing now?

LAN Yanxi can reasonably go to him, but she can't, which is the most disappointing thing for LAN Xianxian.

However, since she was a little girl, blue microfibril has always been very thoughtful. She immediately found a way to make a good impression on Ling and find a chance to meet him.

Blue fiber immediately turned to the person in charge of disaster relief. She decided to join the rescue team. No matter what she did, she must do her best at the moment. After all, only because of hard work and illness can she get the attention of vice president.

After making up her mind, blue microfiber decided to put aside her status as a delicate lady and go to work.

LAN Yanxi finds Cheng Yuan among a group of injured victims. She is helping an old man deal with the injured leg. Her hands are stained with blood and her head is busy sweating.

"Cheng Yuan, let me help you too!" Lanyan Xili squatted down and handed the gauze to Chengyuan.

"Yan Xi, how can you do these things? Go to have a rest. It's too cold. You can't stand it. " In Cheng Yuan's eyes, Jue's lanyanxi was born to be pampered with flowers in the greenhouse, so she was so eager to dissuade her.

LAN Yanxi couldn't laugh or cry, but said, "why do you all think I can't do such a thing? I'm not more noble than you, OK, let me help you, I can be more at ease! "

The injured old man can't understand their Mandarin at all. She can only speak dialect and has some difficulties in communication. But she is warm-hearted and kind-hearted, which is the most common language in the world. Even if it's just a comparison, she can feel the old man's speechless gratitude and moving.

Another wounded was sent here. LAN Yanxi just looked at her and her eyes were sore. She saw a woman holding a child who was several months old in her arms. She was anxious to wash some milk powder for her child with hot water. LAN Yanxi saw the helplessness in her eyes. After greeting Cheng Yuan, she went to help. Fortunately, the woman was able to communicate, but LAN Yanxi was still her Said method, made a half bottle of milk powder.

"Girl, can you help me feed it? I have a son over there. He's hurt. I have to see him! " The middle-aged woman looked at LAN Yanxi earnestly with tears in her eyes.

"Well, I'll come with you to help!" LAN Yanxi nodded. At this time, she could not care about the cold and tiredness for a long time. It was noisy and noisy here, but she was not upset at all. Instead, she felt that she should do her best.

The middle-aged woman's son is five or six years old. His leg is broken and hurt. He is crying. Seeing his mother, he cries even louder.

LAN Yanxi sat down in a nearby position, holding the five or six-month-old baby, with big clear eyes, blinking, unspeakable endearing.

Lanyanxi is totally strange to this kind of little guy. However, feeding is a simple job. She quickly shoved the small pacifier into the baby's arms. The little guy should be hungry. As soon as he reached the pacifier, he immediately sucked hard, and he could hear the sound of Gulu Gulu swallowing milk.

LAN Yanxi couldn't help laughing. Small life is a very magical existence. People can't help being tender.

Just as lanyanxi was feeding the baby, Ling Mo Feng came to inspect the victims in the distance. In fact, after the shooting last night, everyone advised Ling Mo Feng not to have such a noisy and chaotic place again. After all, he was valuable. If something happened, the consequences would be unimaginable.

But when Ling Mo Feng thought that Lan Yanxi was here to help, he ignored everyone's dissuasion and came out to have a look.

From afar, I saw her sitting on a chair, holding a child in her arms, holding a bottle in her hand, feeding milk powder to the child, with a gentle smile on her beautiful face.

Ling didn't expect to see such a gentle picture. His handsome face was stunned for a moment, and his eyes were even blazing. He lost his mind for a long time, and then he was reminded to return to the spirit by the people around him.

"Cough!" Ling Mo Feng also felt that his eyes were too affectionate just now. He was embarrassed. He coughed lightly and went to another direction deliberately.

Although lanyanxi has come, he should be more reassured. However, in the presence of others, his attitude towards her can not be too intimate. After all, there are dangerous elements hidden here. Once he finds out his thoughts towards lanyanxi, he is afraid that they will be dangerous to her.

LAN Yanxi's attention is all on the children in her arms. She doesn't find the eager and gentle eyes of men in the distance.

Blue microfiber is helping to bring some food for everyone to eat. She is wearing a white down jacket, which has been soiled a large area at the moment. She is not comfortable looking at it. People of her origin, many of them have some cleanliness habits, from small to large, have no mud on their bodies. At this time, they are dirty and black, so she naturally dislikes them. But the purpose of her coming here is still the same Without that, she could only bear it.

Blue fibril, holding a tray in her hand, served the cooked pasta to the victims. From a distance, she saw Ling Mo Feng coming here with the help of a group of people. When she saw it, she was shocked and quickly zipped down her coat. She had a plan in mind.

If Ling Mo Feng comes, how can she catch up with him? And she has to be impressed.

Blue fibril was thinking about these things. Her hand with the tray tilted a little, and the scald splashed out and directly hit her hand.

"Ouch!" Blue slender body delicate body expensive, a little pain is very exaggerated, she immediately pain to frown.

Seeing Ling Mo Feng coming, blue cilia was in a hurry. Suddenly, she thought of a way. She had to fall.

"Ah..." Blue fibril said that he would fall if he fell. He didn't think about it at all. The whole person jumped forward. The drag plate and the four bowls of noodles in his hand were smashed directly. She was also the shape of a dog eating mud, which was embarrassing and ugly.

At the right moment, a group of people came to Ling Mo Feng. Hearing her shrill scream, everyone looked this way.

"Sir!" Chu lie, who had already bandaged the wound, returned to his post. Seeing someone wrestling, he was immediately surprised to see Ling Mo Feng.

"Go and have a look!" Ling Mo Feng naturally can't watch the emperor with his hands on his hands. He has long legs and steps forward.

By its blue fiber head is still low, Ling Mo Feng also didn't find it was her, go straight to it, squat down, reach out to her, low urgent concern: "are you OK, where did you fall?"

Blue fibril didn't expect Ling Mo Feng to care for her so much, but also extended her hand to her. When she was all alone, she quickly put her hand into the man's broad palm.

When Ling Mo Feng pulled her from the ground, he saw that she looked up and found that it was blue and slender, and his face sank instantly.

"Brother in law, thank you. I'm too stupid to help. I'm useless!" Blue fiber said, tears fell down, a very self reproachful look.

Ling Mo Feng saw that it was her moment, and let go of the big palm moment. So many people were watching him. He was not easy to walk away with cold face, so he had to comfort him with business: "don't blame yourself too much. You didn't do these things originally, and you will inevitably panic. You are dirty. I'll send you to have a rest. Don't stay here!"

"It's still my brother-in-law's best. I'm ok. I can still do things. I'm not hurt. Look!" "Blue fiber said, but also deliberately spread out his hands, a stubborn face said:" brother-in-law can think for the people, I also want to share some for brother-in-law, please don't let me go to rest

Ling Mo Feng heard that her name was brother-in-law, so he was inexplicably disgusted. At the thought that she had inspired LAN Yanxi to come here, he would hate to throw her out.

"Whatever you want!" Ling Mo Feng didn't want to give her another fake smile. He turned around and left.

Blue fiber at the moment is completely fascinated by Ling Mo Feng's figure, and where can you read the cold meaning and antipathy in men's eyes?

She can't help but stretch out the hand that Ling Mo Feng held just now, imagining the heat in his palm.

Although it's more than - 10 degrees below zero, everyone else's hands and feet are cold. Why is this man's palm so warm? It's really like letting him hold it all the time.

Blue fiber has become more and more deeply trapped and can no longer extricate itself. She is more determined in her goal. Instead of blue Yanxi, she will marry Ling Moheng. She will never be shaken in her life.

Ling Mo Feng Jun's face was gloomy for a moment. He didn't recover his gentle color until he went far away. Unexpectedly, blue fibril came here to help.