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In the kitchen, the atmosphere is strong. Mu's action is unnatural to deal with a fish. He feels that the clear eyes behind him are looking at him all the time. He is still a little shy.

Ling warm eyes are very greedy, looking at the man bent, the back of the strong waist, she swallowed saliva, forced to resist the impulse to rush to the past card oil.

All of a sudden, the doorbell rang, someone came, two people look slightly a Zheng.


You invited others? "

Ling warm a pair of beautiful eyes immediately stare big, looking at him.


Mu Wei Cheng frowned, but he washed his hands and went to open the door.

Ling wennuan hid in the kitchen and didn't go out, but the sound outside the door changed her look.

"Wei Cheng, are you really at home?

I thought Xiao Yun lied to me. When did you come back?

Why didn't you mention it to me? "

Standing outside the door is mu Weicheng's aunt. She is not alone. Behind her is the girl she brought last time. She is her niece. Her name is Rourou. When she saw Mu Weicheng who opened the door, her face turned red.

"Aunt, what are you doing here?"

When Mu Weicheng saw them go to the door, he was really upset. Was it not obvious what he refused last time?

Why did you bring him back to his house for a blind date?

"It's nothing, but Rourou wants to see you. Look, she bought fruit and a bunch of flowers specially."

While my aunt was talking, she came into the door with softness. Although she was shy, she was not afraid to talk. She smiled sweetly and said, "brother mu, I haven't seen you for a long time. It's the end of the year. You seldom come back. Can I come to see you?"

Mu Weicheng looks at the two people who don't invite him to enter. He sighs in his heart. If it wasn't for the sake of his relatives, he would really ask them to go out directly.

Mu Weicheng Jun's face was covered with a light smile. Since they came, he would not hide Ling wennuan any longer. He said directly, "warm, come out, my aunt is coming. I'd like to introduce you to him."

Ling wennuan hides in the kitchen and sees the two people she saw last time. She has already thumped in her heart. It's very unpleasant. Unexpectedly, she hears Mu Weicheng calling for her. She shivers all over. Does Mu Weicheng want to introduce her?

My aunt asked in surprise, "Wei Cheng, are there any other guests in your family?"

"Yes, my girlfriend is here. We are preparing dinner."

Mu replied directly.

Hearing the three words of girlfriend, my aunt and the girl named Rourou changed their expressions. They looked at each other, embarrassed and embarrassed.

"Wei Cheng, when did you make a girlfriend?

Why didn't my aunt know? "

My aunt asked in surprise.

"My aunt is so busy every day. How can I bother you?"

Mu Weicheng smiled politely, then walked to the kitchen door, and put Ling, who was looking at his head, in his arms and out.

As soon as Ling warms up, the two women sitting on the sofa look even more stunned.

"Hello, my name is Ling Nuan."

Ling wennuan is also a little embarrassed, but still politely beckoned, which is a greeting.

"Wei Cheng, her surname is Ling?"

Aunt a surprised expression, that soft girl is hostile to look at Ling warm, moment want to compete with her.

Maybe this is the nature of a woman. At the first sight of her rival, she wants to press her partner down on her appearance. However, she finds that she seems to have lost. Lingnuan's youth is what she once had, but now she has lost. Not only that, lingnuan's beautiful features, standard melon face, egg, big eyes and lips are shining It's really likable to look white.

"Yes, her name is Ling Nuan. She is Ling Mo Feng's sister."

Mu Weicheng doesn't want to cover up, because he has decided to transfer back to work. In the following days, he will spend time with Ling wennuan and don't want to face separation anymore.


My aunt's face is unbelievable, even she is very angry.

She was also surprised that she was still the younger sister of the president. But she soon thought of something. There was a flash of pride in her eyes. The resentments of the two Mu Ling families had to be investigated. But some said that Ling Mo Feng's younger sister had become Mu Wei Cheng's girlfriend. What would you think about it?

I'm afraid the gossip will drown them.

"Wei Cheng, are you crazy?

How can you marry Ling's daughter? "

My aunt cried out in exasperation.

"My aunt seems to have an opinion. However, I really like the warmth. If my aunt doesn't come here to bless us, please go back first. I don't want to make you unhappy."

Mu Wei Cheng's attitude is also very firm, because, in addition to his sister, he does not need to ask anyone's consent for his relationship with Ling Nuan.

"The Ling family has hurt your uncle and all the relatives on our side. How can you marry her?"

My aunt was very dissatisfied.

"Nuan is still in college. She doesn't know politics and has never participated in it. I don't believe who she killed."

Mu Weicheng frowned, but his face was unhappy.

Ling wennuan did not expect that the relatives of Mu's family would repel her so much. She was shocked and stood uneasily behind Mu Weicheng.

"Her eldest brother is Ling Mo Feng. Hasn't he targeted our Mojia?"

My aunt saw him pretending to be confused and said it directly.

"Auntie, the old grudges are all over now. It's because your heart hasn't passed yet. I won't be separated from warmth. Auntie should go back first."

Mu Weicheng went straight to open the door and asked people to leave.

My aunt got up angrily and left quickly with softness. She said something angrily as she walked, but mu Weicheng didn't want to hear any more.

The door closed, Mu Weicheng leaned against the door, Ling wennuan also stood in situ, a pair of beautiful eyes full of panic.

"Mu Weicheng, I'm sorry. I think I let you quarrel with your aunt."

Ling wennuan feels sorry. What happened just now, she feels that her responsibility is all on her own.

"Warm, I'm sorry to scare you."

Mu Weicheng calmly breathed, walked towards her gently, and touched her long hair gently: "don't worry, I had expected that they would be this attitude. After all, whoever's interests are passive will be angry. They are angry, not because of you, but because their interests are damaged, they want to impose the fault on you and your brother."

Ling wennuan of course knows the truth, but watching Mu Weicheng and his relatives quarrel like this, she is really distressed.