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C1875 is jealous

The son is Xia Xinnian's heart treasure. Xia Xinnian can't refute anything about him.

"I see!"

Although she didn't want to answer him very much, she replied out of politeness, opened the door of the office and strode out.

At the bottom of the man's dark and unpredictable eyes, a dark light flashed. The woman was stubborn and hard to tame, but it provoked his desire to conquer.

Things that are too easy to get, including women and men, will not be treasured. They are born hunters and have the gene to conquer hunting in their bones.

"Xia Xinnian!"

He clenched his teeth and called out her name word by word, as if to brand her into his heart.

Holding the agreement, as if holding the umbrella, Xia Xinnian relaxed a little.

Back in the company, Xia Xinnian has devoted himself to the tense work again.

There are just three guests coming to choose the design draft. Xia Xinnian has a lot of drawings. He patiently explains his design concept to the guests. At the same time, he does some detail processing and modification according to the requirements of the guests.

Busy time is always passing very fast. It's dark and it's time to get off work.

Xia Xinnian arranges the desk full of design drawings. After a look, it's half past six.

She hurried downstairs with her bag.

Today, there are many customers. Xia Xinnian has no idea of time. Before five o'clock, she would pick up her son at school and move most of her work home.

But after having jimucheng, Xia Xinnian actually trusted his son to him, which is not right.

No matter how busy she is with her work, she can't forget to care for her son. She doesn't know whether there will be a battle for custody of children in the future. Therefore, she should always be vigilant and can't really push her son to the man.

Driving back to Jijia villa.

Before entering the living room door, I heard my son laughing.

Xia Xinnian is in a mood of five tastes.

She thought she was late and her son would miss her very much, but now it seems that he has a good time with that man.

In the living room nearby, the little guy is playing mini version golf with Jimu City, one big and one small. They are playing happily.

Xia Xinnian's beautiful eyebrows are wringing like a picture. Don't they all say that jimucheng has all kinds of opportunities in daily life and doesn't even have time for rest?

How could he have come back so early?

I don't mean to please my son, do I?

Xia Xinnian put down his handbag and walked directly to the small sitting room beside him.

As soon as she stepped in, the little guy rushed over, like a little dog, hanging on her.

"Mommy, are you working overtime again?"

The little guy asked her in a tearful voice, obviously thinking about her.

Xia Xinnian just lost all the complicated emotions, only the warm little body in her arms. She could not help holding her son tightly and kissing his forehead. She apologized: "Mommy is a little busy today. She is late to come back!"

Jimucheng stood not far away with his hands around his chest. His eyes were unfathomable and fixed on his mother and son.

Although my son had a good time with him just now, once the woman appeared, all his attention was turned away by her.

Inexplicably lost in the bottom of my heart, jimucheng felt ridiculous for this surging feeling.

"Mommy, can you play ball?

Shall we play with daddy? "

The little guy is fed up with mommy. He immediately grabs her hand and wants her to join in the father son game.

Xia xinnianmei Mou just glances at the man. Seeing his deep expression, her heart sinks.

"I don't want to play anymore. Play with Daddy. I'll go upstairs and take a bath!"

Xia Xinnian doesn't want to have too intimate behavior with this man.

"Son, we don't play anymore. Go wash your hands. It's almost dinner!"

Jimucheng sees this daughter refuses to play together, and her eyes flash cold. When facing her son, her tone is gentle and full.

The little guy blinked his eyes. He just listened to daddy and washed his hands.

Xia Xinnian also turned to go upstairs.

After a busy day and sweating, it's more comfortable to take a bath.

Jimucheng washed his little hands for his son, and then said to the little guy, "first you watch TV in the living room, and daddy goes upstairs to talk to your mommy!"

"OK, daddy, you and Mommy need to have a good chat and don't quarrel!"

The little guy immediately showed a lovely smile.

Facing his son, jimucheng is always warm and masculine. He nods and agrees, "OK, we don't quarrel."

The man walked up the stairs step by step.

When he went to the door of Xia Xinnian's bedroom, he hesitated for a second and pushed the door in.

"Ah..." Inside came the low cry of the woman's panic.

Although it's just a flash, jimucheng still sees beautiful scenery.


Xia Xinnian gnaws his teeth and roars. Why hasn't this man learned the courtesy of knocking when he comes in.

Hateful! The man put one hand on the doorknob, looked inside for two seconds, closed the door again, raised his hand and knocked gracefully.

Xia Xinnian will be mad at him sooner or later.

"What is it?"

Xia Xinnian wears a conservative blue Pajama, opens the door, hands around the chest, and beautiful eyes are still jumping with anger.

Looking at her fierce appearance, jimucheng's chest was shocked. He didn't know whether she was abnormal or whether the angry appearance of this woman had a different aesthetic feeling. What he had just felt was the voice of heart.

"Starting tomorrow, you should be back on time!"

The cool voice of the man seemed to remind her.

"I try!"

Xia Xinnian frowned. She didn't come back late on purpose. She was like an arrow, but there was traffic jam on the way, just catching up with the busiest time of the company.

"If you can't promise to go home early, consider changing your job. I can give you a high salary and easy position."

Jimucheng said quietly.

Xia Xinnian's expression changed slightly, and his eyebrows were angry: "no, I like this job very much, and I won't change it!"

"Xia Xinnian, what's the future of your job?

Like a dog every day, is career important or son important? "

Jimucheng hopes that she can focus on her family and come back every day to see her and her son meet him. Well, it's a good dream.

"No matter how busy I am, I will choose my own career. I won't give up easily. You don't need to test me with your son. He is the most important person for me. Everything I am busy is for him!"

Xia Xinnian doesn't like his moral kidnapping.

Seeing her stubborn as a cow, jimucheng sneered: "are you unwilling to give up this job because there are people in the company you don't want to give up?"

Ji Mucheng refers to Liu Chengtian who took her to his birthday party last time. It feels that Liu Chengtian paid special attention to her. When she spoke to him, she also smiled at her. When Ji Mucheng thought of that scene, her face suddenly darkened.