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Blue old man heard Ling Mo Feng's idea, and he was silent for a few seconds. Then he said, "in this way, my family's reputation of Yanxi is not good. Now our two families are only interested in getting married, but they are not engaged. In this way, you and Yanxi are really engaged. If you don't marry her, she will make each other have a bad opinion no matter who she marries in the future."

Linglaozi hurriedly replied, "brother LAN, don't worry. If you really want to get engaged, Yanxi is my granddaughter-in-law. I don't recognize anyone except her. My grandson has a good character. He can't talk without calculation. He should dare not marry Yanxi. I will break his leg first and the third leg!"

Lingmo Feng is frightened by the words added by grandpa. Why are you so serious, Grandpa?

If the third leg is really broken, the Ling family will be the last. Well, everyone can't be cruel to their own grandpa.

The blue old father and son look more beautiful, and stretch their eyebrows: "brother Ling, you Ling's family, of course, I can believe it, otherwise, how can I marry my favorite girl into your family? You are reasonable and honest. I know best. Since you have guaranteed it, I'm sure you can rest assured. "

Ling Mo Feng was relieved to hear that Grandpa finally spoke up for him.

In front of the blue old man, what he said must not have much weight. When Grandpa spoke out, the blue old man was relieved instantly.

"Well, since that's the case, I'll ask Yanxi's idea first. If she thinks it's OK, then hold an engagement ceremony. However, Yanxi won't attend. Somehow she can't lose face. A woman's face is more important than a man's!" Blue old man is still in love with his granddaughter, for her to strive for the best interests.

"Grandpa LAN, please rest assured that I pretended to be late, and Yanxi could not show up at all, to let people know that she was the one who refused the marriage, and I would also pretend to be very embarrassed, so that no one would realize how good our feelings are, and Yanxi would not be the target of all people." Ling Mo Feng quickly explained this matter carefully. The blue man was completely relieved.

After talking about this, Ling Mo Feng personally sent the old blue man away. Looking back, he saw that his grandfather was still sitting drinking tea. He felt a cold sweat on his forehead and sat down. Finally, he could have a cup of tea at ease.

"Grandpa, did you just say that seriously?" Ling asked while drinking tea.

"Which one?" Ling looked at him strangely.

"Break my third leg?" When Ling Mo Feng said that, he felt that some part of his body was cold.

"Of course it is!" "I didn't joke with you. If you are engaged to someone and refuse to marry her, I will be very angry and disappointed."

"Grandpa, fortunately, I like Yanxi. If I don't like her, isn't it hard for the strong and the weak? Can we make some sense? " Ling Mo Feng's face was full of tears. "What's the point? You are my grandson! " The old man's expression of disapproval.

"Is grandson unreasonable?" Ling Mo Feng is speechless about Grandpa's attitude.

Linglaozi gave him a look of his own experience, then got up and straightened his engagement skirt: "I've asked someone to play ball. I'll take a step first. I'll discuss the engagement with the blue Laozi. You can handle your work at ease and don't let people find out what's wrong."

"OK, please grandpa!" Ling Mo Feng quickly stands up and sends each other tenderly.

Seeing Grandpa's car go far away, Ling Mo Feng is still depressed. Why is he the same grandfather? The blue family is so excellent. He treats LAN Yanxi as a treasure in his hand. He can look at his grandfather again. He just wants to hone him, hit him and make him more indestructible.

However, soon, Ling Mo Feng thought of his lovely sister. She seemed to be the Pearl in Grandpa's hand. Well, he could not compete with his sister.

This matter has been settled. Next, Ling Mo Feng will start to use Qiao Zhuo's incident to clean up Zhang Lu's cancer.

At the thought of LAN Yanxi's fright, Ling Mo Feng clenched his hands tightly, hoping to beat Zhang Lu's face.

Zhang Lu doesn't find out about Qiao Zhuo's capture. He directly treats Qiao Zhuo as a useless abandoned son. As long as he doesn't act as a demon, Zhang Lu completely ignores him.

But he did not know that he would be planted in the hands of this abandoned son, whom he did not value at all.

Ling Mo Feng didn't take part in this matter in person to avoid suspicion, but Qiao Zhuo was instructed by Zhang Lu to take the initiative to approach lanyanxi. However, another minister arranged by Ling Mo Feng put forward the matter at an important meeting. He pointed out the ten charges of Zhang Lu's instigation by Qiao Zhuo. The face of the old president's group was extremely ugly, however, it was also After all, Ling Mo Feng has evidence in his hand. Qiao Zhuo is a coward again. If he goes down with a stick, he will spit out all the truth and lies.

"There's something else like this. It's really serious. I should be punished!" The old president did not dare to protect him. He said on the spot that he would seriously deal with this illegal act.

The minister immediately asked lanyanxi to stop studying and go back to China to accept protection. It's hard to object at the moment. After all, lanyanxi's reputation was almost destroyed, and her life was in danger. It's really not suitable for a person to stay abroad and be afraid. If he doesn't take her back to protect in time, he's afraid that it will chill the staff of the general office.

The old president's eyes slanted to Ling Mo Feng beside him to see what his reflection was. After all, Ling Mo Feng was suspected of protecting LAN Yanxi.

Ling Mo looks at the front with no expression. It's hard to guess his inner thoughts.

The sharp eyes of Ren can't see what he's thinking, nor can he see any intention of heartache and favor in his face.

As for lanyanxi's return to China for protection, everyone has no opinion. Of course, the old president also needs to symbolically express his opinion: "I have a good impression of lanyanxi. He is a modest person. This time I went abroad for further study, because I picked her. In a word, I am responsible for scaring her. I am so talented, even if I don't I want to transfer her to work in an important department. "

The words of the old president made Ling Mo Feng's handsome face without any disturbance slightly tense.

His eyes were suddenly gloomy and terrible. The old president's arrangement had ulterior motives. As expected, he was an old fox and a new man, LAN Yanxi, who had no experience or background, but was assigned to an important post. This was not her promotion, but it was to create a crisis for her. At that time, he would reject those who criticized her, just afraid that there would be more.

"So I decided to take lanyanxi back home and protect her well." The old president didn't give Ling the chance to contradict. After making a decision, he announced that the meeting was dissolved.

Ling Mo Feng didn't say anything, not that he didn't want to say it, but that he couldn't say it. Now that he has managed to get LAN Yanxi back home, that's his purpose today. As for the other arrangement of the old president, for Ling Mo Feng, it's a small matter. No matter where she works, if she stays in his eyes, his heart will not be upset. This Second, he will send more people to care about her safety.

LAN Yanxi soon received the news that she was going back to China. She was very surprised.

She knew that Ling Mo Feng was fighting for her behind her. This man is really talking. It seems that as long as he said it, she can look forward to it. She will never be disappointed.

Lanyanxi had a special person to protect her in the evening. Compared with lanyanxi's happiness, others took a different attitude towards this matter.

After all, this opportunity is very rare. It's a pity that lanyanxi gave up halfway.

After LAN Yanxi returned to China, he went back to LAN's home at the first time. When he saw his granddaughter coming back safely, he was relieved.

"Yanxi, come here, let Grandpa have a look!" The old man waved at her.

LAN Yanxi went to Grandpa's face and said with a smile, "Grandpa, I'm ok. Don't worry!"