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Ji Yueze took Bai Yiyan to the shopping mall. Both of them were very casual. Ji Yueze wore a black down jacket, a hat and a mask to cover most of his handsome face. If he was not a fan, he could not be recognized by his beautiful eyes. Bai Yiyan, who was with him, also made a disguise. She had long hair, a year's loose sweater, a pair of tight jeans under her body, and also wore a mask. She had no powder on her clean face. Even if she was seen by chance, she would only feel that she was a little sister next door.

Two people walked into the shopping mall one by one, and stood in the hall where people came and went. For a while, they didn't know where to go.

"I remember the fifth floor looks like a lady's dress. Otherwise, go and have a look!" Bai Yiyan whispered beside him.

Ji Yueze reached over and felt her soft little hand hanging on her side. He tightly clasped it: "let's go and have a look!"

So, two people took the elevator up to the fifth floor, the whole shopping mall is a luxury, so the people who came here for shopping are all well-off people, and people are not dense.

Two people just like a couple in love, holding hands, walking forward leisurely.

"How is your mother?" Bai Yiyan, as a woman, knew more, so she asked in a low voice.

"Not bad!" Last time I saw my mother, I found that she has always been slim, so Ji Yueze has reason to believe that my mother has been very happy and happy these years. Thinking of this, he was in a complicated mood for a while, and could not tell what it was like. Previously, he hated Javier very much. When he saw him, he could not go forward and beat him. But now, thinking of his mother living with him for more than ten years, he was obviously spoiled by him as a child. The tenderness and calmness of his face, which had been baptized by the years, was really warm, only a happy home Court, can let a woman keep this calm and gentle appearance.

"Just this shop, let's go in and have a look!" Bai Yiyan doesn't know what the men around her are thinking. With big eyes, she just stares at the store near her. Seeing a family, she immediately pulls Ji Yueze in.

Ji Yueze just put aside those complicated thoughts in his mind and looked at the store seriously.

The shopping guide warmly came to introduce some new products to them.

"How about this one? I'm sure your mother will like it! " Bai Yiyan feels that she has no worries about her life. She will definitely like the rich and auspicious clothes.

"Choose a more elegant color!" Ji Yueze, as a big star, has always had a very fierce vision and a very high aesthetic. He still has the right to speak when he asked him to choose clothes for women. Although this time, he chose a gift for his mother.

Bai Yiyan is like a dedicated little wife. She looks around with big eyes and picks out five sets at a time. Ji Yueze will choose.

Ji Yueze looked at these five sets, they were all good, and made choice difficulty, so he took them all away.

"Next, what do you want to buy? Do you want to buy jewelry for your mother? " Bai Yiyan asked softly again.

"Good!" Ji Yueze is like a obedient child at the moment. Bai Yiyan doesn't think much about what she said.

Two people stepped into the jewelry store, a flash of light in front of them.

"This gentleman, do you want to buy jewelry for your girlfriend? This is the new product area. Do you want to have a look? " The shopping guide knows from their clothes that they are the owner of no lack of money. Naturally, they try their best to lead them to the most exalted area.

Hearing the shopping guide's words, Bai Yiyan's heart leaped slightly.

Ji Yueze took her hand and walked directly to the pro product area.

"Take this diamond ring out and try it on for her!" Ji Yueze's eyes were unique. At one glance, he saw a large and shiny diamond ring placed on a counter independently. He tapped it with his fingers to remind the shopping guide.

Bai Yiyan was stunned when she heard that he wanted to see the diamond ring. Then she whispered in his ear, "don't you want to buy it for your mother? You want to buy her a ring? "

"Buy it for you!" Ji Yueze's voice line is low and addictive. Listening to it makes people's heart beat faster.

"Why buy it for me? I don't need that! " Although Bai Yiyan said this in her mouth, she felt a touch of sweetness in her heart.

I believe that no woman will not love these shiny things, especially the sensitive things like diamond rings. Only lovers and couples can send each other this thing.

"No reason!" Ji Yueze's face was not clear. He took the diamond ring with his own hand, held her left hand, put the ring on her ring finger, and looked at it: "it's beautiful. Let's not take it!"

Bai Yiyan is surprised again. Is this man so free to shop?

I haven't asked the price yet. In case it's expensive in the sky, she can't ask for anything more beautiful.

"Wrap this necklace again!" In Bai Yiyan's astonishment, Ji Yueze has quickly picked out an elegant and beautiful diamond necklace. He thinks that it must be suitable for his mother to wear it.

"Yes, sir, please check out here!" The shopping guide's eyes are bent with smile. I didn't expect to meet such a proud guest. It took only a few minutes to consume such a large amount of bills.

Bai Yiyan looks at her fingers, and then at the tall figure of the man turning to the checkout counter.

No. do you really want to buy it for her?

Bai Yiyan secretly rubbed the weight of the big diamond on it, and her small face turned white.

Don't think about it. It must be very valuable.

So Bai Yiyan walked quickly to Ji Yueze's back and heard a female voice ring: "Sir, you spent 23 million in total!"

Bai Yiyan caresses the counter beside her, feeling unsteady.

A ring, a necklace, so expensive?

Bai Yiyan wants to return the goods in a moment, but suddenly feels the man's eyes turn to look at him. Next second, the man's big palm hands the card, then reaches out and holds her small hand with the diamond ring.

If Bai Yiyan wants to speak, she is blocked by his gentle action.

After settling the account, Bai Yiyan came out and still wanted to say something.

But I heard the man's low voice: "if you want to say thank you, let's go home and say it!"

Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes are gaping at the moment. Thank you?

Well, he might be referring to another way of thanking.

Bai Yiyan's pretty face is red again. Why does she always understand the meaning of this man at the first time? Did she learn from him?