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C1657. It's not that easy to try her

Itch, just one word.

Ling warm can't help bending down to grasp, are about to catch broken skin, but still itchy uncomfortable.

Knowing that there were so many mosquitoes in the garden at night, she shouldn't have sat there. Now it's too late to regret.

When the elevator arrived, Ling wennuan came out with a bouquet in his hand, and saw that the man had opened the door, and he was leaning against the door, smiling and languid.

See Ling warm, he immediately stood up straight body, eyes to her, obviously with a touch of complex emotions.

"For you!" Ling wennuan immediately handed over the flowers in his hand: "I bought them casually on the road. I think they are very beautiful."

Mu Weicheng didn't answer her words. She had a pair of deep eyes, but she was staring straight at her: "who is the boy talking to you in the library today?"

Ling wennuan's pretty face was stunned. Mei Mou blinked twice: "how do you know I'm talking to the boy?"

"Don't worry how I know, you have a good chat with him, don't you?" Mu's words are already sour, just like a jar of vinegar that has been knocked over in the bottom of one's heart.

"No, he was a little strange. He drew a picture for me and said he would be my friend." Ling warm immediately explained, a pair of beautiful eyes but cunning in the man's face, then, she giggled: "Mu Wei Cheng, are you jealous?"

Mu Weicheng thought that he was jealous at all, but when Ling wennuan asked, he was stiff and quickly took the flowers in her hand and turned into the hall.

Ling wennuan immediately followed in like a little tail and closed the door by the way.

"Are you coming to the library for me? So you saw me talking to him, and you didn't come to me? Are you angry? " Ling wennuan follows him relentlessly, asking repeatedly with a small mouth.

"No!" Mu Weicheng has found a glass bottle, poured some water into it, and put the bunch of flowers she bought into it.

"No way, otherwise, how do you know I talked to Chu Qing? Is it difficult? Do you still have thousands of miles of eyes? " Ling wennuan said, laughing at the same time.

Mu Weicheng turns around fiercely and sees the corner of her mouth. It's as bright as spring. He can't help biting his teeth. Does this little thing seem happy to see him jealous?

Ling wennuan was not happy for three minutes. Suddenly, she felt an arm stretched out from her waist. Next second, she was held up by the man. Before she could make a cry, she sat on the high cabinet.

"Ah, what are you doing? Let me down. " Ling wennuan's face was full of tears and laughter. Mu Weicheng was really bad enough to throw her on it.

"What did you talk about?" The man stepped back three steps, hands around his chest, a questioning gesture.

Lingnuan didn't expect him to force herself in this way. She turned her mouth and took out her attitude: "I won't tell you."

"Again?" The man's voice line fell in a flash.

"Just don't tell you." Ling wennuan is not afraid of his anger, and his small face is also turned aside, with a face to fight with him to the end.

Mu Weicheng didn't expect her to be so hard spoken. His thin lips raised a smile: "well, if you don't say anything, just stay on it."

"Hey, Mu Weicheng, if you let me down, I'll break my leg, and I'll pester you all my life." Ling warm immediately exclaimed, two small fists squeezed tightly.

Mu Weicheng was going to turn around, but when he heard her, he turned around and looked at her: "then tell me what you are talking about."

"Why do you want to know? If you want to hear it, please say something nice to please me first. " Ling wennuan is not a doormat. She doesn't want to bully her.

"What's the good news?" Mu Weicheng looks depressed.

Does this girl know what flattery is? There are many ways for men to please women, and one of their favorite is Do something indescribable.

"I don't give you a hint, you think." Ling wennuan suddenly gained the upper hand. Her two little hands were around her chest, and her legs were on stilts. However, her prestige was only two seconds, and the itching on her legs began again. She couldn't help reaching out to grab them. Because she sat very high, when she reached out to grab them, her posture was not elegant.

Mu Weicheng is thinking about what to say. Suddenly, she sees that she raises one leg to scratch. She is wearing a school uniform and short skirt. When she lifts her leg like this, the man's eyes suddenly shake, and he walks quickly.

"What happened to your leg?" He looked at several red pimples on his fair skin, which were bitten by mosquitoes.

"I've been feeding mosquitoes downstairs for half an hour. It's itchy. Do you have any medicine to help me stop itching?" Ling warm pretty face a cry phase, she is really itchy no longer.

Mu immediately reached out to her, "I'll hold you down."

"What? Don't interrogate me? " Ling wennuan belongs to the kind of person with itchy skin. People let her go. She still feels that she has not abused enough.

Mu Wei Cheng gave her a silent look.

Ling wennuan immediately smiled and rushed to his arms. Mu Weicheng didn't expect that she would rush so fiercely. He thought that she would stretch her hand to him gently and despise her tossing power.

Although Ling wennuan pounced on Mu Weicheng unprepared, the man was tall and strong with strong arms. He could catch her steadily no matter how she fluttered. Later, he gently put it down: "I should have antipruritic ointment here. Wait, I'll find it."

"I'll go with you." Lingnuan didn't want to sit alone in the living room and wait. She followed him behind, went into a nearby display room, and saw that the man opened a drawer, searched for it for a while, and took out a ointment.

"Go outside." When Mu Weicheng saw her following behind him, he said in a low voice.

Ling Nuan nodded, obediently ran to the sofa in the living room and sat down, then reached out to him, "give it to me."

Mu Weicheng did not give her, but squatted down, knelt on one knee, put one of her legs to his knee, and began to apply medicine for her.

Ling wennuan didn't expect that the man would have such a move. For a moment, she was in a daze and looked at her leg resting on his leg. This feeling It's wonderful.

"Ouch!" Ling wennuan was floating when she found that the place where the skin was broken was covered with medicine, and there was some stabbing pain. She could not help but shrink her legs, and the legs fell from the man's knees. The man's big palm firmly grasped: "don't move."

Ling wennuan had to bear it. The focus of a pair of beautiful eyes was not the small bag on her leg, but the handsome face that the man seriously applied medicine to her.

From her point of view, you can see a pair of heroic swordsmen's eyebrows before the pretty bridge of the nose. The sexy thin lips can only be seen pursing into a line, but it's still fascinating.

"I told Chu Qing not to draw my portrait after that." Ling wennuan said a sentence without a clue.

The movement on the man's hand slightly stagnated for a while, didn't look up at her, just hum, that he heard.

"I'm running for you when I change school. I won't have any ambiguity with other members of the opposite sex except you." Lingnuan was afraid that he didn't hear clearly, so he stressed it again.

"Ambiguity?" The man couldn't help laughing. This girl knows a lot.

Ling wennuan nodded forcefully: "yes, I'm very specific about my feelings. I will never give other boys a chance. I hate trouble most. I just like you."

The movements on Mu's hands became more and more gentle. When he heard her, a smile flashed through his drooping eyes.

"You have a lot of trouble." Mu Weicheng deliberately sneered at her.

"I'm not in trouble. It's clearly someone else who wants to come to me." Ling warm incomparable grievance.

Mu Weicheng put her other leg on his knee and continued to wipe the medicine: "when you are in a strange circle, your normal will become abnormal in the eyes of others. They want to assimilate you, but you insist on yourself, which is still praiseworthy."

"Are you praising me?" Ling warm eyes at the end of the smile is spread.

"Count." Mu Weicheng didn't admit it so happily, for fear that she would be proud.

"Stinginess!" The girl's mouth is a little toot, a little reluctant.