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C1446 revenge

Gao Yue's treachery failed, and she was splashed with cold water. The alcohol woke up long ago. In the cold weather of early spring, she shivered coldly, hugged her arms, and sat in her car.

She looked at the front blankly, and laughed bitterly at herself: "all want my life. Is it true that if one step is wrong, there is no turning back? I don't believe it, I don't believe it! " Gao

Yue drove away like crazy, at a very fast speed. However, her bad luck has not come to an end. As soon as she arrived in the city, she was stopped by a traffic policeman. The traffic policeman was angry and forced her to stop at the side of the road: "Miss, you just ran two red lights in a row, and you are speeding, please show your driver's license!" Gao

Yue immediately sneered: "I'll run the red light. You have the ability to catch me. I'm not afraid to catch me in jail!" Pay

when the police saw that her voice was so arrogant, and he smelt the smell of alcohol faintly, he immediately took out the instrument of the alcohol test drive, and forced to say: "I doubt you drink drive, please breathe into this instrument!"

Gao Yue blew for a while. The traffic police's expression changed a lot. The alcohol was too high. "

miss, please get off the bus. You are involved in alcohol driving. You have violated the traffic rules. I will detain your driver's license and car according to the law. Please follow me to the Bureau." Said the policeman with a serious face.

"Do you really want to shut me down? Well, I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid of anything. If there is seed, I'll be shut down for a lifetime! " Gao Yue laughs like a madman.

However, she was not locked up for a long time. When it was dark, she was forced to take a car. "

I'm cold, I want to change!" Seeing the situation was not good, Gao Yue immediately wanted to find an excuse to escape.

"Sister Mei wants to see you. You'd better not play tricks!" The man kindly reminded her. As soon as Yue heard the name, it was like a nightmare, and her face was as white as snow. "

What did she see me for? I haven't finished the task yet. She has to give me more time! " Gao Yue said with an excited and frightened look.

"Sister Mei suspects that you may not be able to accomplish this task. Please ask for more." The man mocked her even more. Even if Yue wanted to escape, she was caught in front of Mei Jie.

Sister Mei is shaking a red wine glass in her hand, wearing a set of wine red nightgown and an ordinary face. Because of her mood, it gives people a sense of prestige.

She looked at Gao Yue's frightened expression and sneered: "I heard that you were blacklisted by Ji Xiaohan. Gao Yue, I overestimated you! I didn't expect you to lose your function so soon. "

"It's none of my business. It's Ji Xiaohan. He didn't believe what he said. He said Say... " Gao Yue wants to defend herself, but finds that she can't find sufficient reasons, so she can only open her eyes and mouth.

"Well, I'll keep an eye on your every move. Gao Yue, look at your face. It's so beautiful. How can even a man be confused? It's a good pair of leather bags for nothing. " Sister Mei still hates the beautiful woman she was born with. She was very bitter and poor when she was a child, and she was very ugly. She had never been given preferential treatment since she was very sensible. On the contrary, because she was ordinary and suffered a lot of blows, she developed her fierce anger now.

Gao Yue saw that she said something about her appearance, which made her cold inside. She immediately shook her head and asked anxiously, "Miss Mei, let me go, I can do a lot of things for you. Ji Xiaohan is a special case. If I change a man, I will be sure. Please give me another chance to mend my mistakes."

Sister Mei sneered and sneered: "actually, I really want to give you another chance. But Sir, he said that people who have used them once are worthless. Gao Yue, if you really want to mend your mistakes, I will give you another chance to jump from the headquarters building of Jishi group. It's a hundred times. Moreover, I must have a way to pull jixiaohan down to accompany you Of course! "

"What?" Gao Yue was stunned. She looked at Mei Jie's face, which did not look like a joke. Her heart was shaking.

"No, I don't want to die, I don't want to die!" Gao Yue immediately lost his voice and shouted, "I really don't want to die!" "

but you really don't have a second way to go." Mei said coldly.

"Is it? Didn't I? Maybe, well, I'll see you for revenge in the next life. " Gao Yue suddenly stared at Mei with full resentment, and said grimly, "you are ugly, ugly and ugly. You must have never been cared and loved by a man. So you hate me. You hate me because I am born beautiful. You are born to invite men to see you!" "

if you talk nonsense again, I will destroy your face now!" Mei said, and she slapped Gao Yue in the face. Her fingertips were even more cruel to cut her face. If Yueyue didn't stop her resistance because there were two men around her in time, she would definitely fight with Mei Jie, not necessarily who died or who lived.

Unfortunately, her two arms were stopped. She could only kick Mei Jie with her legs. Mei was quick to respond, so she turned around and took a fruit knife on the table: "hold her down for me. Don't let her move around!" High

Yue looks at the knife, his pupils are constricted and scared to death. Two powerful men have no room to move.

"You dare to scold me for being ugly. I hate to hear that. Are you beautiful? Well, I'll make you uglier than me now, and I can't see anyone! " Mei Jie's mentality collapsed, even distorted, and lost her former calm. She took a fruit knife and hit a fork hard on Gao Yue's cheeks, and the blood immediately flowed down.

Gao Yue let out a scream. The scene was so bloody that she couldn't look directly at it. Even some bodyguards who were following Mei Jie were blue at the moment. They dare not see this terrible scene.

"Throw her out and give her three days to think about it. Anyway, it's no use living now!" Mei's teeth are biting angrily. Order.

Gao Yue was thrown on the side of the road like this. Moreover, it is a road with few pedestrians and no fingers. She doesn't know where it is, but she knows that she will not suffer in vain for the crime she suffered today.

Gao Yue wants to reach out to cover her face, but she dare not, because the pain makes her five senses numb.

Gao Yue reached out and took out her mobile phone. Behind the mobile phone, she also installed a small recorder. That's the new technology she bought at a high price. It was originally intended to deal with Ji Xiaohan. But just now, when she went to see Mei Jie, she didn't know where the courage came from. She reached into the bag and opened the instrument.

Gao Yue ignores the pain on her face, turns on the recorder and hears the conversation she just had with Mei Jie. All of a sudden, she seems to have died and come back to life. That feeling can't be explained in words.

Gao Yue seems to have found a way to fight back and save herself. Since the old president can't tolerate her, she goes to the vice president. It's said that he is a real honest and righteous gentleman. Now he has a fierce fight with the old president. If this recording can be handed to him, it may be helpful to him.

But Gao Yue can't contact Ling Mo Feng. She doesn't even dare to contact anyone now. She feels that her mobile phone is unsafe. Fortunately, she has Ji Xiaohan's phone number. She can borrow someone's mobile phone to call him.

Gao Yue can't care about anything at the moment. She stumbles forward and finally sees a family with a light on. She hurried to go there. She cried in panic and pleaded to a man: "Sir, sir, please help me. I was hurt by my boyfriend just now. You can lend me a call. I'll call my family for help!"

The man turned around and was startled. But looking at the clothes of the woman in front of him, he should be a very decent person. Did she really encounter the tragedy of boyfriend violence?

In this world, there are many good people. In the face of this tragedy, everyone is willing to help.

The man quickly took his cell phone and handed it to her: "take it. Do you want to call an ambulance or the police?" "

No, no, I can't call the police. I'll go to the hospital later, but I have to contact my family first. I need their protection!" Gao Yue's acting is very good, but he has concealed the suspicion of that man.