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C1908 it's time to find a boyfriend

Xia Xinnian saw that her son was so popular, and she felt a lot relaxed. After that, in addition to her, many people will go to love Yu Chen, which is really a good thing.

Jimucheng kneaded the palm of Xia Xinnian's hand, and found that there was sweat in her palm, and his thin lips went up for a while.

When I met her for the first time, she was like a little wild cat. She could not stop. But now, she was so cute and gentle that he didn't adapt to her.

Xia Xinnian felt that the man was pinching her hard. Her beautiful eyes stared at her immediately, and she saw the man's smile. She blushed. Was this man teasing her?

"Xinnian, it must be very hard for you to take the child alone. I don't know where the child grew up?"

Tang youyou saw more and more xiaoyuchen looked like her eldest son. She couldn't help but feel hurt and asked.

Xia Xinnian hurriedly replied, "Yu Chen and I have lived abroad for several years. He was born abroad."

Ji Xiaohan looks at his wife and sees a flash of sadness on her face. He pinches his hands in fear that it will remind her of her sad past.

"In the future, you can live a good life with Mucheng. Let's take the children with you. Young people should spend more time fighting for their careers."

Ji Xiaohan has also become fond of this child.

"Mom and Dad, I came back with my heart to discuss the engagement with you."

Jimucheng said.

"If you have already discussed it, we must agree. Let's make a good selection of the day. Let's go to the beginning of next month or so."

Tang youyou has almost no objection. It may be that she sympathizes with each other, so that she can better understand the pain of a woman's unmarried pregnancy. Let alone the pain of childbirth. The irony that a single mother has to bear is really uncomfortable.

"Thank you, aunt."

Xia Xinnian didn't expect such a victory. She couldn't help being moved.

"Big brother, sister-in-law, talk to me. I want to take my little nephew out to play."

Ji Siyi is very playful now. She can't bear to talk about this dull topic. Instead, she stares at the white, white, tender and tender little feather Chen and decides to take him for fun.

"I want to play with my little aunt, too."

The little guy is also bored. He can see that Daddy's family likes Mommy very much. There is no need for him to worry here.

"Let's go."

Ji Siyi took his little hand and went out. As she walked, she turned to Ji Xilin and said, "second brother, let's go together and take all your toys. Let's play in the back garden."

Jixilin immediately agreed, the figure of slender sunshine ran upstairs, and soon went out with a lot of toys.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou look at each other, shaking their heads and sighing.

"Mom and Dad, you can make a decision about choosing a day. We don't understand it anyway."

Ji Mucheng is in a good mood. Although he had expected that his family would like Yu Chen very much, I didn't expect that when he mentioned the marriage, he was recognized by his parents, which made him most happy.

"Well, I'll discuss it with your mother. Take a heart and go outside."

Season owl cold nodded.

Jimucheng immediately took Xia Xinnian out of the living room and planned to take her to a good stroll in the garden.

In the living room, Ji Xiaohan immediately peeled an orange for Tang youyou: "haven't you been worried about Xiaorui's marriage?

Now that he has a girlfriend, he brings us such a lovely little grandson. "

Tang youyou reaches out to take the orange he handed over, eats a piece, the sweet taste melts, but she frowns: "I didn't expect my son to learn this skill from you."

"There must be some misunderstandings in this, just like we did in those days. However, I think my son is lucky. Xia Xinnian is very good, and he is warm and soft like you."

Season owl cold Yang lip smiled, expressed very satisfied.

"Am I soft?

Why didn't I feel it?

What's more, I find that my son seems to be very attentive, and he must like each other very much. "

Tang youyou doesn't think so. He doesn't know what he said.

"Fear of internal affairs may be the traditional virtue of our family, but it's not a bad thing. Men have to obey the rules. If they don't obey the rules, sooner or later they will be bad."

Ji Xiaohan has seen through this matter and has also accepted his life.

"Do you mean I'm a tigress?"

Tang youyou flashed a little unhappy.

Ji Xiaohan reached out and took one of her hands, patted her gently: "even if it is a female tiger, it must be a very beautiful female tiger."

"Ji Xiaohan, you..." Tang Youqi is biting his teeth. After so many years, this man still likes to play tricks on her. It's deadly.

"Well, don't be angry. It's time to be happy to see your grandchildren."

Ji Xiaohan immediately sits beside her and holds her tenderly in her arms.

"I'm not angry. I'm just thinking that Xiaorui is going to get married. Should I inform xiaonai to come back?

I don't know what she has done abroad in this half year. She always urges her and refuses to return home. "

Tang youyou began to think about her eldest daughter. She didn't see her for half a year. She missed her even more.

"She said that she was looking for inspiration there, and I don't know if she found it. When she chose painting society as her major, I actually opposed it, but I couldn't stand her stubbornness."

Ji Xiaohan is also very fond of his eldest daughter, who is from childhood to adulthood. But when she is older, she has her own thoughts and ideas, and wants to fly out of her parents' protection circle to find her own world.

"I really want to destroy her and find a boyfriend to settle down. She is not young."

Tang youyou's eyebrows are filled with worries.

"Don't worry, my daughter is just as good at picking a boyfriend as you are."

Ji Xiaohan is also worried, but he is more worried about his daughter's misdemeanour, so he doesn't go to urge her, let her pick slowly.

"Why are you still so narcissistic?

I hope my daughter's eyes are better than mine, and I will choose a man who is better than you. "

Tang youyou took a look at him, but her heart was as sweet as the beginning. For more than 20 years, she had a carefree life. Her husband and children were very close to each other, which made her trance like yesterday. She didn't realize that the years were passing. Maybe it was really a very good day and didn't remember the time.

"OK, Xiaorui's marriage will allow her to return home. I'll see if there is a suitable person for her and arrange a blind date for her."

Ji Xiaohan immediately said.

"It's OK to have a blind date, as long as she can find a boyfriend to show me."

Tang youyou is not against it.

"Call her tonight and say I've found him a perfect match. Don't miss the chance."

As soon as Ji Xiaohan talks about his daughter, his words change a lot.

Tang youyou looks out of the window. His children have grown up. It's time to start a family.