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Drink, you're allowed

Tang You You pointed with her small hand, pointing at the alcohol that she placed on the table.

Ji Xiao Han looked at the direction where her pinky finger pointed, his thin lips could not help but laugh out loud, and then he stomped down with his long legs.

Her skin was fair and exquisite, a pair of large jet-black gem-like eyes, and she had a natural charm that could make men go crazy.

"What are you doing?" Tang You You saw that he had ascended a flight of steps and at this moment, he was practically standing at the same level as her.

At this moment, he was still wearing his suit, and that feeling of dominance and wildness only grew stronger.

He forced himself forward by two steps and directly pressed himself onto her slender body. Tang You You was half dead from fright, and behind her was the railing of the stairs. She did not dare to retreat, and if she were to fall down again, wouldn't she lose her life?

Therefore, she no longer retreated, and allowed Ji Xiao Han to press closer to her. In the next second, he stretched out his palm, and wrapped his arms around her slender waist, trapping her in his embrace in a protective posture.

"Why aren't you drinking? Didn't you want to drink it? " The man's voice was extremely low and hoarse. His fingers seemed to stroke her long hair as he spoke with an alluring and deep voice. It was even more intoxicating than the wine in his hand.

As if unwilling to lose, Tang You You raised his head and drank two mouthfuls: "Who said I didn't want to drink it, didn't I drink it now?"

"Do you want to drink in a different way?" Ji Xiao Han suddenly took the alcohol from her hand, and in the next second, he took a sip.

"You, you, you, you … Don't do that! " Tang You You had not been able to guess his intentions in the beginning, but at this moment, after seeing that he had taken a sip of the wine and didn't seem to be able to swallow it down, she instantly understood his intentions, causing her entire being to freeze.

Unfortunately, in the next second, her lips were forcefully snatched away by the man.

The warm, cold, choking wine flowed from the man's lips into her mouth.

Tang You You wanted to go crazy, did this man think that she was not frightened enough today, and still want to scare her?

Tang You You wanted to vomit, but unfortunately, men were not allowed to, she was forced to swallow it down, in the next second, she was choked.

She pushed the man's chest away and bent over to cough. Her face was flushed, and her eyes were red.

Tang You You had originally wanted to get angry, but after hearing his tender concern for her, she had no idea where the fire was coming from. With a tight face, she took the alcohol from his hands and walked upstairs angrily.

Ji Xiao Han felt that it was extremely interesting to see his in such an angry state.

However, when he passed the alcohol to her, his body had a surprising reaction. At this moment, he was afraid that he would have to take a cold bath again.

Tang You You finished all the wine in one breath, then laid on the bed and raised his corpse.

She didn't know if it was really because of the wine, or if it was too late, but she had actually fallen asleep.

In the morning, when I woke up, it was Tang Xiao Nai who kissed her on every face. "Mummy, Mummy, are you still awake? The alarm bells have all rung! "

Tang You You naturally did not sleep enough. She reached out her hands to push her daughter's cheeks: "Let me sleep for another five minutes …"

"Mummy, you are so lazy! Alright, I'll let you sleep for another five minutes. I'll start counting now! " Tang Xiao Nai's cute little mouth kissed her face again, and then she began to count. Two... Three... "Four …"

"Xiao Nai, you're so noisy!" Tang You You was simply being tormented to the point of going crazy by this little demon. She said that if she wanted to sleep a little longer, but she was actually counting in her ears.

"Hehe, Mummy, don't disturb me, I have already forgotten where I am counting." Tang Xiao Nai immediately muttered to herself, completely unaware of how much trouble she had caused to the Mummy.

"Stop counting, Mummy is afraid of you, wake up!" Tang You You looked at his daughter's silly smile. Even though she really wanted to beat her up, her heart ached from her soft and adorable appearance.

"Mummy, why are you afraid of me? Am I a little monster? I want to eat you! " Tang Xiao Nai liked playing with the Mummy, so, she used her two small hands to pounce towards Tang You You with bared fangs and claws, her small mouth also opening wide, looking like she was about to bite someone.

Tang You You was truly amused by her, and could only crawl up lazily.

"Daddy …" Tang Xiao Nai suddenly realized that the door to the bedroom had been pushed open, and the tall man that came in made Tang Xiao Nai extremely happy.

Ji Xiao Han walked in fully dressed, although he had also slept for only a few hours, but he seemed to be in good spirits.

It did not look like Tang You You, whose entire body seemed to have fallen apart. It was so lazy that it just wanted to sleep on the bed until the sky went dark.

Ji Xiao Han crouched down and opened his arms, welcoming the little fellow's arrival.

The little guy had a head full of messy hair, yet he was smiling widely, looking very cute.

Of course, what attracted Ji Xiao Han's attention wasn't the little fellow's innocent smile, but the little woman's ripped pajamas.

Tang You You was currently sleeping soundly, and didn't know how to react to the mess of her robe. Her pair of slender and enchanting legs were almost completely exposed, and her upper body was crooked as well. From Ji Xiao Han's angle, she could vaguely see the scenery around her.