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When Lu xuanchen came out of the community, the white milk stains on the black shirt were very obvious. Both the agent and the assistant were dumbfounded and said angrily, "did that woman do anything to you? Xuanchen, she's too shrewd. How can she always do it to you

Lu xuanchen was not so anxious as before. He sat directly in the car and then began to take off his clothes. The assistant also handed him clean clothes. "

let's go!" Lu xuanchen looks calm.

"But That's it? Let that woman bully, just walk away, will we... " "

I say go, don't say so much!" When Lu xuanchen put on his clothes, he just stared at the door of the community. He saw the white car coming out. His eyes narrowed and he stared at the car all the way away.

The agent had to sit in the car and wave to the driver: "let's go, it's late. We haven't had dinner yet."

Just now, after a pause, Lu xuanchen continued to tidy up the sweaters that had not been torn down.

If he thinks Mao Rongrong is a unreasonable savage woman, but this stubborn woman is good at doing good deeds, can he still say that she is not good?

At night, Tang youyou is leaning on the sofa, and the pencil in his hand is brushing on the picture book. Her movements are very smart, her long fingers and the gesture of holding the pen are also very beautiful.

Suddenly, the bedroom door was pushed open, and the man stepped in straight and upright. Don

when you see him, you don't stop the movement on your hand. You smile and say to him: "come back? Did you have dinner? " "

how come you haven't slept after eating?" Ji Xiao's cold eyes are also tinged with a gentle smile. He says he cares, but his heart is touched. He is used to going home and seeing her waiting for him on the sofa. Although there is some selfishness in this way, this is the source of his happiness.

"I wanted to sleep, but I can't sleep. I don't know what happened. I'm not used to sleeping alone." Tang youyou puffed his cheek to blow the wrong stroke, and then wiped it with an eraser.

The man reached out his hand and gracefully untied the suit jacket, carried it, walked to her side, and put it on the back of the sofa. The tall body bent down, one hand propped up on the chair, the other hand hugged her slender place: "what are you drawing?" "

it's you who drew it?" It's a pity that I can't draw your eyes well all the time. Your eyes are so beautiful and the light in them is so dazzling. Every time I draw, I draw them mechanically

The man reached for the picture she had drawn, and laughed loudly: "am I so handsome? Besides, are you cutting corners? You drew my hair too short! " "

yes?" Tang youyou immediately took off his shoes and stood on the sofa. Because of this height, he could look at the picture with the man. "

Yes, it's very vivid. It seems that my image in your mind is more and more profound!" The man is generous in praising her.

Tang youyou's lips are full of smiles: "yes, this is you in my heart. Unfortunately, your eyes are not beautiful."

"That's because you didn't look at my eyes carefully!" The man gave a slight frown to his thin lips.

"Can I have a good look now?" Tang youyou blushed and looked at him with shame.

A man's quiet eyes turn, and they are wrapped up with her eyes. For example,

when looking at each other affectionately, Tang youYou can't stand it. A man's eyes are really good-looking, dark and bottomless. Moreover, they are full of mysterious brilliance, like a whirlpool, and will bring people in.

"No, I can't stare at you!" Tang youyou snorted, covered his mouth and chuckled. He felt that the look of two people looking at each other was stupid.

But the man continued to look at her affectionately with a face, soft Judo: "don't you want to remember my eyes? If you don't take a good look, how can you remember? "

"No, actually I remember, but the light in your eyes is always changing. My pen is dead. How can you describe the scenery in your eyes?" Tang youYou can only admit defeat. She can never draw the dazzling in his eyes.

Ji Xiaohan reached out and touched her face. Then he couldn't help but wring it: "well, don't embarrass yourself. If you don't paint well, don't paint. Don't dig into the corners. It's important to have a rest earlier."

"Well, go take a bath. I'll wait for you in bed!" With that, Tang youyou will jump off the sofa and look for shoes to wear. But

I didn't expect that when the man stretched out his long arm and bent her knee, she would be held in his arms by his princess.

"Ah!" Suddenly, he ran into his arms. Tang youyou put his hand around his neck and smiled: "what are you doing?"

"I want to hold you!" Ji Xiaohan is not shy about letting her know what she thinks.

Tang Youqiao blushed: "we've been married for so long, how do you like it? It's embarrassing. " "

is it not allowed to hold you like this when you are married?" The man slightly raised his eyebrows and said, "what else can I do to get married?"

Of course, Tang youyou doesn't mean that, but to explain it, he seems to be too stupid.

He had to let him hold it. The man not only wanted to hold it, but also bent over and kissed her on the forehead: "Yo, haven't taken you out to play recently, will you feel bored?"

"No, I don't want to play anywhere, but the two little guys are quarreling to go out to play!" Tang youyou chuckled, thinking of his daughter's small mouth to sell cute, he felt very funny. "

it's very dangerous to ask mom not to take them out these days. Moreover, I will send more staff to pick up and send children to and from school." When Ji Xiaohan heard the two words of the child, Jun's face suddenly became heavy.

"What's the matter?" Tang youyou's heart also thumped, feeling that something important happened. "

I got the news from Ji Lin that he may be able to deal with the children, so we must take precautions!" "

what?" Tang youyou's face was white with fright. He hugged his neck tightly and his voice was shaking: "how can he do something to the children? He's just terrible. " "

he may regard this method as his last card. Fortunately, I learned it in advance. Otherwise, the consequences will be more unimaginable. Don't worry. At present, he doesn't dare to do so!" Ji Xiaohan looks at her frightened look and regrets telling her about it. However, if he doesn't remind her, he can't feel at ease.

"You must protect your children and your uncle. Children can't have an accident." At the moment, Tang youyou is full of fear. Even if the child suffers a little injury, it will hurt as much as it would kill him.

"Don't worry, there will be no accident. Trust me!" The man lowered his eyes and coagulated her face.