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He said he wanted to bully her

Being stared at by his father so sternly, Tang Xiao Rui immediately retracted her head back. Immediately after, she slammed the door shut with all her might.

"I wish father a pleasant night in the Mummy!" Soon after, the sound of the little guy's yells could be heard from within.

"Not sure about what?"

"You!" Tang You You's finger suddenly moved towards his heart: "Do I know you?"

Ji Xiao Han was slightly stunned!

"What do you want to know about me? If you ask me, I will tell you everything. " Ji Xiao Han didn't expect her to bring up such a problem, but, to him, this wasn't anything difficult. If there was a problem, he would always think of ways to solve it.

"Do you really love me? or do you like me? " Tang You You asked word by word, and the question was very clear.

Ji Xiao Han could not help but laugh in a low voice: "Is there any difference? The next step I like is love! "

"No, there is a difference between liking and loving. Like is just on the surface. Love is the one that is deeply engraved in one's heart!" Tang You You frowned. Zhe Ge Nan Ren Jing Ran had confused the two differences, did he really understand the true feelings in his heart?

"Then tell me, what are you to me?" Ji Xiao Han asked instead of answering, his tone still carrying a trace of a smile.

Tang You You quickly turned her back, her beautiful eyes blinking as she looked out the window at the starry sky. After a long period of silence, she quietly replied: "Alright, I admit it, I seem to like you a little!"

"You said that liking only appears on the surface!"

"Yes, I just like your figure, your face, your money, and how you treat me!" Tang You You turned around once again, and immediately looked more like a soldier than a deserter, as she welcomed his gaze. Her small mouth slightly twitched, "What? Don't you like my words? But that's what I'm thinking in my heart. The first thing that attracts me is your appearance, and of course, your money is the real reason! "

"You're so greedy and snobbish!" The man seemed slightly disappointed and didn't forget to scold her.

"That's right, I'm such a realistic woman. I don't really understand any kind of elegant artistic tastes, so whatever you like, it's just something!" Tang You You said honestly.

"I like your straightforward character!" Then, the man raised his voice with a smile.

Tang You You was stunned!

She thought that if she showed him the most true and darkest of humanity, he would simply kick her out of the game.

However, his answer was beyond her expectations.

"You don't think I'm like those casual women? They all came while you had the money, and your people! " Tang You You was extremely surprised, but she was also extremely confused. She had always thought that men with status like Ji Xiao Han would definitely have high requirements for women, but at the moment, it looked like his requirements were not high enough. Even a snobbish woman like her could accept his request.

Ji Xiao Han's narrow eyes slightly narrowed, as he raised his voice with a light ridicule: "I didn't see you ask for money, nor did I see you crawl onto my bed on your own accord, is it really worth it for you to be dishonoring yourself like this?"

Tang You You, "..."

Seeing that she had stopped choking, Ji Xiao Han moved closer to her face and spoke with a voice as low as wine: "If you have not done anything yet, then don't take it away from yourself. Unless you plan to do these two things together with me."

"You Jiu, come on. I welcome you to squeeze me dry!" Ji Xiao Han opened up his sturdy arms, with an evil expression on his face that did not reject her.

Tang You You tragically discovered that by not scaring this man away, he had instead scared himself to the point that he was drenched in cold sweat.

Damn it, what did this man want?

"I'm not in the mood right now, so don't come over! Ji Xiao Han, what are you doing? Tang You You realized that the man had never stopped walking ever since he opened his arms, forcing her closer step by step.

She could only retreat step by step, but very soon, she had no way out, and her back was already touching the top of his desk.

But Ji Xiao Han's footsteps did not stop, as he continued to oppress closer.

Tang You You leaned back with her small waist, her two small hands supported herself on his desk, looking miserable and panicked: "Ji Xiao Han, you … You can't do anything to me! "

This posture...

Tang You You tensed up, her breathing was extremely tight, and her pair of beautiful eyes flashed upon the handsome face of the man who was getting closer and closer.

"Stop Stop Stop..." Enough, Ji Xiao Han. What I have said before was only the possibility of getting married, not letting you treat me like this … " Tang You You spoke in a flustered and worried manner, hoping that this man would quickly leave so that she wouldn't feel such pressure in her heart.

Ji Xiao Han could see that she was nervous and uneasy. His thin lips curled up into a smile, making his look even more charming.

"Do you know what you look like now? Just like a little white rabbit that people want to bully! " At a time like this, Ji Xiao Han was still in the mood to joke around with her.

Tang You You was stunned, her beautiful eyes glared at him with resentment: "You dare to bully me, you'll try, you'll regret it!"