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C961. We have dinner together

Yang ChuChu recently received a new play. The main actor is Lu xuanchen. She plays the role of No.1 girl. This topic has exploded in the entertainment circle. Since Ji Yueze gradually faded out of the art circle, Lu xuanchen's momentum has soared to the sky, with high appearance value, explosive strength card acting skills, plus zero gossip, which is a clear stream in the current music circle. Therefore, Lu xuanchen's topic The volume burst in a flash, and he naturally received the soft hand when he received the play.

Lu xuanchen honed his acting skills in a low-key way and began to glow.

He met Yang ChuChu for the first time at the opening ceremony of the studio, and both of them secretly looked at each other.

"You..." "

you..." It's almost the same voice. I want to ask each other some questions. The atmosphere solidified for a moment, and then both of them were amused by the interesting scene. "

ask first!" Yang ChuChu quickly covered his mouth and laughed. "

are you Tang youyou's friend?" Lu xuanchen sees that Yang ChuChu is Tang youyou's Bridesmaid choice, and feels that their relationship must be good. "

well, yes! We are good friends! " Yang ChuChu has a kind of cordiality to Tang youyou and always likes to chat with her. "

Oh!" Lu xuanchen suddenly didn't know what to ask, then thought about it, and asked, "did you have any questions to ask me just now?"

Yang ChuChu nodded: "Er, yes, I want to ask you, what are your plans next? I heard that people from Nebula company are digging you. Do you think you want to go to his side? " "

did Ji Yueze ask you? Or are you curious? " Lu xuanchen smiled faintly. "

I'm curious!" Yang ChuChu answers quickly. "

can I not answer because I have no plan!" Lu xuanchen shrugged his shoulders, saying politely. Yang nodded clearly: "that's OK. I asked too recklessly. Don't mind!"

"No!" Lu xuanchen smiled again. Two

stars, the scene is cold, and a little embarrassed. "

I'll see you later. Shall we not quarrel with CP?" Lu xuanchen suddenly spoke first. Yang's surprised expression: "why do we think of the same thing? Are you afraid of your girlfriend's misunderstanding? " Lu

xuanchen said with a wry smile, "I cherish my reputation very much. Is that the answer?"

Yang ChuChu nodded solemnly: "yes, but I'm afraid someone will be jealous."

"Your boyfriend is said to be an outsider. He must be very kind to you!" Lu xuanchen saw the coquettish appearance of a little woman on her face, and knew that she was a man who fell in love. She was really happy. Yang

made a clear and vague pause. In fact, until now, her relationship with Luo Jinyu has not been officially exposed. Someone had a guess before, and it was quickly dealt with by Luo Jinyu.

"It's also a very happy thing to be able to be positive and good to a person." Lu xuanchen said with emotion. "

do you have a girlfriend? I've heard that you've always been low-key, homey, and that you've never heard of gossip! " Yang ChuChu lowered his voice and asked him, no way, gossip woman's mentality is always like this.

Lu xuanchen's eyes were slightly stiff, and he shook his head for a long time: "I don't have a girlfriend!" "

wow, do I have any great news? How are my girls? They like you very much. Do you need me to introduce one for you? " Yang ChuChu immediately sent out the gossip girl to have the voice of surprise.

"When can I ask Tang youyou to come out for dinner?" Lu xuanchen swallowed his saliva, raised his eyes and looked at Yang ChuChu. "

ask her out? Any time, I can make an appointment with her tonight! " Yang ChuChu said something small.

"Can we have a meal that evening? My treat! " Lu xuanchen asked with a smile and a sincere face.

"Oh, well, I'll call her." Yang ChuChu's face was covered in circles.

She carefully recalled the key point of the topic she asked just now. She wanted to introduce Lu xuanchen's girlfriend. Unexpectedly, he asked her to have dinner with Tang youyou? Is the topic biased? Yang

takes out his cell phone and calls Tang youyou. Don

youyou is still in the company. After receiving her call, she asked with a smile, "Chu Chu, what's the matter?" "

sister Youyou, are you free at night? Have a meal together! " Yang ChuChu asked with a smile. "

tonight, I'll have a look. OK, no problem. Let me book a seat." Tang youyou is also relatively idle recently, so it is necessary to have a meal with friends to relax.

"No, no, no, I'll book it. Sister Youyou, I may bring a friend here." Yang ChuChu gave a dry smile. "

your friend? Luo Jin Yu? " Tang youyou asked directly.

"It's not him. It's my latest partner. We just received a movie. It's Lu xuanchen!" Yang ChuChu quickly explained.

"Is it him?" Tang youyou looks surprised.

"Sister Youyou, why do you have such a tone? Do you know him? " Yang ChuChu was also surprised.

Not far away sitting on the sofa, Lu xuanchen looks up at her suddenly. Don

youyou suddenly thought of the experience of being scolded in the bathroom of the charity dinner last time. "

you're going to make a movie with him!" Tang youyou chuckled.

"Yes, a young literary film, because the director is very famous, I will take it!" Yang ChuChu smiled twice.

"OK, let's have a meal that evening." After a moment's hesitation, Tang youyou agreed.

"Really? Then I'll make a reservation! " Yang ChuChu immediately said happily. Hang up

on the phone, Tang youyou takes a breath lightly. In fact, she also wants to find an opportunity to have a good chat with Lu xuanchen. Although she feels that she doesn't have the right to advise him, she can hear his news all the time. She always wants to care about him, regardless of the purpose, she can't avoid it all the time. Listen to

when Tang youyou agrees to have dinner together, Lu xuanchen's expression has been calm and calm, as if there is more joy and expectation.

Yang ChuChu did not find his suddenly changed expression, and took the script and looked through it. "

there are still many scenes to be challenged in this play. I'm afraid I can't perform well!" Lu

xuanchen chuckled: "I've seen a lot of your films and TV plays. I think you're very suitable for the heroine!" "

but I'm going to play an opponent with you. Your acting skills are obvious to all. I'm afraid I'll delay you then!" Yang ChuChu joked.

"Let's work together. Since we're going to take over the play, don't waste any script. It's also a responsibility to the production team and staff!" As soon as Lu xuanchen mentions work, he will be more serious.

Yang ChuChu was immediately infected by his seriousness and nodded: "right, let's not let people down, or take it seriously." "

the press conference is here. Let's go out!" Lu xuanchen saw that the assistant was gesturing at him, and he immediately straightened the collar of the suit and said to Yang ChuChu.