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Because you are the father of the child

Tang You You knew that his godmother was very curious about him. She had always wanted to find an opportunity to get closer to his godmother.

"Mother, why don't I bring them out tonight and accompany you for a meal?" Tang You You smiled as she made her decision.

Tang You You felt that when this man called her name, there was always an electric current flowing around. It was really strange, if someone called her name, she would feel that her name was very ordinary, but when this man called her, she felt that her name could actually sound so nice.

"En!" she whispered back.

"What's the matter?" The man's tone was slightly raised. It was obvious that the corner of his mouth was also smiling upwards.

"A Dr. Liu called me, saying that he's the therapist that you arranged for me." Tang You You thought about it and decided to talk about this first.

"Yes, I did ask her to treat you. Have you decided when to go see her? Do you need me to come with you? " The reason why Ji Xiao Han asked her this question was because of her nightmare. It was unrelated to him, so he felt that it wasn't really appropriate to ask her about it himself.

"I've made an appointment to see her tomorrow afternoon!" Tang You You said softly, then said: "You don't have to accompany me, I can go myself."

"That's fine too. If you have any problems, then remember to call me!" Ji Xiao Han said gently.

"Got it. Oh right, I have something else I need to tell you. Tonight, I want to take the children and have a meal with my godmother. Is that okay?" Tang You You's tone of voice unknowingly carried a trace of pleading.

After Ji Xiao Han heard her words, he was slightly surprised.

This woman actually started to care about his opinion. This was truly rare.

"You are the mother of children. You can make this decision yourself. Why are you asking me?" Ji Xiao Han lost control of his voice and started laughing. The low and deep laughter made Tang You You blush.

She muttered, "I feel the same way, but you're their father."

"Wandering, haven't we already decided to publicize the relationship between our child and ourselves? We don't need to hide it, okay? " Ji Xiao Han's tone revealed a trace of doting.

Tang You You thought blankly, then nodded: "That's right, I've already promised my son. Since I won't let them call me big sister in the future, then I'll bring them out for dinner tonight."

"Regarding the safety matters, I will have the Uncle Yuan arrange bodyguards to follow you secretly. Don't worry, it will not affect your interests." In fact, what Ji Xiao Han was most worried about was the safety of his children.

"Alright, then I'll go pick up the kids from school later!" After Tang You You finished speaking, he hung up.

His heart was filled with an indescribable feeling. He felt that in this world, there was a person that he could discuss some matters with. This sense of security was truly touching.

In the future, would Ji Xiao Han be the person to give her safety?

It seemed to be quite good!

When Tang You You passed by his godmother's office, he told her and then decided to personally go and fetch the children.

When Tang You You drove up to the school gate, Uncle Yuan was already waiting there. He wasn't surprised to see her.

"Miss Tang, Young Master just called me. He said that you wanted to take the children out for dinner." The Uncle Yuan said with a smile.

"That's right!" Bring them to a friend I know well! " Tang You You casually replied with a smile.

It just so happened that at this time, two little fellows ran out of the school. The moment they came out, they saw Mummy and two little faces.

Tang You You immediately hugged his daughter who pounced over and asked gently, "Xiao Nai, do you want Mummy to bring you out for dinner tonight?"

"With Dad?" Tang Xiao Nai's bright black eyes immediately widened.

"No, it's a very beautiful and very gracious aunt. After we finish eating, we can go shopping and buy some things." Tang You You said while beaming.

"Is that so? "Then I will go …" Tang Xiao Nai was immediately overjoyed, because she hadn't gone out to shop for a long time.

When the Tang Xiao Rui beside them heard that he was going to see an aunt, and that he could even accompany them shopping after dinner, he immediately lost interest.

"Mummy, why don't you bring Xiao Nai along? I'll go home with Uncle Yuan, I still want to go home and play with my toys." Tang Xiao Rui immediately expressed his decision.

Tang You You was startled, she looked at her son's face that did not show much interest: "Xiao Rui, are you really not coming with us?"

Tang Xiao Nai immediately muttered: "Mummy, don't bring Big Brother there. Big Brother is so bored to death, he must be sitting there playing games again. Furthermore, when we are shopping, he will cause trouble.

Tang Xiao Rui curled his lips in disdain: "I don't care, Mummy, I've decided. I don't want to eat, just take Xiao Nai, the idiot, and feed her to a little pig."

Tang You You looked at his son who was already walking towards a car in Uncle Yuan, and could only sigh speechlessly, while kissing his daughter's soft and tender face. "Xiao Nai, don't be angry, big brother didn't have any intention of scolding you."

"Big Brother Scoundrel …" He called me Little Pig! " Tang Xiao Nai Shun Jian was so angry that her cheeks puffed up.

Tang You You chuckled and kissed her again: "Alright, we won't bring him with us. Mummy will only take you out to eat tonight.

Tang Xiao Nai Yi Ting only brought her to Mummy, and she instantly felt that she had been doted on. She immediately stuck close to Mummy's face and said, "Mummy, let's go!"

"Quickly say goodbye to Uncle Yuan!"

"Uncle Yuan, farewell!" The little fellow was overjoyed.

Uncle Yuan looked at the two little fellows who had never moved separately before, and also shook his head while smiling.

After Tang Xiao Nai drove her daughter out, she directly went to the restaurant that Liu Xi had reserved beforehand.