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C1627 he didn'st wait for her

Lanyanxi felt that the other side's eyes twinkled and stared at her as if she would cut people like a knife. She was shocked. From this moment, she could almost be sure that the woman in front of her was definitely thinking about Ling Mo Feng.

The childhood sweetheart was originally a simple coat, doing ambiguous things. Lanyanxi didn't object to Ling Mo Feng having such a playmate since she was a child. But she didn't like to be entangled in the emotional life of the other party when she was an adult, shaking her friendship.

"Mo Feng, how are you, uncle and aunt? I haven't paid for my aunt's meal for a long time. I really miss it. " Chen Fuyu immediately turned his eyes to Ling Mo Feng, who had a smile in his bright eyes and a trace of nostalgia in his voice. What she said was to tell LAN Yanxi that her relationship with Ling Mo Feng and Ling's family could not be compared with her.

LAN Yanxi's breathing is sluggish. Has he met his opponent yet?

Really think she is a fool, someone is pulling her man in her face, can she still be loyal?

"Well, honey, let's choose a suitable time to let this elder sister go to our house for dinner. You haven't seen each other for so long. There must be a lot to talk about." LAN Yanxi had already opened her mouth before Ling Mo Feng answered. Moreover, she turned her shame back and became bold and enthusiastic.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes are surprised to see the smiling girls around her. Her brain is blank.

What does she call him?


I didn't hear her call him so hot in bed. At this moment, she was very intimate.

Ling Mo Feng has a sense of crying and laughing at the moment.

One elder sister, Chen Fuyu's face turned half black directly. She had a good temper at first. Now, she was really disgusted by the rude girl in front of her.

Ling Mo Feng put his hand around LAN Yanxi's waist and subconsciously took her into his arms. Then he smiled and said to Chen Fuyu, "OK, my parents are also talking about you. When you are free, we will make an appointment to get together again."

"I will stay in China for a week or so. If I have time these days, I wonder if Mr. President of Nikkei can spare some time for me?" Chen Fuyu's charming smile.

Ling Mo Feng was embarrassed. He took the initiative to avoid Chen Fuyu's eyes and looked down at the blue Yanxi in his arms. "Well, I'll call you sometime these days. My marriage with Yanxi is near. If you are free, I hope I can invite you to come over for a drink."

The smile on Chen Fuyu's face is a little stiff. Her eyes move down involuntarily. Looking at LAN Yanxi, her heart is surging. Ling Mo Feng wants to marry this woman?

"Sir, a distinguished guest has arrived." Chu lie comes in time to remind Ling Mo Feng.

Ling Mo Feng found the reason to pull out and smiled at Chen Fuyu: "excuse me for a moment."

LAN Yanxi felt the strength of the man's arm at his waist, put her whole body around, and took her directly from Chen Fuyu's face.

"Ling Mo Feng, how are your eyes?" The little woman in her arms was still angry. She bit her teeth and asked him in a low voice.

Ling Mo Feng's handsome face said: "my eyes are fine."

"Since it's OK, how can't you see that she likes you?" LAN Yanxi looks up and stares at him.

Ling Mo Feng panicked and stopped immediately. He put his hands on LAN Yanxi's shoulders. Jun's face was tinged with a gentle smile: "are you jealous?"

"I don't have one." LAN Yan hopes that the duck will die hard.

"I'm not jealous. What are you doing with your mouth open? You can rest assured that we are all about to get married. Where is the boundary between adult men and women? I still know that there is more than one woman who likes me. But the only woman I like is you. So relax. No one can take me away from you. " The man attached to her ear, the voice line a few low, but it is very determined, let people listen to peace of mind.

LAN Yanxi's heart trembled and her beautiful eyes glistened on the man's face. She didn't know that his words were trustworthy for a while, so she wanted to see his eyes clearly.

The bottom of the man's eyes is pure and sincere. She is allowed to see them.

What LAN Yanxi saw, however, was a deep sea with no bottom, but it was calm and warm like sunshine.

"Well, I believe you." LAN Yanxi found out that he was the most naive one.

Just now, she was like a child who was afraid of losing candy. She was unreasonable. She refused to become such a jealous jar in her heart. It was too damaging to her image, but she couldn't control her emotions. When she met the other party to pick up a T-shirt, she would instinctively prick up her body to protect herself.

Ling Mo Feng put out his hand and rubbed gently on his good cheek: "let's go. I have to introduce my friend to you."

"Well!" LAN Yanxi's inner uneasiness disappeared. She took the initiative to hold the man's finger, but was suddenly buckled by the man's backhand. He held it tighter than her.

Chen Fuyu is eager to make herself graceful and intelligent. However, her eyes are still full of fire, staring at the back of Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi, and watching them whisper in the crowd. Her bright love and stinging eyes hurt.

She looked down at the red wine glass in her hand, gently shaking the liquor, and her thoughts drifted back to the past inexplicably.

"Mo Feng, Fu Yu, come closer. By the way, do you want to hold hands and take photos?"

"No." The girl in memory shakes her head shyly, and the young people around her smile unnaturally.

Under the big trees in the back garden of the presidential palace, the sun is shining. Mr. President has a camera in his hand. His wife sits on the chair beside him to drink tea and looks at all this with a gentle smile.

In that year, Chen Fuyu thought she would live like that. Unfortunately, she immediately faced the separation from Ling Mo Feng. Her father was transferred to work abroad. She went abroad with her mother together with her father. For several years, she and Ling Mo Feng exchanged letters several times. Later, there was a connection on her mobile phone.

The school work is busy, the Ling Mo Feng family changes greatly, the position of the president is forcibly taken away, and the Ling family is in crisis. She is also busy with various examinations abroad, and her family fills in a younger brother. The busy life makes her completely lose contact with Ling Mo Feng.

Later, she got her Ph.D. in biology. Ling Mo Feng was pushed to the position of vice president when he was young. He went abroad for a visit. She invited him to have a meal in a hurry. He was very manly. It was not the shy and beautiful teenager she remembered, but the mature charm of a man. Chen Fuyu stood at the door of the restaurant that day and watched him get in the car and leave Now, her heart seems to have been taken away by this man.

In fact, after having dinner that day, she really wanted to call him and ask him to take her away, but in the end, because her mother was ill, she couldn't get away from her and missed again.

Later, she found a reason to go back to China. Ling asked her to have a meal at home. At that time, she still remembered that it was a cold winter. The man was wearing a slim black windbreaker, standing at the door, and the snow fell from his face. She hurriedly got off the car and ran to him, rubbing her hands. The man said to her, the air conditioner was turned on at home, so she quickly went in to warm up.

Memories are sad, Chen Fuyu will drink all the wine, she will miss him again?

Before that, she always felt that he would not fall in love with other women. He would wait for her in place until she was ready.

Originally, she has been thinking wrong, is she is too sensitive, too self righteous, Ling Mo Feng may be really just a friendship to her, but she has changed the quality of the friendship, into her one person's love.

Chen Fuyu drank a glass of wine in pain again. She was really sad. It turned out that no one would wait for someone in the same place. If she liked someone, she should let him know on the spot. Otherwise, if she missed it, she would really miss it.

Chen Fuyu can't help but look not far away. Ling Mo Feng is smiling and introducing the small and beautiful woman beside him to a group of foreign guests.

"That was my place!" Chen Fuyu mured, with a sad smile on his face.

If she is going to take back what belongs to her now, what is the chance?