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C689 he's the man of the company

When Ji Yueze went to the company, Bai Yiyan became a little tail behind him. She stepped down from the sports car outside the company's gate and immediately attracted the attention of people around her.

Everyone felt that after the video of Bai Yiyan buying instant noodles was exposed, it confirmed the fact that she broke up with Ji Yueze.

But now, what is it?

Bai Yiyan changes the sloppy image in the video, wearing a royal blue silk dress, with long hair hanging around her waist and curling at the end of her hair, covering up the green and astringent breath on her body, so she has a charming feminine taste.

Bai Yiyan's dress today was sent by Ji Yueze's life. Moreover, under Ji Yueze's cold eyes, she obediently dressed herself up in this moving look.

Ji Yueze also put down his cruel words. After that, he will change all his unsatisfied clothes.

But Bai Yiyan's brain was so hot that she actually agreed to his harsh and abnormal request.

Just as she was worried about how much money she would have to buy her own clothes, Ji Yueze dropped it directly from his wallet and asked her to brush it.

Bai Yiyan stared at the card for a long time. She was so upset that she didn't know whether to spend his money.

At last, Ji Yueze is impatient and urges her to put the card in her bag. Well, taking his card doesn't mean that she will spend his money, but it has another meaning.

Only a boyfriend can give money to his girlfriend, and if she takes his card, does it also prove that she will be his real girlfriend?

Bai Yiyan thought about this problem all the way, but she didn't understand it.

With a mobile phone in his hand, Ji Yueze is following a live news all the way.

Bai Yiyan also heard that there was a problem within Jishi group, and she is going through legal procedures to solve it.

Ji Xiaohan is Ji Yueze's big brother. He must be worried about it.

Along the way, Bai Yiyan didn't say a word, and didn't dare to disturb him to watch the news, but she was also inexplicably worried when she saw his eyebrows tighten.

Ji Yueze pushes the door into the office, and Bai Yiyan follows him in.

Then, Ji Yueze pulled up a phone on the desk and called a man to come.

A few minutes later, a man with a little bit of Nianqi knocked on the door and asked respectfully, "boss, what can I do for you?"

"I'll give Bai Yiyan to you for packing. You'll be her full-time agent later. I hope she can catch fire within a month. Are you confident?" Ji Yueze slouched to the back of his chair, giving orders but still full of the momentum of the old country, it's hard to be vague.

The man looked at Bai Yiyan, who was beside the wood, with a surprised expression.

Isn't Bai Yiyan the boss's girlfriend? How could she be a female artist?

"Any questions?" See each other don't talk, Ji Yueze momentum a heavy, look through a few impatient. "No, no, boss, don't worry. I'm the elder in this field. Miss Bai has been involved with you for a long time. Her popularity has already been beaten. She just needs to pack it carefully. It will be red in a flash." This man has a name named Ango. The whole company knows that he likes men. However, although he doesn't look serious enough, he is the gold medal pusher in the entertainment circle. All the female stars brought out by him are red and purple. Therefore, Ji Yueze is relieved to give Bai Yiyan to Ango. He takes Bai Yiyan with him and knows everything in the entertainment circle

Bai Yiyan is also surprised. She looks at Ji Yueze's face in surprise. The first thing she does is to find her an agent. What's more, she is still looking for a man and a woman. She really doesn't know whether to cry or to laugh.

However, Ji Yueze's concern for her is no longer just empty talk. Since he said he wanted to hold her, he has opened a door for her. At present, only waiting for her to step in voluntarily.

"Bai Yiyan, you will follow him later. If you don't understand anything, just ask him." Ji Yueze lightly glanced at the woman beside him, who was stupefied, and ordered directly.

"OK!" Bai Yiyan immediately refreshed and nodded.

"You go out first. I have something to tell her!" Ji Yueze looks at brother an. Brother an immediately agrees and exits the office.

Bai Yiyan looks at him nervously, waiting for his next order.

However, what she didn't expect was that Ji Yueze got up from his office chair, walked to her with long legs, stood still and stared at her nervous little face.

"Afraid?" The man attached his head slightly, and his magnetic voice fell to her ear.

Bai Yiyan shook her head and forced her calm reply: "no, thank you!"

"No, why are you shaking? Sweating? Are you going to fight with your fists clenched? " The man bit by bit broke through Bai Yiyan's camouflage, her whole person a loose, there is a sense of standing instability.

The beautiful Mou immediately raises, is holding the sneering Mou to the upper man, she has to sigh the airway: "well, I am afraid!"

"What are you afraid of?" Ji Yueze is strange. He has paved the road for her. She only needs to go down. He has cleaned all the thorns on the road. She should be calm. "Afraid of It's said that being a star, there will be a lot of social activities. Moreover, this circle seems to be in disorder. I'm afraid that if I can't walk a few steps, I'll fall back and fail your kindness. " Bai Yiyan said frankly that before, she just wanted to dream of a star, but now, she really wants to get in touch with this

job. She is really nervous in a circle.

"Who says you have social intercourse?" Men's thin eyes narrowed slightly, and their lips were sneering.

"Er?" Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes opened wider again.

"When I get off work, you'll get off work. I'm the only one you want to meet!" Ji Yueze said with indifference.

"Will the relationships in this circle be chaotic?"

"What's the mess? Chaos is because the height is not enough, sit in my position, do you think I am chaos? " Ji Yueze's arrogant and cool expression made Bai Yiyan suddenly understand that, indeed, some people are born in a very high position, and those secular chaos can't affect them at all.

Bai Yiyan has nothing to say. She drops her head and listens to his teaching. She seems to understand a lot of truth.

"Then Will I be covered by you later? " Bai Yiyan asked him bravely.

"I only cover people and things that belong to me!" Ji Yueze picked his eyebrows and said meaningfully.

Bai Yiyan sipped her lips, and continued to summon courage to ask him, "do I count that?" "What do you say?" Ji Yueze continues to throw problems back at her.