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C1307 is like a nightmare

Perhaps the best thing to know about his children is his parents. Although the old man is old, his vision is still accurate. He understands his little son's ambition. Even after five years in prison, he still hasn't sobered him up from the power. Now, is it getting worse?

Ji Lin's face was livid, his eyes full of anger and disappointment.

"The money is mine. I earn it myself. I have the right to distribute it. Does it need your permission?" The old man was stabbed by his son's shirt like eyes, and his voice suddenly became cold.

"I am your son. Shouldn't you share it with me? Or, in your eyes, I am no longer qualified to be your son? " Ji Lin's eyes were red with rage, and his fists were tightly held.

The old man looked at him calmly, as if he were looking at those poor little dogs and cats on the roadside. He wanted to persuade him with a compassionate look, but obviously, some people were not born to be compassionate.

"Xiaolin, of course, you are my son. I saw you step by step from childhood to today. I don't think your biggest failure is to disappoint me, but you never see your position clearly. All you ask is power. Those cold things, I don't know why you are persistent and the family is warm. Don't you know yet?" The old man suddenly covered his chest and gasped heavily, as if he could not breathe. He began to cough violently. His face was blue and purple.

Ji Lin stood by, his eyes cold looking at his father, saw that he coughed so badly, but he was not moved, only the anger on his face was more and more intense.

The old man is actually testing him. He wants to know whether his life and death are still valuable in his son's eyes.

Unfortunately, all he saw was indifference and indifference.

It turns out that he didn't have much sincerity to invite himself to lunch today.

"You gave all your shares to their brothers? Oh, in your eyes, they are your family, and I am not even an outsider! " The more Ji Lin thought about it, the more he thought about it, the more he resented it.

"It's important for people to know that since you have seen it, have you made a decision?" The old man sat back in the wheelchair and waited for a result calmly.

Ji Lin suddenly rushed over, holding the two armrests of his wheelchair in his hands and staring scarlet: "give me the equity and give me the things that belong to me, otherwise, I will let them die!"

The old man was really frightened by his behavior. His face was sad or funny.

"Don't you think about your son? Shangqing is still so young, his future should be bright! " The old man asked him sadly.

"Isn't my son the most useless in your old eyes? It's the same as waste. Do you care about him? " Ji Lin ridiculed himself.

"No, Shangqing is a very good child. He is not bad in nature, but there is no good father to guide him!" The old man corrected it with a deep voice.

"You mean that I'm not worthy of being a son or a father. In your eyes, I'm doing everything wrong. Since that's the case, let me go on wrong. If you come here today, don't want to leave. I'll let Ji Xiaohan trade 30% of his stock rights. Let's see if your proud grandson really loves you or if he knows how to do it Hurt the money in his hand? " Ji Lin finally spoke out his shameless purpose. He felt that this was a very good opportunity. It's time to test human nature. Doesn't Ji Xiaohan regard money as nothing? Let's see which one is the most important, the old man with a short time and the 30% equity he holds.

"Your shamelessness is invincible!" The old man seemed to have guessed such a result, but he didn't expect that he really wanted to treat him like this. His heart was broken and he couldn't describe his mood.

"Don't you say that I can't even have self-esteem for the sake of power? You really know me. You are my father! " After Ji Lin finished, he suddenly made a gesture to the two people not far away.

The two men came quickly. Ji Lin said coldly, "take the rope and tie him up!"

The old man was extremely cold hearted, but he didn't resist, because his body didn't allow him, and he didn't want to resist, but he wanted to see what tricks the son had to play.

"Mr. Ji Is he your father? " One of the young men was a little timid and afraid to tie.

Ji Lin sneers: "so what? In his eyes, I have no qualification to be his son. Tie up and don't let him die easily! "

"Ji Lin, do you know what you are doing? If you tie me up, you won't go back! " What the old man is worried about at the moment is not his own life and death, but his son who wants to step into hell.

Ji Lin's sad smile: "can't you see it? I don't want to go back now. If I suffer from it, it's better to end it all! "

"You bastard!" The old man almost fainted.

"Don't talk nonsense, let's watch. Is Ji Xiaohan willing to help you or not? If he doesn't, you will only have pain to live!" Ji Lin is now heartless, and has already stepped on morality.

The old man has nothing to say. He just doesn't want to say a word to this disappointing son. He won't let his grandson, Ji Xiaohan, make a choice. He has made a choice for a long time.

Ji Lin finally tied up his old father and let others take him away first.

Ji Lin didn't drag the water. After settling the old man in, he called Ji Xiaohan directly.

Ji Xiaohan is having a meeting. In a strict atmosphere, Lu Qing, his assistant, comes to him in a hurry and whispers in his ear: "master, Ji Lin's phone call says there is something important to talk to you!"

"Didn't you tell him I wasn't free now?" Season owl cold frowned, the facial expression is impatient.

He knew that after Ji Lin helped the old president thoroughly, he didn't even want to talk to him.

"He said you would regret not answering the phone!" Lu Qinggang didn't ask for specific things either. He could only convey Ji Lin's threatening words.

"Ah!" Ji Xiaohan sneers, but he wants to hear what Ji Lin can do to make him regret.

In the meeting room of Nuo University, more than thirty people looked at the tall figure who stood up and walked out in the same way. The atmosphere was breathless.

Lu Qing also followed Ji Xiaohan out.

Season owl cold stands in the glass corridor, this just pastes the mobile phone to the ear, the cold opening: "what matter?"

Ji Lin waited patiently for him to come and ask. At the moment, he sneered a little proudly: "Ji Xiaohan, I'll give you half a day to prepare. Take 30% of your equity to exchange for the life of the old man!"

"What do you say?" Ji Xiaohan's expression suddenly changed and his tone suddenly raised: "Ji Lin, you bastard, what did you do to Grandpa?"

"Oh, it's worthy of being a filial grandson. As soon as I hear that the old man is in danger, I'm in such a hurry. Ji Xiaohan, I'm not as good as you when it comes to acting. For example, I don't pretend to be a filial son. No wonder that the old man always feels that I'm an ungrateful person!" Ji Lin is full of air now. He begins to use words to stab Ji Xiaohan. There is a kind of pain of exaltation.

"Grandpa is not in good health. Don't be kidding!" Ji Xiaohan can't believe it. Ji Lin would really threaten his grandfather's life, which is a behavior of humanity.

"I'm not in the mood to joke with you, Ji Xiaohan. If you really care about your grandfather's life so much, go to prepare now and transfer 30% of your equity to me. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for his body!" After Ji Lin finished speaking, he hung up the phone directly, with a cold voice.

Ji Xiaohan pinches his cell phone tightly. When hearing the voice of the other party's hanging up, the tall and healthy body shakes obviously, and almost stands unsteadily. Lu Qing sees the situation, and immediately cares: "are you OK, young master? What's the matter?"

Ji Xiaohan clenched his teeth and said angrily, "Ji Lin took my grandfather and threatened me with his life to hand over 30% of the shares."

Lu Qing's face was also livid with fear, because this is the act of killing the world. It's outrageous that someone else can do it.

"What are we going to do, young master?" At the moment, Lu Qing looks at the young master's pale face and knows the seriousness of the matter.