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C1173 the sun is gentle for you

Luo Jinyu is still wearing a formal suit. Jin Gui is full of temperament. It can be seen that he came from the company directly, and didn't have time to go home to change a suit. Yang looked at him clearly, inexplicably moved, with a smile on his eyes and eyebrows.

"Why do you look at me like this?" Luo Jinyu is a little bit unnatural when she looks at her emotional eyes. She gets up and walks to her side with a red face. Her fingers hug her shoulders gently and restrictively. Only then can she find that what she is wearing today is a white dress with bare back. Both of her shoulders are exposed, with little sexy and faint eyes. Yang

leaned delicately into his arms and said in a low voice, "you see."

Luo Jin's thin lips rose, and she patted her back gently: "can you go now? Don't work anymore? "

"I'll go and say hello to the director. Wait for me for a moment!" Yang ChuChu said, small waist a twist, left from his arms, quickly out of the door. A few minutes later, Yang ChuChu came in with her assistant. "

let's go. This is for Xiaowen!" Yang ChuChu said with a smile, and the little hand took the initiative to hold his big palm.

Luo Jinyu nodded and followed her out, walking along the stairway.

Fortunately, it's only the third floor. The elevator door is full of fans, so she can't walk. Unfortunately, the light in the corridor is dim. She is wearing a seven centimeter high-heeled shoe, which is also unnatural.

"Come up, I'll carry you down!" Luo Jinyu found that every step she took, her body was swaying gently. She could not rest assured that she would go on. "

MM!" Yang ChuChu is not polite either. He pours on his back directly. The shoulders of the man are broad, strong and full of security. Luo

Jin Yu's two big palms held her, only to find that the skirt she was wearing today was really a bit headstrong.

"You don't even wear safety pants down there?" Luo Jinyu discovers this fact, and is slightly annoyed. He completely took Yang ChuChu as his wife to control. For some of her small details, men also looked at her.

"I will pay attention to it next time. Don't worry. I haven't showed my face. I'm very serious. If you don't believe me, you can go to the live report!" Yang ChuChu laughs.

Luo Jinyu can't help her. Yang ChuChu has grown up a lot during this period of time. Moreover, he has watched her grow up step by step. She has become a heroine who can stand on her own. She has more and more amorous feelings, just like the most beautiful flower in bloom, showing her charm to the world.

When she arrived in the hall, Yang ChuChu wore a mask and still walked through the back door. When she came out, she felt that the air was free. Luo

Jin Yu's bodyguard drove the car over, and the two quickly got on the car and left.

It's over 3 p.m. and it's still early, so there's enough time for them.

"Where do you want to play?" Luo Jinyu asked, looking at the lazy kitten beside him.

Yang ChuChu stretched out and continued to lean on him: "anywhere, as long as I don't work."

"I saw several tourist attractions nearby, but at this time, there are many people. Otherwise, let's go to a holiday village nearby to have a rest." Luo Jinyu picks up the iPad beside him and looks for the leisure spots around the city from the Internet.

"Well, as long as I'm with you, I can go anywhere!" Yang ChuChu is not a picky person. Naturally, Luo Jinyu will listen to what she says. Luo

Jin Yu said the address to the bodyguard elder brother. Three black cars drove into a leisure holiday village in the suburb in a low-key way.

Arriving at the destination, Luo Jinyu went down first and opened a room. It's a villa hotel.

Push open the door of the hotel, the sun is out of the window, the whole living room is warm. The two men looked at each other and smiled. Luo Jinyu turned around and took Yang ChuChu to the bedroom on the second floor of the hotel.

"There is a swimming pool below. Let's go swimming!" Yang ChuChu went out of the balcony and looked down. He saw a small private swimming pool with blue water. It was shiny. In the sun, it made people want to be in it. "

now you will catch cold when you swim in this weather. Let's go back to our own home!" Luo Jinyu himself is a more prudent person. Besides, he is more concerned about Yang ChuChu's physical condition.

"It's OK. I'm in good health. I'll go down first. You'll come down later!" Yang ChuChu said, and hurriedly ran downstairs. Luo Jinyu couldn't stop her. Yang ChuChu doesn't need swimsuits, because the villa is a very private place. No one can see the pictures around. Yang ChuChu takes off his skirt and goes straight into the water. "

it's really cool!" In early summer, the water temperature is still a little cool, but because of the direct sunlight on the head, it's only a moment before Yang ChuChu gets used to it. She is like a little fish in the swimming pool, coming and going freely, a long black head spreads out, and her head emerges from the water, and then she looks up and throws her long hair to her back. The whole person is like an elf in the sea, with a white body and this green body The pool of color sets off the beauty.

Luo Jinyu came downstairs and saw such a beautiful picture. His face was slightly stunned, and his eyes became dark. He went to the pool and squatted down. Yang ChuChu, like a cute and cute fish, swam to his face. He moved around in the water, looked up, his face was full of water drops, and looked at the man smilingly: "won't you come down to play?"

"Do you want me down?" Luo Jinyu looks at her squinting eyes, shining in the sun, just like crystal. "

of course, you come to me to play with me? Come down! " Yang ChuChu suddenly tugged at his hand, trying to force him down. Unfortunately, how can her strength be compared with that of a man? She hasn't dragged the man down yet, but she was forced to lift by the man, and the whole man fell into his arms directly. "

you..." Yang ChuChu's mouth tooted angrily.

However, soon, she was washed by the water of the cool lips, was the man's hot lips to kiss.

Yang ChuChu's brain is empty. At the moment, she has no mind. Only the familiar breath of the man makes her dizzy. Two small hands instinctively hook his neck, for fear that if he let go of his hand, he would roll out of his arms and fall into the water.

Luo Jinyu just wanted to tease her, but when she got her sweet lips, she would never let go of her again.

Yang ChuChu didn't know what he was going to face next. He just felt light and had been hugged by a man and walked towards the living room.