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However, Tang You You felt that his son was definitely hers, he really wanted to bite off his tender cheeks.

He knew how to think for her. Alas, this son of hers had not been born in vain.

"Of course not …"

Tang Xiao Rui blinked his large eyes, then seriously thought about it before replying: "This means that after you guys took off your clothes and slept on the bed, you would then wear your clothes, and then pretend that you don't know my Mummy."

After listening to his explanation, the two adults were petrified!

Very good, the little guy's mind is still very simple, not contaminated.

"Cough …" That's right, that's what I meant. Little Rui, is that okay? I will take out 10% of my wealth and write your Mummy's name on it.

"Ten percent? Oh, let's go, Mummy, don't marry him! " When Tang Xiao Rui heard that his father had actually only taken 10% of the money out to marry the Mummy, he suddenly felt that there was nothing more to talk about.

Tang You You was naturally joking around as if she was her son. Even if Ji Xiao Han really wanted to give her money, she wouldn't take it.

"Little Rui, do you know how much I have as a tenth of my property? It's worth about 30 billion... " Ji Xiao Han felt that his son was still unclear about Jin Yi's concept, so he had no choice but to explain it more clearly.

Tang Xiao Rui's departure came to a halt, his small head suddenly turned to look at his father: "30 billion? "A lot?"

Tang You You was also shocked by the man's number. She subconsciously nodded at her son: "Lots! Lots!"

Mummy, do you think that this much money is enough? Tang Xiao Rui blinked his eyes and asked.

Tang You You frowned, her face was full of curiosity: "Enough what?"

"It's enough for you to use in your next life. Anyway, I feel that it's impossible for me to live with you forever. You have to prepare for our future!" Tang Xiao Rui was not afraid that Ji Xiao Han would hear the possibilities that he had mentioned.

Ji Xiao Han laughed bitterly, this son of his did not even know the concept of money, yet he already knew how to fight for's benefit.

Tang You You touched his little tender cheeks: "I probably won't be able to use up that much money in three lifetimes. Xiao Rui, we can't be too greedy!"

Oh, if Mummy has said enough, then it must be enough. Alright, Daddy, what you said just now must be counted, if not, Xiao Nai and I will ignore you! It was only then that a happy smile appeared on Tang Xiao Rui's face, and he casually threatened Ji Xiao Han.

Ji Xiao Han was completely speechless towards this son of his.

"Of course it's not, I definitely want to marry your Mummy with full sincerity, and now, let's see if she will agree to my proposal!" Ji Xiao Han curled his lips, as his gloomy eyes stared fixedly at Tang You You, as if waiting for her reply.

Tang Xiao Rui anxiously looked at the Mummy, although he had already won the most benefits for the Mummy, but, if he wanted to marry off to his father, it would still depend on whether the Mummy agreed to it or not, or else, everything he had done would be in vain.

"My mind is in a mess right now …" Tang You You saw that the two of them were staring at him and immediately felt pressured.

All of this was happening too fast, she could understand her son's hope, and also feel Ji Xiao Han's feelings for her.

However … Would she really agree to marry him now?

No, no, no, how could she agree to marry him so easily? Just because he said he would give her thirty billion?

"Xiao Rui, your Mummy doesn't have enough brains. How about, you give her a day's time, and let her answer you tonight?" When Ji Xiao Han saw this woman, her swollen face turned red. Furthermore, she had clearly been scared senseless, so at this time, he should have been more considerate towards her.

Tang Xiao Rui could also tell that it would be difficult for the Mummy, so he could only nod her head: "Alright, Mummy, no rush. It's only a day's worth of work for you to slowly think about, I won't change my mind!"

Tang You You was at a loss whether to laugh or cry at her son's words.

If Ji Xiao Han changed his mind within a day, even if he gave her ten guts, she definitely wouldn't dare to marry him.

Just as the three of them reached an agreement, they suddenly heard Tang Xiao Nai's panicked wails coming from the room next door.

The expressions of the three of them changed as they hurriedly walked in.

She only saw Tang Xiao Nai sitting on the bed with her face full of tears. She pouted and cried as she said, "Daddy, Mummy, I wet the bed again … Woo woo … * I'm so scared! "

Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin walked over and gently hugged his daughter, "What are you afraid of? Isn't it just wetting the bed? You're still young, this is your privilege! "

"So useless!" Tang Xiao Rui really loathed his sister's habit of wetting the bed.

Ji Xiao Han immediately took out his father's might and stared at his son, "You are not allowed to laugh at your sister, she is already very sad."

Tang You You had already anxiously gone to change her daughter's clean pants.

"Mummy, where did all of you go just now? When I woke up, you were all gone. I was so scared!" Tang Xiao Nai was still panicking from waking up in a strange room.

"We were chatting outside, we didn't leave!" Tang You You carried her daughter and bathed her in the bathroom before changing her clothes.

Ji Xiao Han and his son sat on the sofa in the living room, one big and one small. Both of them were wearing gray pajamas as they stared at each other.