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C1522 don'st understand the customs

After wearing the black dress, lanyanxi turned in front of the mirror. The light skirt, as she twists and turns, is as soft and elegant as a cloud, reflecting her noble and sweet temperament.

Lanyanxi was very satisfied with her trouble. She walked downstairs with a smile on her lips.

Just walked to the stairway entrance, she faintly smelled a faint fragrance, her beautiful eyes blinked, where is the fragrance?

It's strange to see a bunch of flowers on the table. They are colorful and fragrant.

LAN Yanxi's face was startled, and he walked quickly to the past, picked it up, and immediately smiled.

Unexpectedly, this man even prepared a bunch of flowers for her, but look at the flowers Why are you familiar?

LAN Yanxi took another look at the fresh crease, and she immediately chuckled.

This man doesn't really go to the back yard to pick this bunch of flowers for her, does he?

It's a bit romantic.

Hearing the girl's laughter outside the door, Ling Mo Feng was bending down to cut vegetables. Suddenly, he put down the kitchen knife and walked out. The flowers that had not been sent yet were already in the girl's hands.

However, compared with the delicate flowers, the new little woman in front of her eyes made Ling Mo Feng look straight.

She was wearing only a long black dress with suspenders, a long wavy hair with small curls, a beautiful white face, black eyebrows, pink cheeks, and red lips, which looked like shy flowers.

Ling has never seen such a small sexy blue Yanxi. All along, what he remembers most is that when he first met her, she always wore casual clothes and was lazy in temperament. Later, she was dressed in overalls and busy in the general office. But tonight

Ling Mo feels hot. I don't know whether the air conditioner just turned on has brought the heating or the sultry heat from the body.

"You How do you dress like this? " Ling Mo Feng's Adam's apple rolled for a while. He was both surprised and surprised. He still asked her in a dumb voice.

Blue speech Xi Li reached out and slightly lifted his long hair, shyly asked him, "how nice am I?"

Ling Mo Feng nodded and praised from the bottom of his heart: "nice, just Isn't it cold? "

LAN Yanxi is trying to take the opportunity to give full play to her feminine charm. When she heard the last sentence he asked, all the courage she had accumulated was suddenly released.

This man really doesn't understand the customs.

She wears so little, can't it be cold?

But it's not for him that she can stand the cold. Blue Yanxi's little mouth toots up with unhappiness: "cold, but for you, I think the cold is worth it."

The man was amused by her lovely appearance. He walked quickly, took his coat which was placed on the back of the chair, and directly covered her bare back.

Only when she was close to her did she find that she had a natural fragrance from her body, which almost immediately linked up all the men's emotions.

Ling Mo Feng just wanted to dress her up, but why did he have an impulse to hate her.

The man's broad coat, covering her slender shoulder, shows her petite and exquisite. The thin arm, almost a pinch of the man will be broken.

Lingmo Feng did not dare to use any strength on her body, just gently holding her shoulders, with warm eyes: "don't do this next time, wait for the weather to get hotter, and then wear it."

"No, now. You have to see. I don't wear your coat." LAN Yanxi's inexplicable grievance, she has been making trouble for so long, isn't it what she wants him to see?

It's just that women should be happy with themselves.

Seeing that she was angry, Ling Mo Feng twisted his little body. However, he forcibly grasped her shoulders and didn't let her take off her coat.

"Even if you don't dress like this, I think you look good." Ling Mo Feng had to comfort her gently.

LAN Yanxi was coaxed by his words. She nodded her head: "well, you can cook. I'll wear your coat."

Ling Mo Feng only felt that his throat was dry again. His chest was sultry. He could only turn around and hurry to make dinner.

When dinner was served, Ling Mo Feng saw the girl sitting on the sofa watching TV. She was holding the flower in her hand like a little fool. The man chuckled and gently called out to her, "Yanxi, come to dinner."

LAN Yanxi just turned off the TV, went to the table, found a glass bottle, poured water into it, then put the bunch of flowers in it, and put them in the center of the table.

There is a steamed fish and two lobsters on the table. They are dizzy and nutritious.

LAN Yanxi sat down and immediately supported his chin with his small hand, looking at the man like a flower maniac.

Ling Mo Feng brought out two bowls of rice, handed her a bowl, and handed the chopsticks up: "what are you doing watching me?"

"You're so nice that I don't feel safe." LAN Yanxi complains softly.

Ling Mo Feng really wants to knock on her head. What are you thinking all day?

"Why do you say that?" Ling Mo Feng even asked seriously. It seems that he is also seriously ill.

"Because the better you are, the worse I am, the farther we will be. Maybe one day, I can't match you." LAN Yanxi sighed softly.

Ling Mo Feng took a lobster and peeled it. He put it directly in front of her: "you're hungry and dizzy. Say these meaningless words and eat them quickly."

LAN Yanxi is stupefied for a while, embarrassed smile: "may be."

Mei is sitting in the office, looking at Liu Lan's confession. Her face is ugly.

She banged her fist on the desk and said with a gnash of teeth, "it's really a waste. I can't do any small things."

Liu Lan's confession was a little self-conscious. She didn't say a word more when the other party questioned her, which made Mei feel a little better.

But another woman named Lin Enron is so unintelligible that she mentions that there are still people behind the scenes. Therefore, sister Mei naturally won't make her feel better. Now that she has been punished, she will learn to be honest.

Without hurting Yang ChuChu, she would not hurt Luo Jinyu's heart. Mei is very angry, but there are two important things in front of her.

Ling Mo Feng is going to be engaged, and the old president even gives her a task to target LAN Yanxi. Before Ling Mo Feng's engagement, the old president's deadline was to let LAN Yanxi play a betrayal trick. But later, Mei Jie said that this matter could not be completed in a short time. The old president gave her more time, and her credit would be counted if she completed it before the election.

It's only more than a month before the election. Mei's eyes flash a vicious color.

At this moment, the only person she can use, I'm afraid only blue fiber is left.

LAN Xianxian is a woman of arrogance and arrogance. Mei Jie asked her to help her get the recording of LAN Yanxi last time. She got it. Mei Jie can also be used for it. At this engagement banquet of Ling Mo Feng, she must give it to them as a gift to let the guests know that the woman Ling Mo Feng married doesn't love him.

Blue fiber also frantically called Meijie in the last few days. As a result, of course, Meijie has been perfunctory to her. Blue fiber is more and more disappointed.

A phone call came again. Mei took a look and was very upset.

This blue fiber is really idle. She calls her seven or eight times a day. She can't work because of the noise.

Sister Mei tolerated her resentment and pressed hands-free.

"Mei Jie, can you help me? Ling's family will come to talk about the dowry tomorrow. If they don't help me, they will be really engaged. I have no chance."

"Miss LAN, to tell you the truth, this matter can't be done. Ling Mo Feng's mother seems to like LAN Yanxi very much. She won't be moved by what I say." Sister Mei completely tore up the last dream of blue fiber.

"What? Why is that? " The blue fiber voice was filled with despair.

"Well, I'm not sure. I did say it for you, but it turned out to be unsatisfactory. In this case, I won't ask you to sell me your land." Sister Mei will let her go with a few words.

"Don't I have another chance?" Blue fiber is sad and painful, crying.

"And of course, let's meet sometime. Don't lose heart." Mei finished and hung up.