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When the car reached to the bottom of the headquarters, Ji Xiao Han still held onto her small hand and stepped into the hall with his long legs.

Tang You You awkwardly followed by his side, lowering his eyes, not looking at the countless surprised looks.

The man stretched out his long arm and knocked her against the wall of the elevator.

Tang You You was completely convinced by this man's shameless skin.

When the elevator reached the first floor, Tang You You pushed him away as if she was afraid that she would be seen by others.

Ji Xiao Han liked to tease her when there was no one around, so when the elevator door opened, he retracted his arm.

Passing through the bright and long corridor, they arrived at Ji Xiao Han's private resting room!

There were many rooms, such as the gym, the lounge, the tea room and the projection room.

When Ji Xiao Han and Tang You You just entered, they saw their assistant Lu Qing anxiously reporting to them: "Young Master, Ji Yun Ning is downstairs. She said that you called her over."

Ji Xiao Han's eyes swept across Tang You You's small face and he said to his: "Get her up here, bring her to see me!"

After Lu Qing left, Ji Xiao Han pointed at his resting room. "You can go inside to rest, I won't close the door!"

Tang You You turned and walked towards the resting area. When she was halfway, she stopped and looked at Ji Xiao Han's face for a few seconds before continuing.

A few minutes later, Ji Yun Ning walked in wearing a beautiful dress.

She was obviously dressed up specially. She wore a pink dress, and her long hair was very soft. There was even a faint perfume scent on her body as she walked over.

On top of makeup, Ji Yun Ning still chose simple and elegant light makeup.

It wasn't that she really liked her look, but that she knew Ji Xiao Han liked her.

She remembered that when she was just an adult, she had already learned how to draw thick makeup.

It turned out that he liked simple and elegant women, and did not like having too much powder on his face.

"Elder Brother Xiao Han, did you call me over for something? Or was it because you missed me? " Ji Yun Ning walked in and asked while smiling casually, just like how she used to ask Ji Xiao Han numerous times when she went to look for him.

Ji Xiao Han looked at her, his handsome face covered with a layer of frost. Ignoring the woman's charming smile, he asked coldly: "You went to find Tang You You? Who told you to look for her? "

Ji Yun Ning looked at his cold and handsome face, and mentioned Tang You You in the very first sentence. She already knew that she had gone to find her, and that made Ji Xiao Han angry.

"Elder Brother Xiao Han, don't misunderstand, I just want to see her. I want to know what she looks like. Ji Yun Ning immediately explained, and in addition, she spoke in a tone that carried a hint of withdrawal in it, "Elder Brother Xiao Han, are you angry?"

Ji Xiao Han instead let out a cold laugh, "You've seen her. What did you tell her?"

"I didn't say anything, I was really just curious …" At first, I thought she was a beautiful lady, but when I saw her later on, I realized that Elder Brother Xiao Han's eyesight had become bad. In my opinion, she really isn't a particularly dazzling beauty, she's even a bit ordinary … " Because the time that Ji Yun Ning was here was too coincidental, she did not know that Ji Xiao Han and Tang You You already had two children, thus she gave such an evaluation of Tang You You.

She felt that as long as she made Tang You You sound a little more ordinary, Ji Xiao Han would probably really realize that this woman was not worth being infatuated with.

Ji Xiao Han said that Tang You You looked very average, and even suspected that he had poor eyesight. All of this, Ji Xiao Han was not angry, because from his perspective, he could only admire Tang You You, a woman. Whether the other women were good or bad, he did not know, and he would definitely not admire them.

But when she leaned on the wall and heard the voice coming from outside, Tang You You's beautiful face turned pale.

She never expected that the methods Ji Yun Ning used to hurt others behind her back was so brilliant, she actually scolded her as normal.

Well, she was, she admitted.

However, he still felt a bit uncomfortable in his heart when someone said this behind his back.

This was human nature, right?

Tang You You is indeed not some great beauty, but she suits my interests very well. I hope that when you meet her in the future, you won't use such a worldly gaze to evaluate her. " Ji Xiao Han's eyes swept across the door of the resting room. He guessed that the little girl inside was angry too.

Ji Yun Ning curled her lower lip: "Elder Brother Xiao Han, did you call me over just to discuss whether she's beautiful or not? "I don't want to waste my time on her. It's so rare for me to see you, we …"

"What did you tell her?" Ji Xiao Han cut off her words, his voice sounding extremely stern.

"Elder Brother Xiao Han, why do you keep asking me this? Did she tell you something? I really didn't expect her to complain to you so quickly. Indeed, it's good to have someone backing you up. If you've suffered, you can still complain to others. " Ji Yun Ning's impression of Tang You You immediately dropped to the extreme.

She felt that although Tang You You seemed strong, in reality, she was just a villain.

A war between women, yet she needed a man to settle it for her.

"You told her we slept?" Ji Xiao Han's voice turned cold, his gaze was also as sharp as a knife, staring straight into Ji Yun Ning's eyes.

Ji Yun Ning's body froze up because of his stare, she subconsciously pinched her fingers, bit her lower lip and said: "Elder Brother Xiao Han, I never thought that you would be angry because of these words, I already said it, I have no other intentions, I just wanted to tell her, we were once very happy, very happy, I hope that she can return you back to me …"