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LAN Yanxi's breath was momentarily sluggish, and her beautiful eyes were stained with a mist. She stared at the body attached by the man. The face of Zhang Jun was close to her, and her breath was entwined with her. The indoor atmosphere soared in an instant.

Men's facial features are perfect, clear lines, magnified, and a more amazing beauty.

It's wrong to use the beautiful words to describe a man's appearance. I can forgive that lanyanxi read less and his words are full. Except for using such a vulgar word to describe him, I really can't find a more appropriate one.

"Ling Mo Feng, do you like your son or your daughter?" LAN Yanxi asked him with a light breath.

"All right, as long as it's from you." The man's thin lips aroused a smile, attached, and greedily kissed her little mouth.

"Your family won't have a patriarchal mentality. I'm not sure I can have a son." LAN Yanxi asked him with a smile.

"The elders must have some hope, but I don't have any. Sons and daughters, as long as they are born." Ling did not dare to promise her too much, because it is also a very realistic topic.

LAN Yanxi held out his small hand and hooked it on his neck: "let's wait another three days."

"You will really test my patience." Ling Mo Feng bit her earlobe and sighed, "when I met you, my patience became better again."

"You're not happy to meet me?" But LAN Yanxi misinterpreted his meaning, and her beautiful eyes were dim.

The man thin lips madly answered her with action, how happy he was to meet her.

In Luo Jinyu's private apartment, only the light in the bedroom is still on. Yang ChuChu sits on the bed with his legs crossed. He opens the calendar with his mobile phone and counts it day by day.

"Over 15 days? Don't you... " A girl's beautiful eyes brighten in an instant, with a very good sense of foreboding.

She immediately lifted herself out of bed and stooped to look in the closet in the room.

"It's strange. I bought it and kept it as a spare? Where is it? " Yang ChuChu combed his eyebrows, dressed in pajamas, and searched all the cabinets in the room.

"Where is it?" What Yang ChuChu is looking for is the pregnancy test stick she just bought back.

Because she has done it secretly, she plans to buy it back in advance and keep it as a spare.

"Gone!" At such an important moment, she couldn't find it. Yang ChuChu rubbed her long hair in a fretful way. At last, what did she think of, she turned to find her mobile phone.

It's more than 10 o'clock in the evening. Luo Jinyu hasn't come back yet. Yang ChuChu naturally wants to ask him for help.

"Well, you know, I'm downstairs. I'll be upstairs right away." Men's voice is low and magnetic, especially gentle in the silent night.

"Wait a minute. Don't go upstairs first. Go and get something back." Yang ChuChu said immediately.

"What do you want? Hungry? " The man is full of laughter and knows her nature of food very well.

"Of course not. By the way, I bought two pregnancy test sticks last time. Did you throw them away?"

"Pregnancy test?" The man's face was a little stiff and his voice was startled.

"Yes, I put it in a bag last time. I can't find it now." Yang ChuChu began to shout, because Luo Jinyu picked up the house and didn't ask for a servant. Maybe he accidentally threw it away.

Luo Jinyu's voice became hoarse: "you can't Are you pregnant? "

Yang ChuChu covered his mouth and sniggered, "what's the matter? Are you scared? "

"When are you You're so disobedient. " Luo Jin Yuming wants to blame her, but when he talks about it, he doesn't give up, so he sighs.

"Now you go to the supermarket and buy me one to have a test. I've put it off for half a month. I think it's a good chance to win the prize." Yang ChuChu's expression of unrepentant was very relaxed.

"Then I'll buy one and come back for inspection." The man sighs helplessly. Fortunately, there is a supermarket in the community. Luo Jinyu goes through the delicate garden of the community and goes to a nearby supermarket. There is a small medicine counter in the supermarket. As soon as Luo Jinyu goes, the young shopping guide blushes inexplicably.

It's really rare to see such a handsome man with such a good temperament.

"Have you A pregnancy test? " Luo Jinyu is still a little shy. Although he is a big man, it's weird to buy this kind of thing.

The girl's face is redder. She nodded: "yes, which one do you want?"

"Are there many kinds?" Luo Jin's face is dazed.

"Yes, I'll show you!" The girl quickly took several kinds and put them in front of him.

Luo Jinyu's long fingers picked on it. At last, he couldn't see which one was better. He had to open his mouth and say, "which one is the most expensive, take two for me."

The girl took two for him and packed them in bags. Luo Jinyu paid and left with a small bag.

When he opened the door, he saw a small figure running out of the gray living room. It was Yang ChuChu. "Did you get it?" She rushed to him, hugged one of his arms and asked curiously.

Luo Jinyu handed over the small bag in his hand: "buy it, do you want to test it now?"

"Of course, early test and early know." The girl picked up the bag, dropped the man and ran to the bathroom.

Luo Jinyu followed quickly. Outside the bathroom, the man was a little nervous.

In fact, all along, he has been very careful to do a variety of measures, but did not expect that he is very strict, but someone secretly bad.

"Ah!" A scream came from inside. Luo Jin hurriedly opened the door and went in.

"How is it?" The man's voice was anxious and concerned.

"No Yang ChuChu's face was so depressed that he said: "why is it so difficult? Luo Jinyu, we don't want to avoid it. Shall we have a child?"

"You are like a child yourself." Luo Jin is relieved. He doesn't know whether he is happy or lost. Maybe, there are two kinds of emotions, which are very complicated.

"I don't care. I don't feel safe without children." Yang ChuChu rushed to hold him and buried his small face in his arms: "I'm not young, I'm going to be 20 years old, I won't let you be embarrassed."

Yang ChuChu heard that he was on the phone with his mother a few days ago, and mentioned about the child. He has been defending her. Yang ChuChu is very moved, but also very sad. He loves her as much as he lives, and she also loves him to bear all these things for himself.

"Well, do you really want to?" Luo Jinyu sighed and asked in a low voice.

"Of course I do. I really do." The girl looked up at him seriously, and her eyes were full of sincerity: "I dream to know what our children look like. Will they be as cute and funny as your little nephew?"

Luo Jinyu's fingers gently arranged her long hair in her ear: "well, since you like children so much, we will have one."

"Really? How about now? " The girl's delicate little face was dyed with red.

Luo Jin's body quivers. Now?

Can he say no?