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Ji Xiaohan wants to be Tang youyou's heaven. I didn't expect this man to be so domineering. However, if he becomes her heaven, it will give her a full sense of security, because the sky won't fall down. "

since you promised me to study abroad, I told my Ganma that she would like me to seize this opportunity and improve myself." Tang youyou said with a light smile. "

OK, let's talk to her. I'll go back to accompany the little guy first." Season owl cold gentle trim her long hair, deep eyes stare at a few seconds, this turned away. Tang

turns around to look at the tall and straight back of the man, and there is a warm feeling in her heart. She is sure that she has done the second right thing in her life, that is, she married the man, and the first right thing was that she gave birth to a pair of dragon and Phoenix babies in spite of hardships. Don

youyou calls Liu Xi. "

it was discussed with your manager Ji that I called so late?" Liu Xi asked her with a smile.

"Yes, I have talked with him. He promised me to study abroad, and he would send some people to protect my safety. Is it the day after tomorrow, Ganma?" Tang youyou asked with a smile. "

Yes, the morning after tomorrow's flight, season is really tender and considerate. Since he will send someone to protect your safety, I am more relieved." Liu Xi said happily.

"I'll come to the company tomorrow and talk to you in detail. Hang up first. Good night!" Tang youyou said with a smile, and hung up the phone. When

she came into the living room, Ji xiaonai came to her with her slippers: "Mommy, daddy said that you are going to study abroad. Do you want to go for a long time? Can you take me with you? " Ji

just when Xiao Han came back, he casually said something about Tang youyou's study abroad. Unexpectedly, the little guy has her own idea and is looking forward to taking her with him.

Tang youYou can't help laughing, squatting down, holding his daughter's face in his hand and kissing her beautiful forehead: "xiaonai, Mommy is going to learn, not to play. If you take it with you, Mommy can't concentrate on learning." "

Oh!" The little guy's face was full of sense of loss: "so Mommy will go for a long time? What do I do if I miss you? "

Ji Xiaohan also came to comfort his daughter: "xiaonai, your mommy won't go for a long time. If you miss her, you can call her."

"All right!" The little guy's tone is lengthened. He looks reluctant. Ji

Xiaorui is quietly looking at the comic book in his hand, and he will not act like his sister.

Ji Xiaohan picked up his daughter, looked at her lost look, and couldn't help but promise her: "when Mommy comes back, daddy will take you out to play. After so many days of boredom, it must be boredom."

"Daddy, you haven't taken us out to play for a long time. We'll be locked at home as soon as school is over, just like birds. It's so pitiful." Ji xiaonai is also a villain now. He begins to know that it's grievance.

Tang youyou shakes his head and laughs. When the child grows up, it is impossible to deceive her again. He can only teach with more sincerity and patience.

As the night fell, there was a cool moonlight outside the window. The two little guys had fallen asleep in LAN Yue's gentle story book.

Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan are going to sleep.

In Nuo's big bed, Tang youyou is lazily leaning on the man's strong arm, and playing with the man's long and beautiful fingers with one hand.

"How are you doing at work recently? Has your uncle ever been bad to you again? " Tang youYou can't help but ask him in a low voice. Recently, Ji Xiaohan has come home and said nothing about his work. Tang youYou can't ask him. But at this moment, the night is peaceful and she wants to know him more deeply.

"He joined the president's team. It's safe at the moment, but he's still staring at me. I've been watching him. I dare not relax for a moment." Season owl cold sighed a sigh, for this eventful autumn, he should be tense every day. "

then you should be careful not to let him succeed easily!" Tang youyou's understanding of Ji Lin is only limited to his smiling face. If you don't know his details, you will surely feel that he is a refined gentleman, because his behavior is polite, but his heart is too dark, and he always likes to do bad things.

"Don't worry, he can't hurt me now, but this time you go abroad, you must be very careful, don't trust anyone easily, and the people I send will take care of you." Season owl cold finger twined two times in her finger, warm voice admonishes. "

well, I will!" Tang youyou leaned into his arms, listened to his heartbeat, and fell asleep slowly. The next morning, in order to appreciate Liu Xi's recommendation, Tang youyou wanted to invite her out for lunch. Liu

of course, Xi didn't want to be polite to her. They arranged for the restaurant and drove over.

In the parking lot, while waiting for Ganma to stop, Tang youyou suddenly sees a familiar figure nearby. She looks surprised and bends down. Seeing Ji Shangqing holding a girl's hand, they both had strange expressions.

"Yo, what's the matter?" Liu Xi saw her look nervous, but also deliberately lowered his head, can not help but worry about asking her. "

Ganma, I'm ok. I just met someone I didn't want to see." Tang youyou's eyes still fixed on Ji Shangqing's back and said with his teeth clenched.

"Is that the man? Did he offend you? " Liu Xi frowned.

"Well!" When Ji Shangqing drags the woman past, Tang youyou just sits up straight.

Liu Xi immediately said, "since there are people you hate here, let's change the restaurant. Don't affect your mood."

"No, I don't have to hide from him!" Why did Tang youyou hide just now? It is clear that Ji Shangqing's father and son are the ones who have done bad things.

"Well, I think he was very strong to that girl just now. Maybe he was threatening that girl. This kind of man, with a good leather bag, did such dirty and shameless things." Liu Xi sneered. Don

frowned. If the girl was really bullied by Ji Shangqing, would she like to help? "

mummy, let's get off!" Tang youyou pushes open the door and goes to the restaurant with Liu Xi. This is a single small western building, even a restaurant, so Tang youyou is sure that Ji Shangqing will eat in this building.

She and Liu Xi went to the hall. Sure enough, they saw Ji Shangqing and the girl sitting by the window. Ji Shangqing was looking down at the menu, and the girl opposite him was looking down at his cell phone. They looked like lovers. Tang youyou felt strange.

So, she and Liu Xi quietly avoid their sight and ask for a seat beside them.