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C948 find her all over the world

Bai Zhen felt that he didn't want to face that man in his whole life, but he didn't expect that fate would ridiculously push her to hell. Is there really retribution in the world? For example,

if so, that's it. Bai Zhenzhen holds the number note tightly in her palm. She really hopes that time can flow back to the original origin. She can refuse the temptation of money and choose to live the most ordinary life. After dinner, Bai Zhenzhen suddenly covered his stomach, cried out with pain and rolled on the ground.

The servant and two bodyguards were shocked. They called Ji Yueze immediately. Ji

Yue Ze is looking for Bai Yiyan all over the world. He is very upset. Hearing that Bai Zhenzhen has a tumbling stomach pain, he has to ask the bodyguard: "take her to the hospital and see what happened to her."

With the permission of Ji Yueze, two bodyguards drove the car and helped Bai Zhenzhen to the car.

At the moment, Ji Yueze just came out of Pei's house. His face was gloomy. Looking at the increasingly thick night, he felt uneasy. White

his mother stood behind him, and her face was also worried: "young master Ji, is there anything wrong with Xiaoyan? Where can she go? "

Ji Yueze's face was stiff, and he said in a deep voice, "she won't have an accident. I'll find her again!"

"Please, please. Please get her back. Last time she was almost kidnapped, I was scared to death." Hearing the words "kidnapping", Ji Yueze's strong body was shocked. He looked back at his worried white mother and whispered: "no, the kidnappers were caught last time." "

well, find her and ask her to call me!" Bai's mother also knew that the reason for the last incident was that a female star, Bai Yiyan, was so angry that she spent money to find a social gangster to tie her up. However, the case has been solved and the relevant criminals have been arrested. "

I will!" Ji Yueze got into the car and drove on with a heavy heart. Another call from

indicates that the phone is turned off.

"Bai Yiyan, where have you been?" Ji Yueze bit her teeth fiercely. At last, he called Bai Yiyan's person who works today, which confirmed that she left with her assistant Linsi. After entering the shopping mall, two people didn't come out. The driver waited there for an afternoon, with a face covered in circles.

Ji Yueze asked Linsi's cell phone number, called her, and Linsi answered his phone.

"Boss, what can I do for you?" Lin Si's voice sounds very ordinary. Besides, there seems to be the sound of cooking. Ji asked coldly, "is Bai Yiyan there?"

"She's not here? We went shopping in the afternoon, she bought something and left alone! " Lins was surprised.

"Did she say where to go?" Ji Yueze's eyes narrowed and his voice deepened. "

that's not to say, but all she bought were gifts to give to others. It seems that her mother's birthday is coming soon. We left outside the mall!" Lin Sizhi dares to say this because when she and Bai Yiyan came out, she dodged the monitoring probe. She believes that it's difficult to find out that they left in the same car unless passers-by proves it. "

in which direction did she go? Tell me! " Ji Yueze hears that she and Lin Si are not together, the panic in the bottom of his heart is intended to intensify.

"She's going in the direction of the company. I don't know where she's going. Boss, have you had a fight? What happened to her? Do you want me to call and ask where she is? " Lin Si's tone was warm-hearted and full of concern.

"If she calls you, tell me the first time that I'm looking for her!" Ji Yueze hung up, feeling more upset. He thought over the things with Bai Yiyan today and made sure that he didn't say anything serious to make her angry. For example,

if there is a real quarrel, it may be that last night two people discussed whether to confess her identity to her mother.

Bai Yiyan insists on telling the story as soon as possible, but Ji Yueze doesn't want to face it at this time. One is the mother he just met, the other is his important woman. If two people are unhappy, he will be caught in the middle. It will be really hard.

After the quarrel, they went to bed. Although they lingered for a while in the evening, Bai Yiyan seemed to be still sulking at the incident when she got up in the morning. "

did she deliberately hide from me to protest my decision?" Ji Yueze guessed at the bottom of his heart.

Around a circle, he parked the car downstairs in the community, he quickly got off the car, looked up, and saw that the home was still dark, his heart was heavy again. If there is no light in the house, it means that she has not come back.

"What a stubborn temper!" Ji Yueze can only think of her late return as her sullen.

After returning home, Ji Yueze continues to unplug her phone, which is still off.

More than 10 o'clock, Ji Yueze received a call from a bodyguard.

"Second young master, Bai is really gone!" The voice of the bodyguard was anxious.

"What's the matter? How did she run? A good man, you didn't see it? " Ji Yueze was in a bad mood. He was very angry when he heard that Bai Zhenzhen ran away. "

she lied to us that she wanted to go to the toilet because of her stomachache. Of course, we were at the door. Unexpectedly, she changed clothes with others and left under our eyes!" Bodyguards are also helpless. Although they are professionally trained, they are not making movies after all. There is no sense of tension and excitement in the movies. They just stay outside the women's restroom door and pay no special attention to passers-by. Until a woman in a white real coat comes out, the bodyguard knows that Bai Zhenzhen actually changes one with others in the restroom Coat, but also lied that two bodyguards are bad, to catch her, made up a set of lies, the other side to coax, sympathy with her to change clothes, she ran away. "

this cunning woman!" Ji Yueze can't help cursing. Before that, he always thought Bai Zhen was really repentant. When she went to see her in the afternoon, she apologized to him sincerely. Unexpectedly, she planned to escape at night. Oh, I knew she was not trustworthy.

"Go out and look for her. You must find her!" Ji Yueze angrily ordered. Two

bodyguards failed to perform their duties, but they were also very alarmed. They hung up and hurried to find someone.

Ji Yueze called Ji Xiaohan at the first time and told him about it. Season

Xiao Han looks shocked: "why does Bai Zhenzhen want to escape? Does she really feel that she can escape our support and control and live a peaceful life? "

"Brother, this woman is too cunning. Next time I catch her, I have to ask her to look good!" Ji Yueze is also angry.