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C1548 a dream

LAN Lin is shocked when she hears the cry of blue fibril. She can't believe that blue fibril has met such a terrible thing. However, although her face is full of sympathy and comfort, her heart is full of laughter. Blue fibril has finally been punished badly. Doesn't she always think that she is the goddess of love and flowers? When a man sees her, he can't open his eyes or move his legs. Now let those smelly men trample her self-esteem on the ground and crush it into ashes. After seeing her, he dare not provoke men without reason.

"Sister, do you know who those men are? Why do they want to hurt you like this? It's terrible. It's too much. You have to go to the police, catch them all and shut them up for a lifetime. " Lanlin's angry tone is to fight for her injustice.

"No, I can't call the police, Xiaolin. I'll tell you all of this only when I trust you. But I can't call the police, and I can't let others know that I've experienced this kind of thing. I have to marry Li Changsheng. I can't ruin my reputation." Blue fibril's heart is still powerful. At this time, she is still making plans for her future. In fact, blue fibril itself does not care about innocence. She feels that her beauty is her best weapon. Although she was hurt by those men, she will be able to stand up again and live well as long as she is not allowed to die.

Lanlin really wants to turn a white eye. How conceited is Lanxian? She has done it all by herself. She even wants to marry Li Changsheng. Doesn't it mean she wants to go with a piece of green? Li Changsheng is not worthy of her everywhere, but just what happened today, Li Changsheng won her.

"Sister, yes, you have to get married, and you have to be mercilessly happy to those who have hurt you. Don't cry, let's go home." Lanlin immediately supported her and got into the car.

"I've already guessed who it is," blue microfiber said in hate. "I will not let her go when I go back."

"Sister, guess who? Who is so vicious to retaliate against you in this way? " Lanlin asked her pretending to be frightened.

"Let's not talk about it. Let's go home." When blue fibril saw the bodyguard driving, she closed her mouth, leaned wearily against the position and closed her eyes.

Tears fell from the corner of her eyes, and the resentment in her heart was about to overflow.

Through the dim light, Lanlin stared at the damaged blue fiber, and her eyes were full of disaster and joy.

She knew for a long time that people could not be too proud or too conceited. At LAN's house, she always kept a low profile and tried to make herself irrelevant. She encouraged LAN Xianxian to fight with LAN Yanxi. Now, seeing that the good guys were fighting each other, she could not express her sense of achievement.

LAN Yanxi took a bath and went downstairs. He saw that the man was still busy in the kitchen. His hair was a little messy and short, and he didn't do any special care. Some of his broken hair fell in his full white forehead, adding a trace of youth and publicity to him.

LAN Yanxi watched the move. She didn't know what kind of man she would fall in love with before, but now, with the appearance of Ling Mo Feng, she understood what she loved and found it all in him.

Ling Mo Feng found her early, but deliberately ignored, because he liked the way she looked at himself without blinking.

A good dish was finally served. Blue Yanxi came with a bottle of red wine in his arms.

"I found it in your cupboard. Let's have another drink." LAN Yanxi said happily on his face that Jue's wine can coax the atmosphere and celebrate it. Today, at the banquet, everything was busy and hurried. Neither of them had a good drink.

When Ling Mo Feng saw the wine, he couldn't help but reach out to touch his forehead. His head is still a little faint now. He really doesn't want to touch the wine anymore.

"Yan Xi, sometimes wine is a good thing, but sometimes he can encourage others to do bad things, put it back, and don't drink it tonight." Ling Mo Feng gently comforted her.

When LAN Yanxi heard that she had done something wrong, she immediately understood. She had to turn around with the bottle of wine and put it back in his cupboard.

Looking at her obedient appearance, the man was more emotional. He found that he didn't need alcohol, and wanted to do something bad.

Lanyanxi took a bath. She was wearing a white bathrobe, with a long head spread out on her chest. The exposed skin was as white as jade, almost the same color as the bathrobe on her body. A white shiny Necklace Pendant made her show her noble and charming temperament.

Ling Mo Feng can't help but want to go and hug her.

LAN Yan hopes to see him coming to him, slightly shocked. The next second, she is picked up by the man in situ and quickly turned twice. She is dizzy. When he puts down himself, her two small hands can only hold his lapel tightly to prevent himself from slipping. Her beautiful eyes are like water. She looks at the man's eyes and the flow of feelings, as if to carve everything into his own In the soul, three lives and three lives are not forgotten.

Ling Mo Feng teased her face and kissed her carefully at the corner of her mouth: "come here for dinner."

Ling Mo Feng's gentle and careful appearance made LAN Yanxi itch at the top of her heart. She pulled Ling Mo Feng's lapel and took up her feet. The ruddy lips kissed him forcefully.

Ling Mo Feng dare not go too far, but LAN Yanxi dare, her initiative enthusiasm, scared men.

Lingmo Feng didn't have time to do anything. Because of the woman's strong attack, he stepped back two steps and leaned against a wall behind him.

LAN Yanxi is like a little dog who has lost his sense. His movements are clumsy, but he never looks back.

Ling Mo Feng's brain is lack of oxygen and her nerves are tense. I don't know what she wants to do.

"Yan Xi..." The man breathed slowly and heavily, calling her name softly.

LAN Yanxi is just like being suddenly found rational, intoxicated eyes, gradually awake.

"Well, I I just... " LAN Yanxi hurriedly took care of her long hair and felt that she was crazy. Just now she saw Ling Mo Feng's handsome and charming appearance. She didn't control herself for a moment.

Ling Mo Feng can't bear to laugh. I have to say that she is very hot and has a wild cat temperament, which really makes him excited.

But now she is so ashamed that he dare not provoke her again. In case she doesn't treat him like this again, he will be very disappointed.

Lanyanxi stretched out his hand to hold on to his long hair, and covered his face with it. He was ashamed to see others.

"Eat." The man gave her a pat on the back.

LAN Yanxi nodded, but her beautiful eyes flickered between her long hair, peeping at the man's expression.

Ling Mo Feng took a spoon to serve her soup. He was smiling, but his face was calm.

LAN Yanxi sat down, reached for the spoon he handed him, buried himself in the soup, but he was so embarrassed that he would die. He must have a man's heart in his heart. Otherwise, why did he want to eat him just now?

But she's a woman. She can't have such a rough idea.

Ling took a long time to put up with the smile, but when he took a bath, he finally let it go.

What kind of wife did he marry? Sweet but salty, weak but aggressive. Alas, with such a charming wife, I'm afraid that his future life will not be boring.

After taking a bath, Ling Mo Feng pushed out the door and saw LAN Yanxi holding her doll in a daze.

"Why haven't you slept?" Ling Mo Feng took a look at the time. It was late. He asked her softly.

"Too excited to sleep." Lanyanxi is a sincere child, only telling the truth.

"How excited?" The man said, already lifted the quilt, sat on the bed, reached out to embrace her.

"Today is like a dream. It's not true." LAN Yanxi lowered his head, two small hands holding the baby's small hands gently patting, whispering.

"It's not a dream, it's true." Ling Mo Feng said with a chuckle.

"Of course, I know it's not a dream, but it's better than a dream, which makes me uneasy and unbelievable." LAN Yanxi raised his small face, a pair of beautiful eyes coagulated him.

Ling Mo Feng's thin lips touched at the tip of her nose: "don't think so much, our life is just beginning, and we will experience many things in the future."

"Well!" LAN Yanxi nodded.

Two people lie down, blue Yan Xi to his arms close, the man directly hugged her, thin lips against her head, she just washed the long hair, came from the faint fragrance, let this spring night become beautiful.

"Yan Xi, our relationship is completely exposed. Are you afraid?" The man was silent for a long time, knowing that she was not asleep, so he asked aloud.

"I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid if I have you." LAN Yanxi shook his head gently and answered firmly.

Ling murfeng sighed and stroked her back with the palm of his hand: "as long as I am alive, I will protect you well and not let you be hurt."

"Don't say that. I don't like to hear that. Of course, you must live. Otherwise, who will I go to for the rest of my happy life?" LAN Yanxi was inexplicably sad, and his voice choked.

Ling Mo Feng was afraid to speak again. Knowing that she was nervous, he dared not say these words to frighten her.

The long night, because of the temperature, is not so long.

In the morning, lanyanxi opened her eyes and found that the man around her had left. She immediately lifted her quilt and walked downstairs.

Ling Mo Feng is standing in the living room, outside the door, the sun is shining in. He seems to have just come out of the nearby gym, dressed casually and sweating all over.

LAN Yanxi breathed a little, and opened his eyes in the morning to find out that he had become a habit of her life, which I don't know whether it was good or bad.

"Yan Xi, you have a good rest today. I have an important meeting to hold. I'll try to go home early in the evening. If you feel bored at home, you can go to your grandfather's for lunch. I'll have you escorted." Ling Mo Feng came to her with a soft and low voice.

LAN Yanxi was shocked for a moment and asked curiously, "I'm going to work, too. I'll go to the general office with you."

"I don't want you to go back to work." The man stood in front of her and coaxed her in a low voice: "stay at home and try not to go out."

"Is it really that dangerous?" LAN Yanxi couldn't help asking.

"After the election, I will let you go back to work after cleaning up some people, and your work at that time may be transferred." Ling Mo Feng replied with a confident smile.

"Ling Mo Feng, do you have confidence in this election?" Blue words and beautiful eyes are shining.

"I don't know, I try my best!" Ling Mo Feng's eyes are heavy.