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C1662 real boyfriend

Mother made a new boyfriend again, lanyanxi hung up the phone, looked out of the window, and was it really so difficult for a second marriage woman to find happiness?

My mother is looking for each other, every time with sincere feelings to communicate with each other, later is the last period, in a flash, but there is another person around.

Lanyanxi never thought about these things before, because she likes a simpler life, but now she has more things to deal with, can she simply live the life she wants?

Hold in the palm of the mobile phone rang again, blue Yan Xi looked, put to the ear to answer.

Ling Mo Feng's low magnetic voice said, "Chu lie has come to pick you up. You have to prepare. I'll change the dress for the dinner party. Just in time, I asked someone to make some for you."

"When did you have it made to order?"

LAN Yanxi had some accidents, but at the bottom of her eyes, she could not help but smile. Sometimes she felt that Ling Mo Feng was too pragmatic and not romantic, but sometimes her romance was different from others. Other men would say it in their mouths, but he would only do it in silence, and then tell her when he finished.

It has to be said that Ling Mo Feng's character of doing nothing is still a continuation of his pragmatic side.

"I ordered it for you before, but I didn't let you choose the style. I did."

There are several tensions in the man's speech, for fear that she will be angry.

"Why do you want to help me choose?

Don't I have to choose for myself? "

Sure enough, LAN Yanxi is still a little grumpy.

"Come here and have a look. If you don't like it, we'll find someone to do some more."

The man immediately smiled gently and said that he was really overbearing. He made her a tuxedo without her consultation, but he didn't respect her enough.

"Come on, anyway, I believe in your eyes. I wear it for you only. I wear whatever you like."

LAN Yanxi was just trying to test his reaction on purpose. When she heard his answer like this, she was not dissatisfied.

"Of course I like you don't wear anything."

All of a sudden, the man is not serious, and only in front of LAN Yanxi, Ling Mo Feng will be like a man with a will. In front of other women, his ascetic temperament is particularly obvious.


LAN Yan hoped that his mouth would be light, but his heart was sweet.

After LAN Yanxi hung up the phone, he took the bag and went downstairs to wait for Chu lie to come. Ten minutes later, Chu lie's car had already stopped outside the door. After LAN Yanxi got on the bus, the car went straight to the direction of the general office.

It's half past five now. It's the rush hour of work. LAN Yanxi goes directly to Ling Mo Feng's office from his private channel. Ling Mo Feng's schedule is finished today. At this moment, he is sitting in the office, looking at the documents and hearing the knock on the door. He immediately gets up and opens the door himself.

LAN Yanxi sees this man in such a strict office, and her mood is very different. Here, she seems to have become serious, and even she dare not look at him.

"Come in!"

Ling Mo Feng saw her, his handsome face was tinged with a gentle smile. He extended his long arm, took her by one arm, and brought her into the office. Then he closed the door tightly.

LAN Yanxi shows some restraint, a pair of eyes secretly aiming at the man around him.

Ling Mo Feng's fingers touched her cheek, and her smile deepened?

Suddenly I don't know you? "

Such quiet blue words make Ling Mo Feng feel interesting and immediately tease her.

"How can I? I'm just in a trance. I watch TV at home and see a lot of pictures of you. Suddenly I see you here. It's not true."

LAN Yanxi said how she felt. Her husband is so excellent that he can make people worry about gain and loss. Isn't that a funny thing?

"What's not true?"

Ling Mo Feng's face flashed a flash of consternation. Then, he grabbed her small hand, unbuttoned the black coat, and let her stick it on his heart across the white shirt. "Do you feel it?

My heart is beating very hard. "

LAN Yanxi didn't expect Ling Mo Feng would grab her hand and stick it to his heart. She blushed and wanted to break away immediately. The man held it tightly and didn't let her open his hand.

"Didn't you say you made me a dress?

Where is it?

I want to see it. "

LAN Yanxi is so embarrassed that he quickly changes the topic.

"Don't worry. It's only over six now. We'll be fine later. It's just a private party."

Ling didn't want to waste such a beautiful moment.

"Then what are we going to do without changing?"

LAN Yanxi's head is a little empty, so he asked this sentence foolishly.

"Why not?

Come here and sit down with me. "

Ling took her hand and took her to his office chair. Then he patted his strong thigh and "sit here."

LAN Yanxi was stunned for a moment, and sat down directly. Ling Mo Feng immediately turned on a nearby computer, a personal computer specially owned by him. He operated it with his fingers and played an album. A light and slow song began to ring.

"What is this?"

Lanyan Ximei's eyes were shocked, and she saw that her photo was suddenly rotated and enlarged. It was a picture of her squatting in the garden and drinking water. The photo was obviously taken secretly, because she was the only one.

"The photos I secretly took on my cell phone."

Ling Mo Feng is a little embarrassed.

Blue words and beautiful eyes are startled. They stare at his handsome face. They can't believe it. "Are you still taking pictures of me?"

Ling Mo Feng doesn't think it's strange to pick the eyebrows?

Believe in other people's boyfriends and take pictures of their girlfriends

"Then I don't know. I only made you a boyfriend."

LAN Yanxi couldn't help laughing, and Mei Mou stared at the pictures on the screen without blinking. I have to say that Ling Mo Feng's stealthily shooting technology is really not good. There are several pictures, and she didn't even feel good.

"How did you get such a blurred picture?"

Blue words Xi Du Du mouth, some dissatisfaction with his own so ugly.

Ling Mo Feng didn't feel ugly, and even, he liked the real she he secretly photographed.

"I'm afraid you'll find out. That's why I'm a little fuzzy."

Ling Mo Feng answered her truthfully.

LAN Yanxi saw shyness on his face, and couldn't help but reach out and hug him. The pink lips came close to his face and kissed him.

Ling Mo Feng's whole body was tense, and his eyes were darkened a few times. He turned to look at her, and LAN Yanxi immediately put it on his thin lips.

She clumsily rubbed his thin lips twice and was about to leave.

But the man's heart is lit up a fire, of course, do not want to let her go so easily, big palm pressed her back head, thin lips have been warmly kissed in the past.

Lanyanxi is only moved by his feelings, and will kiss him. But at this moment, she is still a little nervous when he kisses her so forcefully. Her two small hands subconsciously grab the man's skirt and let him ask for it.

In the office, the atmosphere is rising, and lanyanxijue's own reason has reached the edge of collapse. Suddenly, the plane in the office rings, and lanyanximeng wakes up, pushes him away and stands up from his leg.

Ling Mo Feng didn't reflect from it as quickly as she did. He still had some aftertaste. However, the voice of the phone rang a little noisy, so he reached for it.

LAN Yanxi heard that he was talking about state affairs. She opened a door beside her and went in.

I found that there was a closet next to me with five beautiful dresses hanging on it. Blue Yan and her eyes were bright, and she couldn't help but reach out and pull them out.

The texture is absolutely superior, and the color of each dress is very correct. Two of them are beige, and one is white and the other is black. The only difference is that the pattern is complicated. There are many brocade and rust patterns embroidered on it. The pattern is complicated, but it is full of mystery. Lanyanxi did not expect that Ling Lufeng would choose such an alternative dress for her, but he could not Needless to say, men's vision is quite unique. When wearing this kind of dress, the temperament of the whole person will be very different. Of course, this dress also selects body and skin, and ordinary people can't support it.

When LAN Yanxi is in an accident, Ling Mo Feng answers the phone and pushes the door in.

"Do you like it?"

When the man saw that she was looking, he couldn't help asking her.