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"It's best if you think that way. You can't talk in front of your great-grandmother and great-grandfather, you know?"

"Daddy, don't worry, I know my limits. Shouldn't you answer me now? Do you want to fight with my Mummy or not?" Tang Xiao Rui went back to the main topic.

Ji Xiao Han laughed helplessly. "Of course I won't argue with her, I'm a man!"

"Really? Then she and the uncle have held each other, aren't you angry? Aren't you jealous? " Hearing that, Tang Xiao Rui immediately became happy, because he knew that the Mummy was still safe.

"Are you satisfied?" Ji Xiao Han finally understood what his son meant when he said that he would take a step forward to talk about it. It turns out that he was worried about this, heh, this little thing had really troubled his heart for the sake of these two adults.

"I'm not satisfied!" Tang Xiao Rui immediately became serious: "My Mummy is already hugging someone, if you aren't angry, and aren't jealous, then doesn't that mean you don't even love my Mummy?!"

Ji Xiao Han, "..."

Was the little fellow dissatisfied with all of his answers?

"Alright, little Rui, your Mummy has already explained this to me in the afternoon. That's why I'm not angry, do you understand?" Ji Xiao Han wanted to quickly dispel the worry in his son's heart, so he could only speak the truth.

"Oh, no wonder!" Tang Xiao Rui muttered: "Why didn't Mummy tell me just now? "How strange."

Ji Xiao Han walked over, squatted down, and stared at his son: "Because your Mummy doesn't want you to worry. Alright, go downstairs and play with your sister, I still have to chat with your Mummy, don't worry, I won't quarrel with her, we will chat peacefully."

Tang Xiao Rui had no choice but to believe him: "I'll go play with my toys, I don't want to play with stupid Xiao Nai."

"Do whatever you want!" Ji Xiao Han stood up, opened the door of the study, and walked towards Tang You You's room.

Pushing the door open, he saw Tang You You standing on the bedside, holding onto something.

"You … Why don't you knock? " Tang You You hurriedly put his hands behind his back, as if he was afraid that Yun Che would let him see the thing in his hands.

"What are you holding in your hand?" Ji Xiao Han did not see it clearly, but at that moment, he felt that her actions were suspicious, which was why he asked with interest.

"No …." "Nothing much!" Tang You You held the thing even tighter and frowned: "You can leave first. If there's anything else, I'll look for you in a while."

"Show me the thing in your hand. Otherwise, I won't go out." Ji Xiao Han said shamelessly.

Tang You You was truly speechless, and her small face swelled up to become even redder: "What's there to look at, hurry up and go out."

"No!" Ji Xiao Han took a step towards her with his long legs. Borrowing the advantage of his height, he extended his arm and grabbed hold of one of her small hands, forcefully taking her small hands in his. Realizing that there was nothing in her hands, he immediately heard something fall onto the ground.

He bent down...

"Don't move!" Tang You You was extremely embarrassed.

However, Ji Xiao Han unobediently reached out and picked it up. It was a square thing, like a tissue.

"What is this?" Ji Xiao Han was very surprised, because he had never seen this thing before.

"Ji Xiao Han, have you seen enough!" Tang You You snatched it away and stomped his feet in anger: Go out!

Ji Xiao Han looked at her blushing face, as if he had suddenly realized something, and smiled charmingly: "Oh, so it's something that you girls use every month."

"You're asking even if you know about it, hurry up and get out!" Seeing that he was still going to say it, Tang You You became even more embarrassed.

However, Ji Xiao Han laughed leisurely, "What's there to be shy about? This is a normal phenomenon anyway."

Tang You You was originally embarrassed, but hearing him say so she did not feel embarrassed anymore. She quickly went into the bathroom to change and closed the door.

Ji Xiao Han's lips curved upwards as he laughed smugly.

When Tang You You came out again, she glared at Yue Yang and asked, "Is there something you need from me?"

"Yes, did my grandmother say anything to you?" Ji Xiao Han rushed back in such a hurry because he was afraid that she would be scolded by her grandmother. Because, today on the phone, her grandmother's tone sounded to be extremely angry.

Seeing that he mentioned this matter, Tang You You's face immediately became pale: "Do you care?"

"Wandering, what did my grandmother tell you? You tell me, okay? I am truly worried about the relationship between the two of you. I do not wish to get too nervous. After all, the two of you are too important to me. " Ji Xiao Han took a step forward and grabbed her wrist, wanting to hug her tightly.

Unfortunately, Tang You You shook him off and walked to the side: "I'm afraid it's too late, I might make your grandmother extremely unhappy."

"What did you say?" Hearing that, Ji Xiao Han's expression froze.

Tang You You sighed: "Anyway, I've said a lot, your grandmother was also shocked by my words, she immediately left, Ji Xiao Han, maybe I can't hold myself back, but, I really don't like being accused of anything."

Ji Xiao Han frowned, seeing her wronged look, he let out a light breath, "Sou Sou, no matter what my grandmother said, don't take it to heart, okay? "My grandma is indeed a very cautious person. Moreover, the older generation's thinking is quite stubborn. I once tried to convince my grandma to accept some new things. However, there's nothing I can do. I hope you can understand!"

Tang You You looked at Ji Xiao Han's handsome face which had a troubled expression. She knew that this man truly cared about his.

She couldn't help but walk up to him and took the initiative to cuddle into his embrace. She reached out her hands to hug his waist and sighed softly, "I can understand that, but I can't control my temper sometimes. I'm really sorry, I've troubled you."

When Ji Xiao Han saw her take the initiative to nestle into his embrace, the corners of his mouth lifted upwards. Hugging her shoulders, he subconsciously kissed her head: "It's because I know that you're also a straightforward person, that's why I'm worried about you guys. However, there's nothing wrong with being upright, I just like your personality.

"You think too highly of me. I feel ashamed of myself. Sometimes, I hate my straightforward nature and always feel like it will cause trouble." Tang You You mocked herself.

Five years ago, she was repaired by Tang Xue Rou and her daughter because she bluntly pointed out that they might have indirectly caused the death of her adoptive mother.

This was truly the character of a troublemaker.

"It doesn't matter. I'll take care of the aftermath for you. Anyway, I'm not afraid of being troubled by you." Ji Xiao Han realized now that it was a sense of accomplishment to have someone trouble him.

Of course, he only allowed her to trouble him.