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Tang You You stepped on the throttle of the car and the sedan instantly sped away.

Ji Xiao Han frowned, why was this woman leaving in such a hurry, could it be that he was going to meet her old lover again?

"Daddy …" How did you coax Mummy back? " After Tang Xiao Nai played with her brother for a few rounds, she laid down beside Ji Xiao Han's legs and hugged onto one of's long legs.

Ji Xiao Han's emotions, which he had calmed down with great difficulty, started to fluctuate once again after hearing his son's words.

He took a step forward and easily grabbed his son's hand: "Xiao Rui, dad is asking you, do you know which man your Mummy likes?"

"I know, but I won't tell you!" Tang Xiao Rui made a face at him.

Ji Xiao Han immediately squatted down, held his son and stood in front of him. He said with a serious face: "Xiao Rui, tell Daddy that Daddy will reward you with a toy."

"No, I have never betrayed the Mummy. I am just a little man, I want to keep my word." Tang Xiao Rui imitated his serious expression and said.

Ji Xiao Han was speechless. He did not expect his son's mouth to be so tight, so he could only turn around and ask his daughter: "Xiao Nai, do you know?"

"Know what?" Tang Xiao Nai blinked her eyes wide.

"Which uncle does your Mummy like?" Ji Xiao Han tried his best to speak with a gentle tone.

Tang Xiao Nai Yi Ting immediately extended five short hands, and held each of her fingers up, "Uncle Jack, Uncle Wang, Uncle Li …. Oh, Daddy, I can't count a finger. "

Ji Xiao Han, "..."

Tang You You roared angrily in her heart. Tang You You, come back and explain yourself.

Tang Xiao Rui smiled as he looked at her stupid little sister. She had a serious expression on his face as he counted the number of people in the Mummy for his father.

Tang Xiao Nai expressed that her memory was not good enough, her pitch black eyes looked at Tang Xiao Rui: "Brother, can you count clearly?"

"Forget it, stop counting. Daddy doesn't want to know!" Ji Xiao Han's heart felt even more stifled.

He also did not know why he felt so bad when he heard that the woman had so many suitors.

Tang You You drove the car into the city.

At this time, Tang Xue Rou should not be home.

In order to find her as soon as possible, Tang You You called Lu Xuan Chen and asked him about her location at Sky Feather Media Group.

Tang You You had to navigate to find the place, and when she looked up, she saw a huge building.

This was the center of the entertainment circle, a company where all the famous celebrities gathered.

When Lu Xuan Chen heard that Tang You You wanted to come over, he had already been waiting at the entrance of the hall.

He kept looking at the cabs outside the door, looking up and down, but he didn't expect a luxury car worth millions to stop right in front of him.

The one who came out of the car was the Tang You You he had to wait for.

Lu Xuan Chen's expression was extremely shocked and astonished. According to his knowledge, it was simply impossible for Tang You You to drive such an expensive car.

"You long, you bought this car?" After Lu Xuan Chen recovered from his shock, he asked.

Tang You You shook his head: "No, I borrowed a friend's."

Lu Xuan Chen's face showed that he understood, but he was secretly surprised. Tang You You had just returned to his country, how could he know such a rich friend.

"Where's Tang Xue Rou? I have something important to talk to her about. "

"I'll take you up!" Lu Xuan Chen suppressed his curiosity.

In the elevator, Lu Xuan Chen was still probing: "You Jiu, after so many years, have you become a boyfriend yet?"

Tang You You looked slightly surprised, and then replied: "No, I've always been single."

Hearing this reply, Lu Xuan Chen could not help but secretly rejoice, and deliberately said: "I have also always been single."

"Is that so?" Tang You You chuckled, but the lake of his heart could no longer fluctuate.

In the past, she felt that Lu Xuan Chen was the type of boyfriend that she wanted to find in the future, but now, she was dragging her own daughter away.

Even though he knew that he wasn't worthy, he didn't think of it anymore.

Seeing Tang You You walking over, Tang Xue Rou's beautiful face instantly turned ugly.

"Why are you still here?" Tang Xue Rou rushed forward and directly questioned her.

She had sent someone to lose Tang You You, which made her feel depressed and uneasy, so she sent someone to the airport to guard her.

However, more than an hour had passed, and there was no reply. She felt even more fooled.

At the moment, Tang You You was actually still here, how could Tang Xue Rou not be angry? She wished that he could just throw her out of the country and never come back.

On the way here, Tang You You had already gone to the bank to transfer all the money that he had transferred to her.

Tang Xue Rou had been doing her hair style just now and did not hear the short message from her phone. That was why she was so shocked by Tang You You's appearance.

"I'm not leaving! I've already transferred your money to your card. Take a look at it. " Tang You You said indifferently, ignoring Tang Xue Rou's furious face that was warped to the point of warping.

"Tang You You, you liar, you are breaking your promise." Tang Xue Rou roared at her.

Tang You You replied to her expressionlessly, "You're the one who went back on your word. You said that you would give me the jade pendant early in the morning, and even now, you still haven't given it to me."

Tang Xue Rou angrily glared at him. She indeed could not refute what Tang You You had said.

"I've already returned the money to you. The paper we signed has no value at all. In the future, don't come and disturb my life again." After Tang You You finished speaking, he turned around and prepared to leave.

"You're not allowed to leave!" Tang Xue Rou rushed forward, extended her hand, and blocked her way: "You still haven't explained everything yet."

Tang You You smirked and said: "What else do you want me to say? I've said everything I need to say! "

Tang Xue Rou glanced at Lu Xuan Chen, and said to him: "You go out first, I have something to say to her alone."

Lu Xuan Chen looked at the two of them and furrowed his brows. He did not understand what else the two of them had to say.