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I thought she was the one who took the initiative

However, she still straightened her small body and looked straight into the man's eyes without losing anything.

A trace of surprise flashed through Ji Xiao Han's ice-cold eyes.

Then, like an emperor, the man sat down opposite her and folded his long, proud legs.

His lazy posture had a hint of estrangement and indifference, and his thin lips slightly moved. He asked a question that made Tang You You pale in the face.

"When did you sleep with my brother? Where did you sleep? "A few times!"

Tang You You could feel the ridicule in this man's tone. She replied with an icy look on her small face: "What do you mean by that? I don't know your brother at all. "

"Don't know him?" How could there be children? I saw those two little things with my own eyes today. They look very similar to my brother when he was young. " The deep, deceptive quality of the voice sounds as if it can make an ear pregnant.

However, Tang You You was no longer in the mood to enjoy his charming male voice. Upon hearing him mention his own child, Tang You You immediately stood up excitedly, like a little wild cat whose tail had been stepped on. Her little face flushed red, and retorted: "Just because my child looks so much like your brother, and says it's his, isn't that just too funny? "I don't understand."

"I'm not interested in someone as mediocre as you lying naked in front of me." Ji Xiao Han seemed to be infuriated, her tone was filled with thick disdain.

Tang You You never expected Zhe Ge Nan Ren Jing Ran to look down on her so much, and she coldly snorted as well, "You really think too highly of yourself. I can honestly tell you that I have seen many more handsome men than you, you still aren't handsome enough to make me want to take off my clothes."

These words were definitely the most ear-piercing words Ji Xiao Han had ever heard.

I have already sent you the DNA of a child for you to compare, so you will soon know the results. However, I need to remind you beforehand that you should not think of relying on your mother's power. Tyrant would rather talk back.

When Tang You You heard that he had obtained his daughter's DNA, and even sent her to be examined, her heart sank to the bottom.

She was instantly enraged. Her two small hands tightly clenched into fists, as if she wanted to immediately give him a slap.

"Mister, I am the mother of a child. How can you do such a thing without my permission? I want to sue you! I'm accusing you of wounding yourself intentionally. "