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C1550 Ling Mo Feng's toughness

ad to come so suddenly, like a needle into, she embarrassed self introduction: "I am Wang Xinyi, the last time you sent me back to the general office."

"Oh, it's you. Sorry, I didn't recognize your voice just now." Uncle Yu's tone is more moderate.

"It's OK. It's because I was so abrupt. Last time, thank you for sending me back. I want to invite you to have a meal in the evening. I don't know if you have time." Wang Xinyi put forward the invitation boldly and directly, but still found a small excuse.

"You're too polite. It's no need to mention it. It's no need to eat. You're the boss of the eldest lady. I'm honored to serve you." Uncle Yu has a good attitude towards her and is very polite.

Wang Xinyi's face went blank, and two words came out of her brain immediately, straight man!

It turns out that these two words are not legends. There are really men who don't understand the customs in the world.

The eloquent Wang Xinyi, suddenly mute, could not find a more powerful excuse to meet him.

"Would you like to have just one meal?" Wang Xinyi can't find a reason. She is extremely lost.

Uncle Yu was silent there for two seconds, and then replied, "if you want to eat, I'll invite you."

"Ah?" Wang Xinyi thought that he had heard it wrong, and his eyes were wide open: "how could you come to invite me?"

"I'm sorry to ask a woman to invite me to dinner." Uncle Yu's voice also sounds embarrassed.

After Wang Xinyi understood, she immediately chuckled, "well, where shall we eat in the evening?"

"I know a place, but I don't know if you'd like to go and eat hotpot." Uncle Yu is also a real man.

"Yes, I like hot pot. Send me an address and I'll go there." Wang Xinyi is as happy as winning the prize at the moment, and nods his head happily.

"I'll give you the address later. Hang up first. I have something to do here." When Uncle Yu finished, he hung up.

Wang Xinyi holds on to her mobile phone and her face is blooming.

She thought she was going to fail in the plan today. Unexpectedly, Liuan Huaming is another village.

Wang Xinyi is happy to find someone to share. She immediately thinks of LAN Yanxi. But she can feel that she is no longer a girl who is pregnant with spring. She can't tell her mind to the outside. Finally, she digests the joy alone and looks forward to the first date with Uncle Yu.

Yang He's heart is broken. She found an opportunity to meet Ling Mo Feng. From afar, she saw the man sitting at the conference table. He was wearing a rigorous formal dress and was speaking seriously. Yang He's eyes suddenly saw the man's big hand on the table. Even though it was far away, she could see that the man's middle finger was wearing a ring.

Yang He's heart, a fierce pain, she stared at the dead, very sad.

If other men wear a ring, she may guess that the other side only needs to wear a diamond ring to set off, which does not mean that it has any special significance. However, the ring on Ling Mo Feng's hand is of great significance, which means that the woman who made him willing to wear the ring has an irreplaceable position in his mind.

Yang he wants to cry. He wants to cry. He knows Ling Mo Feng admits that Lan Yanxi is his wife. Yang he couldn't continue to work here. She found a colleague to replace her. She turned around and ran out.

"Lan Yanxi!" She pinched her hands tightly and gnawed her teeth with hatred. The name seemed to appear from the beginning, which became her shadow. At first, she envied her wealth, and later that she was Ling Mo Feng's fiancee. Now, she is her enemy.

After the important state conference, Ling was shouted by the people around the old president.

"Mr. vice president, I wonder if there is any time. Mr. President would like to invite you for lunch at noon." The man's face was polite and respectful.

"Mr. President has an appointment. Naturally he wants to go." Ling Mo Feng replied as usual.

Chu lie's face was cold, and he stared at each other like a torch: "I don't know if the president has invited other important people?"

"No, he wants to have dinner alone with the vice president and have a private chat." The other side replied.

Ling Mo Feng's face changed slightly, and he said lightly: "private affairs? I don't have a personal relationship with him, it's all business. "

"Don't worry, Mr. vice president. Mr. President is sincere this time." The other side saw their query and was a little anxious.

"Mr. President's sincerity, we have learned it many times, and we don't know what this sincerity is." Chu lie in the side of the cold and warm.

The other side suddenly didn't know what to say. Now the situation is grim. Ling Mo Feng is very vigilant. He wants to invite him to meet alone. I'm afraid it's really difficult.

"Mr. vice president is busy with state affairs, so I won't disturb him. Mr. President will call you personally." The other side said, turned around and left, no more entanglement.

Chu lie snorted coldly: "I don't know what kind of means he wants to play, sir, to guard against him."

Ling Mo Feng's face sank, and he said lightly, "I'm curious about what he wants to talk to me about."

"No matter what, it won't be a good thing." Chu lie has lost faith in the old president. He can't find a chance to respect him.

Ling Mo Feng also followed with a sneer: "no matter good or bad, he took the initiative to find me, always to face."

Ling Mo Feng returned to the office, and the office plane rang at the right time. Ling Mo Feng took a look, and it was the internal phone call from the president's office.

Ling Mo Feng picked up the plane and put it on his ear side. He said solemnly, "Mr. President, are you looking for me?"

"Mo Feng, you seem to be very defensive to me." The voice of the old president was so intimate. Ling Mo Feng replied solemnly: "Mr. President is very serious. Do you have anything to do with me?"

"Yes, it's very important, Ling Mo Feng. I think I have to congratulate you in advance. You will be the next president." The old president had to admit this fact in spite of his unwillingness. "Mr. President joked that the election is a serious matter and cannot be joked about." Ling said every word carefully. After all, there are too many pits for the old president. If he is not careful, he will jump in and be doomed.

"I'm not joking. I'm telling you the truth. In more than a year, we've been fighting for a high and low position. But I'm not losing to you. I'm just losing to fate. I'm old, but you're like the rising sun. You're shining. You've got a lot of evidence. I know you're going to expose me before the election I've been waiting for that day. " The old president spoke these startling words in a quiet voice.

Ling Mo Feng's eyebrows are twisted. The first feeling is that the old man is crazy.

"Ling Mo Feng, I'd like to talk to you about a condition. I'm willing to plead guilty. Can you give the vice president's position to my nephew Wei Cheng?" The general manager asked him without any hesitation.

Lingmo Feng was surprised and surprised. After a few seconds of silence, he gave a light laugh: "the state affairs are rigorous, not a deal, not a deal between you and me. Mr. President, this joke is a little too much."

The old president didn't expect Ling to say no at all. He didn't give him any room for negotiation. He was a little annoyed.

"It really shouldn't be a trade. Don't forget that if you want to be really kind, you should think for the people if you want to fight between the two factions and hurt the country and the people." The old president seemed confident enough to persuade him.

"I didn't pick up the fight." Ling Mo Feng was also angry, and his voice was cold for several times.

"It's not you, but there will be others. Who can't allow two tigers in one mountain and two kings in one country?" The boss said leisurely.

"You pushed your nephew up to fight me. Your Mu family is really a fighting family." Ling Mo Feng sneered.

"Wei Cheng is a good boy with ideal and negative results. His talent should have a bigger platform." The old president said hopefully.

"To tell you the truth, your nephew has had friendship before. He really doesn't look like your admirer. However, it doesn't make any sense for you to tell me these things today. Please ask Mr. President to take the country as the first and the people as the most important. If you feel guilty, you should admit your guilt and don't want your career to be shamed. Have you ever thought that even if admirer has the chance to sit high On the throne, will your existence become a stain that he can't erase all his life? " Lingmo Feng's sharp words are like knives, words and sentences cut in the most painful place of the old president.

The old president's face suddenly froze. Obviously, he never faced up to the mistakes he had made, nor thought about the impact his existence would have on his future generations.