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Ji Tingyan sees tie Ting come in, some blush, the picture of embracing each other last night, let her dare not look at him.

"Out for breakfast."

Tie Ting came over with a light step and said in a low voice.


Ji Tingyan takes a comb and combs her long hair. The whole person looks more beautiful.

Outside the sun is very good, under the shadow of trees, everything is quiet.

Ji Tingyan's heart, however, is not calm. What feting and her brother are going to do is a very dangerous thing. She is really worried about them.

At the breakfast table, Cheng Yue and Wang Cheng have already sat there to eat, and their expressions are very uncomfortable. Wang Cheng can't guess Cheng Yue's mind. He is obviously lost and helpless.

Cheng Yue is a responsible woman. She really doesn't want to harm Wang Cheng's grass, so she can only refuse him responsibly.

"Nai, you're up."

Cheng Yue quickly stands up and says hello with a smile.

Ji Tingyan sits down beside her, and feting brings her a bowl of porridge and some breakfast.

"And your brother?"

Ji Tingyan asked him in a low voice.

"He's upstairs. He's eaten."

Tie Ting glanced at the second floor.

After breakfast, feting is ready to drive Ji Tingyan away. Wang Cheng looks at Cheng Yue with a reluctant face. Cheng Yue avoids his eyes.

Tie Xun came down from the second floor, smiled and said to Ji Tingyan, "sister in law, I'm really forced to meet you in a hurry. When I'm done with my elder brother, I'll let him take you around."

"You have to be careful. I'm sorry that I came here uninvited and bothered you." (

Ji Tingyan is so happy when she hears that Jiexun calls her sister-in-law. It's like affirming her relationship with Jieting.

"We'll be careful. You'll be careful on the way."

Tie Xun nodded.

Ji Tingyan is going to take a bus. At this time, there is a lot of gunfire in the distance, which makes everyone nervous.

"Come on, get inside."

Tie Ting reflects quickly. She drags Ji Tingyan's hand and runs into the room. Cheng Yue also grabs Wang Cheng's hand. Tie Xun is in a hurry and rushes up to the second floor. X computer end:/

He took the walkie talkie and watched the surveillance video. His voice tightened: "there is a car coming towards us. There are three people in the back chasing them. There are two people in the car. One of the women is injured."

Tie Ting drags Ji Tingyan into the room, guards her behind her, picks up the walkie talkie and asks her brother, "can you tell who they are?"

"I can't see it, but the three cars in the back, shooting at that car madly, must be killing people."

Tie Xun frowned and said with regret, "what's the matter? We're going to open our base here."

Tie Ting Jun's face sank, and he thought calmly for two seconds: "we can't sit and wait for death, and then see who the other party is. Check it quickly."

There are several men operating the computer system quickly beside Fuxun. Finally, it is analyzed from the license plate that three sides and three cars are the common cars of smugglers. Moreover, the other side is close to their enemies, like partners.

"Save the woman in the car before you decide."

They can't bear to think about it any more. The other side's car has passed through the woods and is coming towards them. It's less than a thousand meters away.

"Well, everyone's ready to help."

Under the command of Fuxun, the gunmen in the woods and the figures in the room were all trained to get on the car and rescue people.

As the gunfire drew closer and closer, Ji Tingyan was frightened for a long time. She put her hand over her ears and trembled. She turned around and saw her pretty face was pale. She pressed her into her arms and comforted her in a low voice: "don't be afraid, it will be OK."

Ji Tingyan can only cling to his arms tightly to make herself less afraid, but her instinct is uncontrollable, and she still keeps shaking.

In the other room, the roles of Cheng Yue and Wang Cheng are also opposite. Cheng Yue has taken out his gun and stared at the outside of the door cautiously. Wang Cheng is scared to hide behind her and breathes fast. Although he has been with tieting for many years, the dense gunfire just now still scares him.

"What are you afraid of? You are a man."

Cheng Yueyi turns around and finds that Wang Cheng is pulling her corner. She can't help laughing angrily.

"Sister, I'm afraid of death, too."

Wang Cheng said with a aggrieved face.

"I know you're afraid of death. Don't worry. I'm here. I won't let anything happen to you."

Cheng Yue said with great pride.

"Sister, you'd better not protect me. Miss Ji is your employer. You have to protect her."

Wang Cheng quickly reminds her.

"Hiss, look at my memory."

Cheng Yue claps her head hard, grabs Wang Cheng and rushes out of the room directly.

Yes, her responsibility is to protect Ji Tingyan's safety.

With one hand holding the walkie talkie and one hand holding the woman in his arms, he heard the voice of Jiexun: "the other side saw that we had many people and turned to leave. Shall we save them or drive them away?"

"First bring them here for questioning."

Tie Ting said in a cold voice.

The gunshot stopped, and the silence was restored around him. Jieting asked Ji Tingyan to stay in the room. Cheng Yue also kept her. Wang Cheng bravely followed Jieting out.

At that time, the car was driven to the gate by his people.

"Don't shoot. We are Interpol. This is my senior sister. She is undercover here. Her identity has been found. So she was shot. Who are you? Please try to help her."

A young man put his hands on his head and asked for help from his brother.

"Take a look at your papers."

He asked immediately.

The other party quickly took out the certificate, and tie Ting took it away with a sharp glance.

"What to do?

Can't help? "

Tie Xun asks brother.

Tie Ting bit his teeth. I didn't expect this kind of thing to happen in this joint.

"Ah..." The woman in the car made a painful sound. There was a lot of blood on her left shoulder. The whole person seemed to be dying at any time.


Tie Ting gave a direct order.

Immediately someone came to help carry the woman into a room with a very complete set of medical tools and sufficient medicines. This time, a professional doctor was hired. Everything was ready, but at this time, when the international criminal police was in distress, it was like a disaster. I didn't want to cross, but I had to go on.

"Thank you, thank you so much. As long as my elder martial sister can live, I will remember this kindness."

The man was grateful and thanked all the time.

"Xiaoxun, you go and stare."

Tie Ting let his brother go to have a look.

Without saying anything, he went directly into the operating room. Two doctors were trying their best to rescue the short haired woman with excessive blood loss.