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C1496 asking for her sympathy

Chu lie's eyes changed when he saw the blue fiber. When he got to a place where there were few people, he couldn't help but say, "why did the second miss of the blue family come here to beat the crowd?"

"Leave her alone!" Ling Mo Feng has been very angry with her, in fact, she just fell so coincidentally, in Ling Mo Feng's eyes, it seems to be deliberate, this woman has so many tricks, he has to guard against her.

Blue fiber is still very happy, she took care of the clothes, found that the body is more dirty, she frowned, a look of disgust.

But with Ling Mo Feng's concern, she felt that even if she was a little tired, it was nothing.

Make sure to let him see his efforts and add points to his impression.

It's dark again. Lanyanxi has been busy for most of the day. She hasn't even had time to drink water. A new group of volunteers have come. Seeing that Chengyuan has help, she hurriedly goes to lanyanxi and says, "Yanxi, there's a place to rest. Go and sit for a while, eat something, and don't be tired!"

LAN Yanxi also felt hungry and lost her strength. She didn't have any stubbornness. She nodded: "OK, I'll sit down and eat something!"

"Yan Xi, would you like to Go to see your husband. It's safer to rest with him! " Cheng Yuan suddenly attached to her ear and suggested to her in a low voice.

LAN Yanxi blushed a little, then she shook her head: "no, there are so many people here. We have to be careful. I can sit anywhere!"

Cheng Yuan knew that they were walking on thin ice. She didn't listen to her advice. She couldn't help it, so she nodded: "OK, then go quickly. There is something to eat there. Go and see what you want to eat."

Lanyanxi got up and walked toward the place where the fire was made. Suddenly, she saw the blue fiber. She was squatting beside and washing dishes with a group of aunts. Her fingers were red with cold, but she didn't seem so delicate.

LAN Yanxi was stunned. To be honest, she didn't hate seeing blue fiber at this moment when she was so big.

LAN Xianxian washed the bowl and took it to serve pasta. Looking up, she saw LAN Yanxi standing behind her. She was in a hurry. Obviously, she did these things by herself, for fear that Lan Yanxi would laugh at her even more.

"What are you doing here? Aren't you going to help them with the injuries? " Blue fiber said to her on purpose.

"Give me a bowl. I want to eat something. I'm hungry!" LAN Yanxi reached for her.

Blue fiber didn't embarrass her. She handed over a bowl and gave her a pair of chopsticks.

"Blue fiber, I didn't expect that you can do this kind of work, but I despise you!" LAN Yanxi smiles.

Blue fiber was stunned when she heard this. Then she snorted: "since I'm here, I'm a member of the general office. I'm supposed to work for the people."

LAN Yanxi didn't deny it, just pulled the corner of his mouth, turned around and took the bowl to pick up the porridge.

LAN Xianxian is a bit stunned. She thinks LAN Yanxi will laugh at her. She doesn't.

Blue slender stiff neck, immediately relaxed down, do not know why, in the face of blue Yan Xi, she always wanted to make a fight posture.

LAN Yanxi took a bowl of white porridge and sat down in a place beside it.

LAN Xianxian didn't eat either. She took a bowl of noodles and sat directly beside LAN Yanxi.

"You see, how happy we are compared with them!" LAN Yan hopes to see her sitting here, and can't help sighing.

Blue Xian was stunned. He bowed his head and ate a large mouthful of noodles. It turned out that when he was hungry, everything was delicious.

"Of course, I'm the second miss of the blue family. We've been different from her since childhood. Their sufferings, we can't eat them, and our wealth has nothing to do with them." Blue fiber did not agree with the answer, still with a trace of pride.

LAN Yanxi listened. She was a little harsh, so she didn't talk anymore. She bowed her head and drank porridge.

LAN Xianxian fills some belly, has the strength to speak, stares at LAN Yanxi's face and asks: "you are my elder sister, since you sympathize with these people, why do you feel different for me? We all share the same blood, why don't you give me the man I want? In fact, you are not so generous and tolerant, so you should take less of your false compassion. "

LAN Yanxi listened, his face was stiff, and his eyes were fixed on the blue fiber: "this is different!"

"In my opinion, it's the same thing. You are kind to foreigners, but mean and snobbish to your sister. You are hypocritical." The more blue fiber said, the angrier he was. His face was a little red.

Lanyanxi doesn't like to discuss this topic, because she doesn't give in to Ling Mo Feng.

She hurriedly drank the porridge, took the bowl to wash, and ignored the angry and unwilling eyes of blue cilia.

LAN Xianxian really wants to take a bowl to hit her back. She's mad. She can't understand why LAN Yanxi refuses to pity her once. She loves Ling Mo Feng so much. What can she do if she gives it to her?

LAN Yanxi squatted on the ground and washed the dishes. Then he saw Chu lie coming out and said to her, "Sir, I have something to do with you!"

Blue fibril saw Chu lie, and she came immediately, and heard Chu lie talking to LAN Yanxi.

Lanyanxi immediately pretended to be unhappy: "what can he do for me? No! "

"It's very important for you, sir. Let's go. Something's going on here, sir. I can't explain it to your grandfather!" Chu lie's words are intended to be heard by the blue fiber nearby.

After hearing this, LAN Xianxian was so angry that she vomited blood. She was also the daughter of the blue family. Why didn't the vice president talk to her?

"Well, at the end of the day, he's just afraid to explain to my grandfather. He doesn't really care about me. I don't want to see him!" Blue Yan Xi a sneer.

"Miss LAN, if you want to understand Mr. Lan's difficulties, please don't embarrass him!" Chulie said without expression.

LAN Yanxi had to stand up and tear off his sleeves. He said lightly, "OK, I don't want to embarrass him, but I want to see how he scolds me!"

"I'll go with you!" Blue fiber immediately said.

Chu lie said to her coldly, "Miss LAN, this is a matter for her and Mr. Li. Please avoid it!"

"I'm her sister, and vice president is my brother-in-law. Why should I avoid it?" At this time, I remember that lanyanxi is her sister.

LAN Yan said to LAN Xianxian, "do you want to go to see my joke?"

"I......" Blue fiber language, for a while can not answer.

"Blue fiber, you'd better not come here, otherwise, I'm afraid that I can't control my hands and will hit you in the face!" LAN Yanxi kindly reminded her.

Blue fiber gas to the top of the head will smoke, good you blue Yan Xi, selfish, deliberately not to give her a chance to see Ling Mo Feng.

LAN Yanxi said, and walked away quickly. LAN Xianxian had no face to follow him.

"I wish Ling Mo Feng could throw you out. I'd better throw you up the mountain!" The curse of blue fiber.

LAN Yanxi walked quickly to the door of Ling Mo Feng's resting room. Although it was a temporary rescue station, it used to be a small material village with many civil houses, among which Ling Mo Feng lived.

LAN Yanxi walked over and pushed open the door, and saw Ling Mo Feng standing in front of a screen. This is the situation of the front-line disaster relief just came back. His eyebrows are deep locked and his face is heavy. It can be seen that the news from the front is not optimistic.

As soon as LAN Yanxi came in, someone closed the door behind him.

Ling Mo Feng looked back at her, silent.

LAN Yanxi's eyes moved from his eyes to the screen, and his mood sank instantly.

"Ling Mo Feng, haven't you slept since last night? You Do you want to lie down and rest for a while? It's not good for your health to stay like this! " Lanyanxi went to him and cared for him.

"I'm fine. Did you eat? I hear you've been busy till dark and haven't had much rest! " Ling Mo Feng couldn't help reaching over and holding her cold hand tightly, like snow, lost the temperature.

LAN Yan and Xili nodded: "I just had something to eat and had some porridge!"

"You've been so busy, how can you just have porridge? There are compressed biscuits. You can have two! " Ling Mo Feng frowned immediately, his face full of concern.

"Well, I'm not really full. I wanted to eat some more. Blue fiber is around me. I'm really impressed by my taste!" LAN Yanxi is not polite to him. He goes over and takes the biscuit and eats it.

Ling Mo Feng heard the name of blue fiber. Handsome face was not happy. However, he poured a glass of warm water to the woman gently. Seeing her devouring, he couldn't help shaking his head and chuckling: "eat slowly, don't choke!"

LAN Yanxi reached for the water cup he handed over, looked at it, and asked stupidly, "did you drink it?"

Ling Mo Feng's face was slightly embarrassed, and nodded: "yes, how can I be disgusted?"

"Of course not!" LAN Yanxi looked up and took two big sips, squinting his eyes and laughing, "I'm going to drink your cup. I heard that it's a kiss!"

Ling Mo Feng began to laugh without words. At this time, she was in the mood to laugh.

"By the way, chulie said you have something to do with me. What's up?" Blue Yan Xi asked him with a wink of beautiful eyes.

"It's OK. I just want you to come and have a rest!" Ling Mo Feng pointed to a reclining chair beside him: "go to sleep!"

"I sleep with you? Is that good? " LAN Yanxi was flattered, but worried about something.

"It's nothing bad. Go to sleep. I'm going to have a meeting with someone right now. It may take two hours. If you have a rest, you can leave by yourself!" Ling Mo Feng said softly.

"Are you going to have a meeting again? You didn't sleep either! " LAN Yanxi was so distressed that he wanted to knock him out and let him close his eyes for a rest.

But this idea is too unrealistic.

"I just slept for a while. Don't worry about me!" Ling Mo Feng replied in a low voice.

LAN Yanxi looks at him suspiciously. Anyone can tell a good and righteous lie, but it's heartbreaking.

"Well, I'll lie down with you for a while!" LAN Yanxi nodded and refused no more.

Ling Mo Feng took a quilt beside her and gently covered it on her body: "Yan Xi, when you come, I'm actually more at ease. Go to sleep!"

LAN Yanxi listens to his words, immediately happily raises the corner of his mouth: "OK, I see!"