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A thrill did not disturb the four people's interest in shopping. Tang's brave act of righteousness made Ji Tingyan adore her inexplicably. Maybe in everyone's heart, she dreamed that she had the ability to help others, but in reality, few people could.

The driving force for Tang idealism to be reckless stems from her own profession. She is fearless and does not bow to the evil forces. This is the persistence and faith of the brave.

Tie Xun was very nervous, holding Tang Weixin's hand until the palms of both of them were sweating.

Tie Ting is also nervous. In the just breathtaking scene, he didn't accompany her. In case something happened to her, how could he forgive himself and explain to Ji's family?

The gift matter, put it aside first, nobody mentioned, went to the dining room to have a meal directly.

Sitting down, Tang Weixin's eyes fluttered. She found that Fuxun was staring at herself with deep and eager eyes. Her heart was trembling. This man passed on his love through his eyes. She was a little overwhelmed, too fanatical.

"Xiaoxun, after dinner, I'll take Tingyan home. Take idealism around. She's the first time." Tie Ting decides to give them more time to be alone. After all, they are just in love. Unlike him and Ji Tingyan, it's already natural and their feelings are warming up.

"Well, I can just take her to my company." Tie Xun nodded with a smile.

Ji Tingyan and Tang Weixin are quietly enjoying the delicious food, which are arranged by the two men themselves.

After lunch, tie Ting took Ji Tingyan home. Tie Xun and Tang Weixin drove another car to a famous design company where tie Xun currently works. Not long ago, their company took over a large project project, and tie Xun and two other designers were in charge of it. Tang Weixin followed him all the way into his spacious and bright office. Through the floor to floor windows, he could see the sea with unique vision and scenery.

"Take a seat and I'll get back to work." Tie Xun looked at the woman looking around, he smiled, sat in his office chair, turned on the computer.

Tang Weixin sat on the sofa next to him and looked at the man's serious work. Her heart beat faster and she stared at him without blinking. The man's way of focusing on one thing was really handsome.

The action of tie Xun quickly transmits the modified design drawing. When he raises his eyes, he sees the eye light that Tang Weixin is looking at. His heart is palpitating, he immediately gets up, pours a glass of water from the side, and sends it to her: "idealism, promise me that next time you encounter danger, you must try your best under the premise of ensuring your own safety."

Tang Weixin is stupefied for a moment. Is he caring for her or blaming her?

"I just instinctively didn't have time to think that much." Tang Weixin, drinking water, explained.

"I know, but if you get hurt, what should I do?" Tie Xun sat down with a grievance on his face, a pair of deep eyes, and locked the woman without blinking, which scared him a lot just now.

"You've seen me take the bullet with your own eyes, and you can't stand such a small scare?" Tang Wei's heart blinked, the bottom of her eyes was full of laughter. Looking back on that event, she was always happy, even though she was in a mess.

"It's not the same now. I didn't like you before. I like you now. I didn't meet you before, but now I plan to marry you." Tie Xun's sad retort.

Tang Weixin listened to his words and was very moved. Looking at the worry and tension in his eyes, she didn't know how to respond to him, so she could only reach out and hug him.

But tie Xun, like a child with a temper, gently pushed her away and refused to let her hold her.

"You must promise me to do things later and take me into consideration." There are grievances hidden in the voice of tie Xun.

Tang Weixin continues to hold him, whether he likes it or not. This time, the man doesn't have the strength to break away. He can only hold her in his arms with his back hand. The thin lips are crazy to look for her lips.

Tang Weixin was shocked. The man's feelings were sincere, warm and childish, but she just liked him.

Men's lips, entangled over, Tang idealism can not avoid, can only let him do what he wants.

Tie Xun held back his fierce passion, kissed her lips inch by inch, until the woman in his arms completely depended on him, and he was satisfied to release her.

Tang Weixin gazes at the man who is close to him. He has a fascinating temperament. His mother has cultivated two sons very well. She is lucky to be able to separate them.

Just when tie Xun was going to be greedy, the door of the office was pushed open. Chen Xin, standing at the door, looked unbelievably wide eyed.

Chen Xin is very lost after she went to the binding house at noon. In the afternoon, she plans to come to the company to tidy up the office for him. He is coming back. Unexpectedly, just when she arrived at the front desk, she heard that he came. Chen Xin came here happily, but saw such an ambiguous scene.

Tang Wei's heart raised her eyes and looked at the woman at the door. She straightened her clothes slowly and stood up from her arms.

Tie Xun frowned and went to the door: "Chen Xin, why don't you knock?"Chen Xin's heart is like being pierced by a thousand arrows. She can't breathe because of the pain. Her tears don't fall suddenly until she is scolded by Jiexun. She complains about Jiexun's excessive love and turns to wipe her tears and walks away.

Tie Xun is a little depressed. How can Chen Xin become sad? Wasn't she always cheerful before?

Tang Weixin can see at a glance that Chen Xin's intention is not clear, but she didn't pay attention to it. She is very excellent. There must be a lot of women who like him. Just like it, don't do too much.

As soon as he turned around, he saw Tang idealism looking strange. He came quickly to explain: "I'm just a colleague with her. He's my subordinate. He often helps me with some work."

"Just subordinates? But I think she's very sad. " Tang Weixin asked him deliberately.

"I only meet her in the company. In private, I hardly contact her except for the company dinner." Tie Xun is afraid that Tang idealism will be jealous. You should know that once a woman is jealous, it will take a lot of effort to coax her. What's more, he is always in a weak position in this relationship. He hasn't thought about how to coax her.

"Don't be nervous, I didn't say I didn't believe you, just that you can score the relationship between friends and lovers." Tang Weixin saw that he was nervous. He clapped him on the chest with a smile and said leniently.

Tie Xun was relieved. Fortunately, this is a reasonable woman.

Chen Xin returns to her office and falls down a bonsai in anger. She stares at the door of the office angrily: "it's really annoying to bring the company to let it go. Are you blind? I have been in love with you for such a long time that you don't feel at all. I'm not willing to let me be better, and I won't let her be better. "

Chen Xin has decided that even if she can't get a tie, she must let that woman block her heart and see who is angry at last.