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C1202 decision to fight back

Ji Lin looks at his son with a cold face, and then he sneers: "aren't you living with blue Weiwei now? How can I care so much about Tang youyou's life and death? Are you not afraid that she will know and be jealous? " Listen to the name of blue Weizi, Ji Shangqing looks stiff for a moment. "

I may have more unexpected actions recently. Don't mind me. I am your father. You are still like your mother. You are born cowardly. Even if you have half the courage to inherit me, you won't get mixed up with today's achievements!" Ji Lin has also been under great pressure recently. The old president has been asking him to show his loyalty by showing his achievements. This time, he sent someone to kill Tang youyou. It's also a gift that Ji Lin wanted to bring to the old president. Unfortunately, the gift will be lost and Tang youyou will return home safely. Ji Qingqing didn't expect that he would be so disliked by his father. He couldn't say what it was like. He hit the desk with a fist: "since you never look at me, I won't advise you or help you any more in the future!"

"Why do I need your help? If you are to be expected, I'd better wait for the aged. Unfortunately, I'm not willing to grow old like this. Go! " Ji Lin is also very sad. He doesn't expect his son's support and help. However, such a blow still makes him feel heartless.

Ji Shangqing turns around and walks away. He feels that his father can't turn back his head. Or, he enjoys this kind of calculation and trickery. In fact, the road of the father is not on the same line for a long time. Ji

Shangqing didn't go back to the company, but went home. LAN Weiwei was making dumplings at home. She had just reconnected the flour and was kneading it. When she heard the sound of opening the door, she walked over happily. When the door was opened, Ji Shangqing came in with an iron face. "

are you back?" Blue slightly held up two flour covered hands, and saw that his face was not right, and his smile was a little dazed.

"Why didn't you go to school?" Ji Shangqing did not expect that she was still at home at noon and frowned. "

I don't have a class today, so I don't plan to pass. What's the matter with you?" Blue asked him with concern.

"Nothing. What are you doing?" Ji Shangqing doesn't want to tell her what's going on. He can't say. Seeing that she has flour on her hand and flour on her forehead, he asked lightly. "

Oh, I'm making dumplings for you. Don't you like them?" Blue slightly said, face red, his busy from morning to now, is to make these fresh food for him. "

for me?" Ji Shangqing is slightly shocked. "

Yes, you bought some quick-frozen dumplings to eat. I don't think they are fresh. I'll make some for you when I have time. Ice is in the refrigerator. You can cook them anytime you want!" Blue whispered.

"Blue tiny, you still don't treat me so well, I don't know which day, can't let you live a peaceful life." Ji Shangqing can't help but laugh at himself. Looking at the virtuous little woman in front of him, she has been taking care of her at home during this period of time. He doesn't feel lonely every time he comes back. However, his heart is still lonely and cold, and he won't let anyone near him.

"What's the matter with you today? Why do you say that? " Blue is a little surprised, a little uneasy. Season

Shang Qing reaches out, takes a tissue, wipes the flour on her forehead, sighs: "I don't know, but suddenly I don't feel safe!" "

How can you feel insecure? You are so rich, money is a sense of security! " Blue slightly self mockingly said.

"Lan Wei, I'll give you a lot of money. Let's call it a day." Ji Shangqing suddenly said. "

give me money?" The blue tiny brain is empty, suddenly flustered.

"Yes, I'll give you enough money for the rest of your life. One billion yuan, is that enough?" Ji Shangqing said earnestly.

"One One billion? " Blue tiny was stunned by his words, obviously didn't expect Ji Shangqing to say it with such a serious look. Isn't he really joking?

"Think about it!" Ji Shangqing finished, and went straight into his room.

Blue faintly stood in the living room, blank in her mind. She wanted to make dumplings just now, but now she found that she couldn't bring up any interest. Is jixiaohan going to drive her away? Season

Xiao Han personally took people to the airport to wait for Tang youyou's return.

Inside the car, Ji Xiaohan doesn't know how many times he has looked at his wristwatch. It feels like every minute and second is getting longer. A low flying plane glided over his car. Ji Xiaohan looked at the time. He opened the door and stepped down. As soon as Xiu

appears at the pick-up port, he immediately attracts everyone's attention.

In a black suit, a man's mature body is wrapped around him. He has a handsome face, but he is young and dignified. He looks anxious and looks at the crowd. Next to her, some women's eyes are glued to Ji Xiaohan. I can't believe that the man in charge of Ji's family is such a young and beautiful man. I can't say how much I envy his wife Tang youyou. "

young master, don't worry, young grandma should come out!" Lu Qing next to him saw Ji Xiaohan's anxious mood and hurriedly comforted him in a low voice.

At this time, in the crowded crowd, a clear and elegant figure came out quickly. It was Tang Youyou, who was also accompanied by her security guards.

She was lowering her head, hurried forward, suddenly heard a familiar voice, calling her name, she was surprised to look up.

In the crowd, the graceful and extraordinary figure made her startled eyes bloom with joy. "

season owl cold?" Tang youyou mumbles his name, forgets to walk by for a while, and looks at him in a daze.

Others are also looking at this pair of love and sweet lovers, jealousy and envy are difficult to express the mood at the moment.

Pretty men and pretty women, it's so eye-catching.

"Come here!" Ji Xiaohan reaches out to her. Don

you really seem to run over and put yourself into his arms, never let go again.

However, she has a thin skin, so many people look at her, she is really embarrassed to do such a thing.

She sipped her lips and smiled. Before she reached out, the man's big palm had reached out to hold her cool palm.

"I'm not scared!" The man in his ear is worried about her.

"I'm fine. Don't worry!" The man whispered in her ear, with a heat that made her blush. Two

individuals walked out of the airport hall quickly, and sat in the car. When the door was closed, all the troubles outside were closed. In the car, only two people who met again, hugged each other tightly with joy.

"You know what? I'm scared! " Ji Xiaohan can't wait to find her sweet lips. At this moment, only by kissing her lips and feeling her temperature can he realize that this is real, not a dream. Don

lean on his arms tenderly, and let him do whatever he wants, but his breath is in a hurry. The plane was stopped by Lu Qing and didn't get on the bus immediately, so the space in the car was very quiet and no one bothered them. Don

you can't breathe when you are kissed. The whole person is boiling hot. Fortunately,

well, men can stop at the right time, restrain their emotions, and whisper: "what's the harvest of this trip?"

"It's good. I've learned a lot. If I don't have the last adventure, I'll have a wonderful study trip!" Joe's heart was still breathing, and his cheeks were red with shame.

"It's Ji Lin who did it. This old bastard, he dare to attack you!" The season owl's cold and hateful teeth are biting and cursing.

"Is it really him? I guess it could be him too. He's too bad! " Tang youyou is also angry. "

if he wants me to lose the most important person, I have to let him compensate for this taste!" Ji Xiaohan can't bear it at the moment. He wants Ji Lin to compensate for losing his close relatives. "

do you want to start with Ji Shangqing?" Tang youyou is slightly shocked. Ji Lin's important person is his son.

"I have to let Ji Yanqing disappear for a while to see what Ji Lin will reflect!" Ji Xiaohan is angry and has made the decision.