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Blue fiber's mother came to pick her up in person. When she saw her daughter was messy and dirty, blue two's wife immediately felt sorry. She quickly hugged her daughter and asked anxiously, "my baby, what's wrong with you? Went up the mountain to dig coal? How can this happen? "

"Mom, I was kidnapped. I thought I was going to die. I'll never see you again!" In front of her mother, blue microfiber cried out. She felt that she had never been so embarrassed in her life. She was the treasure in her parents' hands.

"What? Who is so brave? Dare to kidnap you? Didn't you come here to help? How could you be tied up? Did you offend anyone? " Blue two Madame immediately heartache and angry ask.

"I don't know. I doubt it was LAN Yanxi and uncle Yu who did it. When they saw me alone, they wanted to bully me. Mom, you and dad must decide for me. They can't let them go." LAN Xianxian immediately cast Jiao. Anyway, she knew that if her parents knew that they were bullied by LAN Yanxi, they would surely try to avenge her.

"You are her cousin. She dare to do such a vicious thing. I will tell your father later. Don't try to make her feel better." Two Madame blue indiscriminately scold.

Blue fiber recovered her Princess like treatment and left with her mother by car.

LAN Yanxi accompanies uncle Yu in the city hospital. Uncle Yu is in good physical condition. On the third day of the operation, he insists on going back and doesn't let LAN Yanxi stay with him in such a bitter and cold place.

LAN Yanxi insists again and again, but Uncle Yu also insists. Finally, Cheng Yuan finds a car to protect and goes back together.

Blue house!

Blue cilia is crying and making noise in front of the blue old man. He is a poor person who has been bullied.

"Have you cried enough? You are the only one from childhood. I am so old that I am afraid of noise. If you want to cry out, go out first. I will ask her when I hope to come back." The blue old man just wants to block his ears with things, not that he doesn't love this granddaughter, but that the old man's eyes are not dazed, and his heart is human. He can see clearly and clearly. He naturally knows what kind of temperament blue is.

It's just grandiose and spoiled by her father.

He can't bear to go on fooling. She will be the one who will suffer when she marries someone.

"Lan Yanxi must not admit it. She's the most insidious person. She doesn't admit it every time she does something bad. Her grandfather indulges her..."

"That's enough. Don't be unreasonable here. Grandpa doesn't favor anyone. What mistake did you make? Which time grandpa didn't help you, did you say?" The old man got angry instantly. What she didn't like to hear most was that he was eccentric. He thought he was not, but some people didn't deserve his care.

Blue fibril is roared by the old man, her brain is buzzing, her expression is frightened.

At this moment, she suddenly felt that sister Mei's proposal was right. Her grandfather was partial to lanyanxi. Now, she refuses to admit that there is no such grandfather in the world. She doesn't want such a grandfather. As long as the blue family is the father's decision, what can lanyanxi do? Who can make the decision for her.

Blue slim left the old man's living room with full of resentment. When she came out, she saw LAN Yanxi and uncle Yu coming back. She was in a worse mood. Her face was cold and she wiped hard from her side.

LAN Yanxi is hit by her on purpose. Her shoulders are hurt. Her eyebrows are wrinkled. LAN Xianxian comes to the villain to complain first. How can she take the lead every time?

Uncle Yu's face was ugly. The second young lady was more and more arrogant.

The old man was also angry, coughing up, until he heard a gentle voice from outside the door: "Grandpa!"

He quickly stopped coughing, looked up and saw LAN Yanxi and uncle Yu coming in.

"Uncle Yu, Yan Xi said you were hurt. It's really hard for you. Is the injury better?" The blue old man looked at Uncle Yu gratefully and asked.

"Thank you for your concern. I'm ok!" Uncle Yu immediately replied respectfully.

"Thanks to you this time, otherwise, Yanxi will suffer." The old man already knew the whole process and scared him. He didn't want to be in such a dangerous situation with Ling Mo Feng. I wish he could survive these risks and succeed in taking office. He didn't waste any money to entrust his granddaughter.

"Grandpa, I just met my cousin outside the door. She didn't say anything to make you angry, did she?" Lanyanxi is still very concerned about Grandpa, afraid that she will be stimulated.

"She's suing you. You say, what's the matter?" Blue old man looked at her seriously and asked.

Uncle Yu hurriedly stepped forward and apologized in a low voice: "it's not my fault, old man. It's all my fault."

"Tell me the truth!" The old man said in a stern voice.

Lanyanxi had to tell the things that lanxianxian did one by one, and the old man's face was black again. "This unruly smelly girl, young and arrogant, just like your uncle, I really don't give up the power to him after death." The old man hates iron but not steel.

"Grandpa, I'm sorry. In fact, I tied her up and threw her in the trunk. If you want to scold me, I will be punished. I'll take it." Lanyanxi knew that she was wrong. She knelt down to the ground and pleaded for punishment.

"Get up, I didn't say you're wrong. It's time for slim to learn a lesson and let her have a long memory." Said the old man, with a black face.

"Grandpa, don't be angry. We'll deal with the affairs of our junior. Don't worry about us!" LAN Yanxi was afraid that Grandpa would be angry and hurt his heart.

The old blue man raised his hand to Uncle Yu: "you go down to rest, and it's over. If you are slim, don't take it to heart. Sooner or later, she will understand that the most important thing in life is to respect others."

"The old man is serious. I'm not sure. Let's go first!" Uncle Yu finished whispering and left. LAN yanxijue's grandfather may have something to say, and it may be about Ling Mo Feng.

"Yan Xi, it's a thrill this time. What about next time? How many lives do you have to accompany him through the difficulties and rise to the top? Can grandpa live to see you get married and have children? Have you thought about these things? " The old man looked at her and asked painfully.

LAN Yanxi's heart was shocked, and his eyes looked at grandpa with amazement: "Grandpa, what are you doing? Anyway, I think about it very clearly. No matter how dangerous he is, I will stay with him. My grandfather will live for a long time. Naturally, I can see that I am married and have children. You promised me that you will give me a name for my children. "

The old man smiled with relief: "I'd like to take the name, just afraid that the Ling family's old brother won't give me the chance, grandpa is worried about you, afraid that you are in danger."

"I'm not in danger. I'll be careful." LAN Yanxi said definitely.

"The old president is afraid that the dog will jump the wall. All means will be used. How many means will he have in the future? Who can predict? Ling Mo Feng's life is hard. There are so many people around him to protect him. His own ability is not bad, but he can cope with it. I'm afraid that you have become a chess piece in their hands, so it's not good. " Old blue is a man who has come here. He can see through a lot of tricks.

"Grandpa, I haven't shown any close relationship with Ling Mo Feng. The old president can't stare at me. What kind of threat can I pose to them?" LAN Yanxi thought with a simple face.

"You are going to be engaged. In case the old president wants to take the opportunity to do something, can you cope with it?" Blue old man frowned and asked worried.

"What can he do? I... Do I have value in their eyes? " LAN Yanxi is worthy of being young. He feels that he is safe if he has no fault.

"You and Ling Mo Feng are going to be engaged. Your relationship is the value they use. Even if you don't love each other, can Ling Mo Feng stand by if something happens to you? I regret that I shouldn't have promised to be so happy at the beginning. If you are combining after his election, it will be good. "I hope my granddaughter is safe.

"Grandpa, if he succeeds in the election, what else can I do? Many women want to marry him. I am confident that he only loves me, but There are many unstable factors in the relationship. Sometimes, I don't have any confidence at all. I feel that he is too excellent and I am too ordinary. " LAN Yanxi began to laugh at himself.

The old blue man was stunned and laughed: "you who were not afraid before, now you are afraid that Ling Mo Feng doesn't love you? How interesting! "

"Grandpa, are you kidding me?" When he spoke blue, he was ashamed.