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C692: What Are You Thinking About?

At the end of work, Bai Yiyan is following brother an to get familiar with all kinds of things in the entertainment circle. She is like listening to the heavenly script. Brother an's words are full of hype, but she only hears a little.

When a phone call came in, brother an immediately stopped his eloquence and said to Yiyan with a smile on his face, "the boss asked you to go up and find him. I'll see you tomorrow. Today I'll tell you some of them. You can go back and think about them. They will be used in various occasions in the future."

"OK, thank you!" Bai Yiyan thanked Hanshou and went out.

However, when she passed the corridor, she heard many people talking about her behind her back.

Bai Yiyan decides not to listen. She has been listening to Angie carefully. She doesn't even have time to go to the bathroom. So, at this moment, the place she wants to go is not Ji Yueze's office, but the bathroom.

Bai Yiyan is sitting on the toilet, her head is still in a mess.

Suddenly, some footsteps came into the quiet bathroom, and then someone was washing their hands.

"What does Bai Yiyan do? How can I be the boss's girlfriend and be a star again? Is there any backing behind her? "

"Bah, what can we rely on? The gold master is almost the same. He must have slept all the way. Alas, she is beautiful and young, and has a lot of capital. Now she is in the hands of Ango. Her future development must be limitless!"

"It's shameless. Now many young people want to take a shortcut, get something for nothing, and stand at ease with money. These people's thoughts are really dirty."

"If she doesn't rely on selling beauty, how can she have such a good resource? When she was in the meeting just now, she had already set up several advertising endorsements for her. They can't even get them from others. When she comes, she can easily get them. Tut, it's really unfair."

These women chatted and mended their makeup, but they didn't find that Bai Yiyan, who was already pale, was holding her small hand in a lattice behind them.

Although she would like to rush out to help herself, they seem to be right.

She has no ability at all. It's Ji Yueze who has come to this step.

Forget it, just as her life is good, there is a shortcut to go, but who is in her way?

Maybe she's really in the way of money. Bai Yiyan finally understands what angor's words mean. Being a star is very competitive. Even if you don't want to compete with others, you should always fight well.

When the people outside the door left, Bai Yiyan walked out of the bathroom with a stiff step. Without those feelings of relaxation, she lowered her head and stood at the door of the elevator, waiting for the elevator.

All of a sudden, a group of people came quickly, led by a famous female star, followed by a broker and several assistants, who were also helping the female star to tidy up her clothes and hair, as if to hurry to where.

When they came, Bai Yiyan's position was immediately robbed by them. She was forced to go to a corner nearby. Even if she was just squeezed, her foot was trampled on. The instep was painful.

Bai Yiyan looked at the female star and said, "you stepped on my foot just now!"

"Oh, really? I'm sorry! " The female star also saw Bai Yiyan, but she didn't show much politeness to her, just a natural expression. Even if it was an apology, she didn't show sincerity.

Bai Yiyan also wants to hear from the other party that she is sorry, but they look up arrogantly and stare at the elevator, and they don't take her pain seriously at all.

Bai Yiyan didn't know where the fire was coming from. She immediately pushed back to where she was standing. By the way, she pretended to step on each other's feet casually.

"Hello You are sick! " The female star felt the pain, immediately turned to her sharp roar, followed by a curse: "crazy ah!"

Seeing that she was angry and scolded, Bai Yiyan immediately followed her tone and said, "Oh, I'm sorry!"

As soon as the female star heard that she had even learned how to speak, she was so angry that she immediately sneered at her: "Bai Yiyan, do you know any rules? I'm your elder, right? What's your attitude? What's wrong with robbing you of an elevator? Didn't you see me on the way? " Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes looked at it in disorder, and her voice sounded faintly: "is there something urgent for you all over the world? I'm in a hurry. Do you understand the order of first come and then pour? Besides, you stepped on my foot just now. It hurts, you know? You didn't even look me in the eye. I don't know what to learn from you, your arrogant elder. So I have to learn how to bully people! "

"You..." Bai Yiyan's smart teeth are sharp. She immediately lets her partner's anger go out. She bites her teeth angrily: "depending on the boss's favor, you are so proud and arrogant. Even I don't pay attention to you. Be careful about your future road!"

Just at this time, when the elevator arrived, Bai Yiyan walked out directly and ignored her.

In fact, she is not a competitive person, but if someone deliberately bullies, she is not a sick cat.

She looked down at the instep of her foot, which was red and swollen. That woman must have stepped on it with her strength on purpose just now. It's disgusting. She was bullied like this.

Bai Yiyan knows that all the stars in the circle like to step on each other and belittle each other to show their identity. However, this kind of means is really hurtful. She will never tolerate anyone who wants to bully her in the future.

Bai Yiyan knocks on Ji Yueze's office door. There comes a man's indifferent voice: "come in!"

When Bai Yiyan went in, she saw that the man was sitting at his desk, with a serious working attitude and less cynicism. In such a season, Bai Yiyan saw her for the first time.

He has always been regarded as an idol star, but he also has an identity as the big boss of the entertainment industry.

"Are you looking for me?" Bai Yiyan asked softly when she came in.

"Home!" After hitting the computer with his fingers, Ji shut it down, got up, took his coat and put it on.

Bai Yiyan heard him say that, beautiful Mou slightly a Leng, a touch of warmth, flow through the heart.

Is he going to take himself home?

"By the way, have you considered the answer to the question you asked this morning?" Ji Yueze pretends to be absent-minded, but his eyes are fixed on her and want to hear her answer at the first time. Bai Yiyan is stiff. Mei Mou looks at him. To be honest, she really doesn't have time to think about it.