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C1883 stepped on her bottom line

He Jiaxuan stooped and held her in her arms. Xia shuran stretched out her arms to tightly hook the man's neck and put her face close to his arms. At this moment, she felt very happy and romantic.

Xia shuran enjoys the tenderness of this moment, but she glances aside. I hope that the waste she spent money can take this scene and expose it.

If Xia Xinnian really has any hope for he Jiaxuan, then this is her dream breaking moment.

Because this is a love show carefully planned by Xia shuran, when she was picked up by he Jiaxuan, someone took a camera to take photos of them not far away.

"Jiaxuan, am I fat?

Are you sweating?

If you are tired, let me down! "

I've shown my love enough. Xia shuran doesn't want to make he Jiaxuan too tired, so he asks for it.

He Jiaxuan is really tired. Xia shuran has lived a comfortable life in the last few years. He Jiaxuan really has no strict control over his weight. He Jiaxuan will have some difficulty in holding up.

"I'm sorry, I have a cold, but I'm not strong enough!"

He Jiaxuan maintained his gentlemanly demeanor.

Xia shuranmei's eyes widened slightly. Later, she said sadly, "Jiaxuan, how can you treat me differently today? I'm your wife. What are you sorry for?"

He Jiaxuan's heart was startled. Was his performance so obvious?

It seems that he has to act more lifelike, so that this woman can't see her real ideas, otherwise, the consequences are unpredictable.

"Come on, I'll hold you!"

He Jiaxuan whispered.

Xia shuran has also met all the customers she met this time. On the wine table, Xia shuran sits beside he Jiaxuan as gentle as water. She has won a lot of praise for her bird's friendly appearance. She thinks she has given him enough face.

He Jiaxuan has known Xia shuran well for a long time. The advantages of her disguise in front of outsiders will be exposed when she comes home. It can only be said that this woman is two-sided and likes to wear a mask outside. That's why he Jiaxuan is eager to escape this marriage. He can't bear that his wife is such a good disguise woman.

It also reminds him of the simple summer thoughts before, and deeply understands how precious a woman's sincerity and kindness are.

During the period when he Jiaxuan entertained customers, a sweet news suddenly appeared on the Internet.

In the picture, the young and handsome man is holding a beautiful wife, gentle care, considerate concern, and envied a large number of single dogs in an instant. Everyone left messages admiring such a marriage life, and even more admiring Xia shuran for finding such a consistent, considerate and gentle man, praising her as the winner of life.

Xia shuran took advantage of the time to go to the bathroom and called the group to upload the news to the Internet. In a few minutes, many people left a message.

Xia shuran sat at the table, took out her mobile phone and looked at the response. Her mouth raised a proud and happy smile.

Sure enough, the power of the Internet is too strong. In such a short time, they show their love to the extent that everyone knows.

Xia Xinnian also needs to pay attention to some news on the Internet because of her work. When this news comes out, her beautiful eyes flash a sneer.

In the eyes of people who don't know, they are really enviable, but Xia Xinnian cursed them for five years, really want to hear or see the situation of their breakup, that's great fun.

Although Xia Xinnian cursed them for so many years, she never thought that she would really pick out their relationship. She knew that they were terrible people. Once they got involved, it would destroy her immediate peaceful life. Xia Xinnian didn't want to be a mad dog and bite it back. She just went through so many things and looked away, but her heart was still full of resentment, waiting to see their last result.

Xia shuran, who had lunch at noon, came to Kalan international to look for Xia Xinnian in the afternoon.

As if I can't wait to come over to see her sad expression of disappointment.

Xia shuran is Xia Xinnian's customer, so she came to her and looked at her with her usual heart.

"My dress will be used tomorrow evening. Are you ready?"

Xia shuran deliberately came to pick things up, staring at her in a strange way.

"Don't worry, we will deliver the goods on time!"

Xia Xinnian replied with a businesslike expression.

Xia shuran suddenly reached for the album she placed on the table, which was a picture of her and her son.

"Don't touch my things!"

Xia Xinnian saw her take away like this, and her voice suddenly became cold and fierce.

"Why are you so nervous?

I'm just looking at it. It's my little nephew! "

Xia shuran didn't want to put it down. She also knew Xia Xinnian didn't dare to treat her. The customer was God! Xia Xinnian looks cold, and Mei Mou looks at her angrily.

Xia shuran only looked at her eyes, and she was going to be mad with jealousy. The child's affair has always been the biggest thorn in her heart.

But now, Xia Xinnian has a wild seed, but she can't even conceive her son. It's ironic.

"Have you seen the news about me and Jiaxuan today?

How do you feel? "

Seeing that Xia Xinnian didn't take the initiative to mention it, Xia shuran was not happy. He had to mention it. He also had the right to warn her and give up her husband's idea.

Xia Xinnian knew that she had a purpose to come to her.

"How about seeing it?

Do you need my blessing? "

Xia Xinnian sneers.

Xia shuran raised his chin proudly and said proudly, "even if you bless me, it's not true. I'm not rare. I just want to remind you that Jiaxuan and I love each other very much now. You'd better not make any wrong ideas. Otherwise, I'll shake your son out. I'm afraid Jiaxuan will not only look down on you, but also a lot of yours The pursuer, too, will look and be timid? "

Xia Xinnian didn't expect that she was so vicious and threatened her with her son.

"It's not a secret that I have a son in the company. Do you think I care?"

Xia Xinnian sneers back.

"That's good. I'm going to talk to Jiaxuan tonight about this matter. Let him know how well you have lived abroad. Even your son has been born. Unfortunately, you don't know who the father of the child is. Isn't that a wild species?"

Xia shuran raised his eyebrows and scolded the wild seed with a sarcastic tone.

Xia Xinnian is going mad. Xia shuran comes here to find something. But she will not give up easily if she dares to scold her son like this.

"Xia shuran, shut up!"

Xia Xinnian roars.