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C1392 money can'st kill him

The man's absent-minded words made LAN Yan and Xi mei'er crinkle, and she also answered him in a low voice: "if I can't bear it, I'll change my mind to bear it Oh! "

Blue words originally wanted to pull back 10% of their face, but they were seized by the thin lips of men before they could speak completely. He didn't want to hear every word next.

Thin lips are warm and aggressive. There is no room for lanyanxi to continue to play. Her lips will be swollen by kissing. When she finally wants to take a breath, the man still forces her. She can only move back to escape, but her back is close to the back of the sofa. She can't escape.

"Please let go!" Well, she admitted that she had made mistakes in words just now. She was angry with him, but she could not be tortured like this. Lanyanxi could only surrender to him. No way, but he was shameless.

Ling Mo Feng chuckled and looked at her big eyes. He felt conquered. He hummed: "next time, I will dare to talk in disorder. I won't let you go."

"I don't speak in disorder. You forced me to say that. I can't be bullied or resisted." LAN Yanxi recovered a little strength and continued to fight.

"Sharp mouth!" Ling Mo Feng angrily scolded her with a smile, and then stood up from her body: "how about staying at the blue house? You're in such a rush to move to my place. Your grandfather won't have a problem. "

"Even if I didn't do well, I didn't go anywhere, so I stayed at home to eat, drink and sleep, suffocating me!" LAN Yanxi also stood up from the sofa, full of bitterness.

"You don't sneak out, do you, Grandpa?" Ling Mo Feng seems to be worried that the old blue man doesn't know. He is still in awe of the old blue man now. Whether he can get his granddaughter or not depends on him.

"Don't worry, I talked with my grandfather. He has no opinion!" LAN Yanxi reached out and clapped him on the shoulder, smiling.

Ling Mo Feng was relieved, but then he thought of another thing: "did your two uncles embarrass you? It's said that your second uncle and third uncle are on the surface of harmony, and they are also secretly competing behind their backs. "

"They want to fight and rob. It's their business. I don't mix them up. In front of Grandpa, how can they embarrass me!" LAN Yanxi replied with a dull expression. When she mentioned these two uncles, she was upset. She had so much money. I don't know what they were fighting for. The money was enough for them to spend their lives.

"They are fighting for the management power of the company. You hold your father's equity. Do you think if you don't mix it up, they will let you go?" Ling Mo Feng frowned to remind her.

LAN Yanxi is suddenly speechless. Indeed, even if she wants to stay out of the business, it is impossible. Unless she hands over these shares and completely gives up the property of LAN family, she is not a fool. She has money in her hand. Why should she give up?

"Ling Mo Feng, if you save me, my money will be divided equally with you." LAN Yanxi began to dig a hole for him again, and talked with him smilingly.

"I don't want your money!" Ling Mo Feng once heard this, his Adam's apple rolled and almost choked. Why does this woman still see him like this? Is it because of money that he likes her?

"Except for money, I'm dead. You don't want my life." LAN Yanxi immediately asked jokingly.

"I want you, don't you know that you are priceless?" Ling Mo Feng deliberately looked at her from head to foot with his eyes, which was indeed a little *.

LAN Yanxi couldn't stand his hot eyes, so he quickly turned his back and said, "you marry me. If you marry me, I'm your man."

Ling Mo Feng knew that she was shy, so he had to walk over and hold her whole body in his arms from behind, with thin lips on her shoulders, murmuring: "OK, I will marry you, not you!"

"That's meat. Mr. vice president can count!" LAN Yanxi shivered twice. I don't know if she didn't have this interest, or if this man's words hit her heart directly, making her soul comfortable.

"Count!" The man's thin lip bit her gently at the base of her ear and let go of her: "let's go upstairs and tidy up for you!"

"Is Mr. vice president very busy today? Will you stay with me till night? " LAN Yanxi asked, looking at him happily.

"Well, stay with you for dinner!" Ling said, carrying her suitcase and going up.

"Let me mention one!"


Would a man let her do it?

In lanyanxi's bedroom, Ling Mo Feng put down the heaviest one: "what's in it?"

"My dowry, show you!" After LAN Yanxi finished, he squatted down and opened it. The sunlight outside the window refracted in. The whole box was full of glittering things, which blinded people's eyes.

Because there are so many things, lanyanxi didn't pack them in boxes one by one, but all of them were packed together, which made him feel the shock of pearly treasure.

Ling Mo Feng's eyebrows were slightly selected. He squatted down and reached for a piece to have a look: "it's worth more than gold, and your dowry is too rich."

"This is all the jewels I have grown up with. I haven't used some of them once. When we have daughters, I will give them all to her." LAN Yanxi said a little.

"OK, just, are you sure you want to put me here? I'm not afraid to lose it because it's so expensive. " Ling Mo Feng wants to laugh without words. Does this woman trust him so much?

"How could it be lost? Where is the vice presidential palace safer? There are five or six guards outside the gate. Who has the courage to come in and steal? " LAN Yanxi said proudly, "I don't care. I'll put it here. It's not safe to put it in LAN's house. My two cousins can take whatever they want. It's even worse than stealing."

Seeing her face puffed, Ling Mo Feng nodded: "well, if you trust my family, put it here, I promise you won't lose anything again!"

LAN Yanxi was so happy: "you take that box of clothes for me to tidy up, and I also tidy the things in this box. It's too messy."

"Well!" The man nodded.

The rate of division and cooperation between the two is higher.

Just like a miser, lanyanxi is competing with a box of her jewelry, but as a big man, Ling Mo Feng is a little embarrassed.

When he opened the box, he breathed slowly and swallowed his saliva forcibly. Then he reached for the little lace clothes and hung them up with the clothes shelf.

"Pink..." Ling Mo Feng's thin lips raised a smile and murmured to himself.

I don't know why. Looking at these small clothes, Ling Mo Feng thought of what she was wearing, and suddenly her blood surged up and her heart was stuffy.

No, he can't think any more.

Then Ling Mo Feng saw her pajamas again, light blue, very soft, and Sling.

Ling took a deep breath. What is he doing? That woman is trying to embarrass him.

Well, he's just tidying up the clothes for his fiancee. He can't think about it. He's a gentleman.

Ling Mo Feng comforts himself, but his face is still red.

When lanyanxi came in, he saw that the man was holding her clothes at a loss and didn't know where to hang them.

"Let me do it!" LAN Yanxi kindly came to help him.

Ling Mo Feng hands it to her, but LAN Yanxi holds her toes and wants to hang it to the top row. But she is not high enough, so she can't hang it. The man just reaches out and hangs it easily.

LAN Yanxi turned around and saw that the man's hands had been propped up on the door bar at the top of her hand, and the petite she was locked in his arms again.

"It's almost sorted out, thank you!" LAN Yanxi is looking for a topic to talk about.

Otherwise, the atmosphere is so warm that she will sweat behind her back.

"How are you going to thank me?" The man suddenly asked her in a hoarse voice.

Blue words and beautiful eyes immediately open, looking at his eyes, over, this man is really not polite ah.

She only said polite words, but he actually asked for a thank-you.

"I'll make dinner..."

"I've got someone to deliver it. You don't have to do it!" The man attached to her ear, whispered.

"Then you can choose one of the jewels outside me..."

"I'm a man!" Ling Mo Feng interrupted her again.

LAN Yan and Xi Yuxi, it seems that it's such a thing. Money can't kill him. What does he want?