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C1731 crisis coming

Lanchen means that lanyanxi wants to go to get it in person. Unfortunately, lanyanxi doesn't want to walk around recently. She doesn't want to go back to the blue house, and she doesn't want to go. The blue house without grandpa has no meaning to her.

"I'm not feeling well recently. I don't want to go back. I'll send someone to get it."

Said blue Yanxi lightly.

When LAN Chen heard this, he immediately sneered: "I thought how much kindness you had to the old man. It turns out that once he died, you didn't want to go back to LAN's house. It's a lighter kinship than water, which means that you are his granddaughter."

"Third uncle, you haven't been so nosy before. What's the matter recently?

Is there any excitement? "

LAN Yan hoped to go back with a sneer.

"Lan Yanxi, I will not clean up these things for you. If you want to take them away, come by yourself. Otherwise, I will burn a fire."

LAN Chen said angrily and hung up.

LAN Yanxi's hand is stiff with a spoon. She looks at the hung up phone. She picks up her mobile phone and goes upstairs.

In fact, it's OK to go back to blue's house. Anyway, she only goes to Grandpa's house. After all, it's the place where she grew up. She is still very nostalgic.

LAN Yanxi went upstairs to change a loose skirt. When she went downstairs, she suddenly thought of something. She quickly took her mobile phone and called Ling Mo Feng.

The phone was answered by Chu lie, who said Ling Mo Feng was having a very important meeting and might not be able to come out for a while.

LAN Yanxi thought that there was a very important foreign guest visiting today. Ling might not have time for a day.

"Well, just tell him that I'll go back to my grandfather's house and get something, and I'll be back soon."

LAN Yanxi finished and hung up.

Outside, there are four bodyguards waiting for her.

Lanyanxi only said to go out once and let them follow.

The scenery outside the window is more and more familiar. LAN Yanxi sighs at the bottom of his heart. How many times will he come to this road in the future?

When he arrived at LAN's house, LAN Yanxi found that Grandpa's door had become old. The garden in front of the door had no grand view of the past night, only a piece of withered flowers and trees were exposed to the sun.

The desolate scenery made lanyanxi feel painful and impulsive. She wanted to take care of everything here, just like her grandfather was still alive.

However, the villa, no longer belongs to her, has become the property right of two uncles. Even if she wants to take care of the garden, she has no right.

Four bodyguards, one by one, followed her, their eyes alert.

Lanyanxi walked through the garden, then walked into the living room. The furnishings of the living room were unchanged. There was a layer of ash on the sofa, tables and chairs. Lanyanxi thought lanchen would be in the living room, but now it seems that Grandpa's home may be empty.

Lanyanxi went upstairs. She knew that some of Grandpa's old things were put in the storage room on the third floor. She had come to collect some things before, but two uncles and aunts stood by and looked at her coldly for fear that she would take something of the same value. Lanyanxi took something that could remember grandpa and left.

Now come back, things are different, mood has changed, it is really a sad thing.

"Just watch the second floor entrance. I'll go up and have a look."

LAN Yanxi said to the bodyguard.

"OK, Miss blue, you should be careful."

The bodyguard is still worried about her.

But this is lanyanxi's former home. There should be no danger.

Lanyanxi went up to the third floor alone and opened the door of the storage room. As soon as lanyanxi walked in, she suddenly felt a cold flash. Her brain was blank for a moment. The next second, a voice warned her coldly: "don't shout, or you will die now."

This voice is her third uncle.

LAN Yanxi did not expect that the third uncle would hide in the storage room on the third floor, and this way was waiting for her.

"What do you want to do?"

LAN Yanxi suddenly calmed down. She turned her head and looked at Uncle Sanshu sadly: "do you want to kill me?"

"If you don't talk to me, I may kill you."

At this time, lanchen had no choice but to be cruel to lanyanxi.

"Third uncle, you are not such a person. Did second uncle tell you something?"

LAN Yanxi is not the little girl who hasn't experienced the storm. She and Ling Mo Feng fell in love with each other during this period of time. After several times of life and death, she has become calm.

"You don't have to pick up a divorce here, LAN Yanxi. Don't blame me for not thinking about family affection. I can't be more kind to you."

Lanchen lowered his voice to speak, because he knew that lanyanxi came with his bodyguard, and he was afraid.

"If you really want my life, why didn't uncle Er come?

Third uncle, you have been deceived. "

Lanyanxi chuckled. The confident and calm appearance made lanchen suddenly think of Ling Mo Feng. Why did he think of that terrible man in lanyanxi's indifferent smile?

Did they get married, and LAN Yanxi got into some of his habits?

"You don't talk nonsense. Your second uncle will be here soon. We need to talk about it. Now, sit in that chair and go quickly."

LAN Chen is acting according to the plan.

LAN Yanxi glanced at the chair and looked at the bookshelf next to it. She reached for a book and opened it. "You don't have a result for me like this. What you want is the equity of the company. In fact, I haven't really hated you. I hate uncle Er. So, if you want to talk about equity with me, I can help you. You have been hated by uncle Er Press, before in the company, you have no right to speak. To be honest, the blue family did treat you badly, but the second uncle is different. He will not tell us how much money he swallowed in the company. "

LAN Chen is not afraid of LAN Yanxi at all. He can talk with him about this kind of thing. He looks a little dull.

"Before my grandfather died, he told me alone that he was very guilty and didn't treat your brothers fairly. It's you. Grandpa has been full of guilt for you, so he also specially told me to make up for you if there is a chance."

LAN Yanxi closes the book and turns to look at LAN Chen, who has lost her mind. She continues to walk to the bookshelf with her hands down.

LAN Chen suddenly returned to her mind, immediately pointed the knife at her back, and demanded: "hurry up, sit in the position, and don't let me say it again."

LAN Yanxi turned around, shook his head and sighed, "are you sure you want to do this, uncle?"

Lanchen's original determination was wavering. When he saw the shaking eyes of lanyanxi, his voice sounded hesitantly: "I can't help it. If I have any way, I won't choose this road. Lanyanxi, you forced us."

At this time, the bodyguard big brother downstairs noticed something wrong, because they heard the sound of a man talking on the third floor, and they immediately ran upstairs.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, which made LAN Chen's soul disappear. He instinctively went around behind LAN Yanxi and held the knife against her back. He asked coldly, "let them go away, don't come in."

Lanyanxi is actually afraid. She is really afraid. She pretended to be calm just now.

At this time, the door was kicked open by the bodyguard. They didn't know what was going on inside. They were very worried.

As soon as the door opened, they saw that lanyanxi was threatened by lanchen. They were shocked and immediately took measures.

LAN Chen looks at several black holes facing him. The sound of buttoning the board head makes his scalp numb.

"Lan Yanxi, I don't mean anything else. I just want to talk to you. You let them leave. I promise I won't hurt you."

LAN Chen's voice was trembling. It can be seen that he didn't have the courage to hurt people.

Lanyanxi immediately said to the bodyguard, "wait outside first. I believe my third uncle must be rational. He just wants to talk to me."

The bodyguards immediately backed away step by step, because they saw lanyanxi's face was firm, and knew that she might have a way to deal with it. If they continued to rely on it like this, they were afraid that lanchen would do more harm because of his poor heart bearing ability.

Lanyanxi sat down, and lanchen immediately threatened her with a knife and tied her hands and arms with a rope.

"When will uncle 3 and uncle 2 come, we can really talk about it."

LAN Yanxi opened his mouth calmly.

"He will come in a minute."

LAN Chen said immediately.