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Mao Rongrong faced Lu xuanchen's lurking handsome face and picked up his eyebrows: "Mr. Lu, are you threatening me? You don't see what I'm doing. If you do that, I can sue you for harassing me! " Lu

xuanchen's eyes widened in a flash, then he sat up straight again with a tone of annoyance: "if you don't agree with me, I will let you not work well!"

"Oh, do you think I'm scared? My job is up to me, no one can threaten me! " Mao Rongrong is worthy of learning hegemony from small to large. Her calm and calm character makes her not afraid of any threat. In front of xuanchenjue's eyes, this woman is really hard and soft. It's too hard to handle.

"If you let my fans know that I am pursuing you, do you think your good reputation can still be preserved?" As soon as xuanchen's evil eyes turned, he immediately thought of a way to completely subdue her.

Even if a woman is calm, she can't be calm in the face of emotional entanglement.

As expected, Mao Rongrong was shocked by his audacity. Her black framed glasses couldn't block her eyes that were going to burst into flames. She suddenly beat hard on her desk: "Lu xuanchen, don't overdo it." Lu

xuanchen is finally enraged to see her. He has some sense of achievement. He looks up his legs and says in a leisurely voice, "I'm not too much, but I'm really talking about the land with you." "

don't come to me and play with emotion games just because you think you have some beauty. I'll tell you, you don't see enough here!" Mao Rongrong is also a woman with a strong mouth. Lu xuanchen is a little tender if he wants to talk with her quickly.

Lu xuanchen feels that his male self-esteem has been trampled, and a pair of handsome eyes are frozen in an instant.

"Mao Rongrong, I'm not kidding you!" After that, Lu xuanchen took off his baseball cap directly, and then he took off his mask again, revealing his handsome face of men, women, old and young.

Mao Rongrong couldn't help but hold his eyes. His beautiful eyes widened to stare at him.

"I warn you not to make trouble here!" Mao rongjue's, at present this man took off his disguise, already caused the huge trouble to her work.

Just then, the door of her office was knocked and someone was coming in. "

put your mask back on!" Mao Rongrong demanded immediately.

Lu xuanchen shrugged: "I'm sorry, I feel like I don't need to pretend to see my girlfriend." "

you Asshole! " Mao Rongrong was so angry that he had to stand up and go to the door and open it. There was her subordinate staff outside. He wanted to show her the information with the report.

"Give it to me!" Mao Rongrong reached for it directly and closed the office door.

When Lu xuanchen saw her guilty face, he felt a sense of achievement.

He didn't believe that he had no way to cure her.

Mao Rongrong threw the information in his hand on the table, put his hands in his waist, and angrily pointed to the door: "now, right away, get out!"

"No!" Lu xuanchen is going to take out the face of the scoundrel. He doesn't want to leave. "

Lu xuanchen, you are shameless!" Mao Rongrong is really convinced of him. She is not afraid of threats. However, she is really afraid of damaging her reputation. For a lawyer like her, the most important thing is reputation.

"How is it? As long as I promise to sell that piece of land to me, I will pay immediately, and I will not pester you again in the future. " Lu xuanchen feels that he can succeed in a moment.

Mao Rongrong's pretty white face suddenly turned red. She bit her teeth angrily: "I said, I don't want to buy it. If you are not deaf, you should be able to understand people."

"If we keep holding on like this, who is against us?" Lu xuanchen squinted her narrow black eyes, stared at her suddenly pale face, and tapped her fingers on the table: "my girl is crazy, if you are not afraid of being attacked by them!" "

I'll sell half of the land to you!" Mao Rongrong suddenly seemed to compromise and agreed to sell only half of it. "

half? It's not enough. It's impossible to build a building without a garden! " Of course, Lu xuanchen refused.

Mao Rongrong bited his lips angrily: "my patience is limited. If you don't leave, I will call the police. You say, if the police come to you, should your fans cry?"

"Well, you call the police. Who do you think the police will believe in?" Lu xuanchen has no fear at all.

Mao Rongrong really can't take him. He goes directly to his side and tugs at one of his big hands: "you go out for me, I have to work, I don't have time to talk to you!" "

I can't see it. No strength!" Suddenly, Lu xuanchen was dragged by her to stand up from the chair. He bit the root of a tooth and used a lot of force.

Mao Rongrong was wearing a suit and high-heeled shoes. How could he bear the pull of his strength? The whole man went into his arms unprepared.

At this time, the door of her office was opened, and there was one of her partners and several female employees standing outside. All of us are staring at the two people in the office. They are stupid.

Mao Rongrong didn't expect this to happen, just as colleagues came in.

Lu xuanchen just pulled Mao Rongrong suddenly just because of anger. At this moment, she was lying in his arms, and his handsome face was stunned. "

it's Lu xuanchen It's really him! " "

God, my God, how can lawyer Mao hold him?" "

don't tell me, is lawyer Mao his girlfriend? No, I don't accept that. "

A group of women outside the door have been talking about it. The two people in the office quickly flicked away. Because it was Mao Rongrong who quickly adjusted his coat: "you What's the matter? "

Lu xuanchen went to a small sofa and sat down. He lowered his head and took out his cell phone to play. "Lawyer Mao, is he really Lu xuanchen? May I ask him for a signature? Please! "

"I want to take a picture with him, too. Lawyer Mao, can you please? I've always been very fond of him." Mao Rongrong looks at these female staff's expression that they hate to rush in and divide Lu xuanchen. She sighs: "tell him yourself, I'm not familiar with him!" Some of them were shocked and clung to each other when they were not familiar with each other. Lu

xuanchen sends a smile at the right time. Everyone looks at Mao Rongrong's expression, which is weird. Rong Rongzhen wants to throw the man out of the window.