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C1800 is a date

After Ling wennuan finished the mask, he dragged a pair of slippers and went to the bedroom.

Now her relationship with Mu Weicheng has been basically determined and made public. The elders of Ling's family don't support it, and they can't help it. The relatives of Mu's family don't like it and can't help it. In a word, they are already living together. Today is the first day of class. Mu Weicheng has to celebrate for her in the evening, and she will come.

"Who called me?

My brother? "

Ling wennuan patted his face gently, walked around the kitchen door and asked the man who was busy with dinner.

"No, it's a strange man."

When Mu Weicheng said that, he had a moment's action on his hand, with his strong arms propped up in front of the kitchen table, and his eyes turned to him. He said, "warm, should you explain why you went to class today and had a male parent call you in the middle of the night?"


No way, who would be so bored? "

Ling wennuan was startled. Mei Mou opened wide and some of them were unbelievable: "did he say who he is?"


You want to call him back, don't you? "

Some vinegar jar directly forced her to come over and locked her surprised expression: "warm, do you think about my feelings?"

Ling wennuan could not cry or laugh at the moment. In order not to make this man angry, she had to stretch out her hand and hug his waist. She smiled and replied, "well, if you don't fight, you won't fight. What are you flustered about? It's like I'm going to abandon you."

The man looked down at the coquettish girl in his eyes and arms, and his thin lips raised a touch of doting smile.

"Well, dinner will be ready soon. You can wait outside."

The thin lips of the man kissed her in the hair and whispered.

Ling wennuan is like a obedient child. She turns to the living room and sees the fruit that the man just bought on the table. She takes some of it and cleans it up and puts it beside the table. Although she still can't swallow the food so far, she won't be idle. When the man cooks, she will go to the bedroom to help him clean up the clothes. The two will work together to divide the work Their small home is well managed.

The next morning, Ling wennuan drove to the school, but at the school gate, she saw a black ten million class car, blocking her way. She was about to get out of the car. The door opened, and Nangong Yao walked down. Ling wennuan was stunned and slammed on the brake.

Nangong Yao came over, his tall body was particularly striking in a crowd, because he was tall, with noble temperament, and most importantly, he had a deep face with mixed blood beauty.

Ling wennuan is about to knock down the window. Nangong Yao politely says, "Mr. Ling, I'm really sorry to block your way. Can you give me the contact information of Moyun?"

Mu Yun's contact information has been changed, so Nangong Yao doesn't know.

Ling Nuan nodded, "it's OK to give it to you, but what's your attitude towards her?"

"I'd like to ask her out for a meeting."

Nangong's face flashed with shame.

"Oh, are you going after her?"

Ling wennuan asked directly, because mouyun is also her family now, she naturally wants to check for her.


Nangong replied with great firmness.

Lingnuan stares at Nangong Yao and finds that he is not a bad guy. He gives Muyun's cell phone number to him. Nangong Yaolian says a few words of gratitude and leaves in his car.

Ling wennuan dials Mu Yun's cell phone and tells her about it.

Mu Yun is not angry, just said a word to know, hung up the phone.

Mu Yun thinks Nangong Yao will call her at least every few days after she gets her mobile number. Unexpectedly, just after she hangs up lingnuan's phone, her mobile phone rings. It's a strange number. The number is very lucky.

Mu Yun's heart strings tremble. Will this man take the initiative?


Mu Yun didn't want to escape from him either, so he put it in his ear.

"Miss mu, I'm Nangong Yao. I don't know if I have time at noon. I'd like to invite you to have a meal. Quan should apologize for that incident."

The man's voice is deep and sincere.

"Your niece is not angry with you?"

Mu Yun thought of the way that the girl pointed at her face and screamed last night. She had a shadow.

"I've talked to her. She won't do it again. Is it frightening you?"

Nangong Yao is very self reprobated. He was really responsible for last night's incident.

"I'm not that timid. Send me the address. I have a class. I'll call you after class."

Moyun said, then hung up.

Nangong Yao's thin lips aroused a smile. He thought that Moyun would coldly refuse him. Unexpectedly, she would like to come out to meet him.

He just happened to go back to China for vacation recently, so time is enough, so he has time to choose a very good restaurant as the first date place for them to meet.

Nangong Yao finally selected a very distinctive high-end restaurant. He sent out the address. Then he asked the driver to take him to a flower shop. He picked a bunch of very beautiful roses himself.

At 11:30 noon, Mu Yun walked into the restaurant. She saw the atmosphere here, and couldn't help shaking. The clothes here were very beautiful, but the atmosphere was warm enough. At first sight, it was the place where lovers like to punch in cards. Nangong Yao asked her to have dinner for the first time. How could she ask in such a place?

What does he mean?

Mu Yun, though confused, walked towards the box address he sent.

The door is open. There is a man's voice inside. It seems that he is speaking English.

Mu Yun is standing at the door. She is in a dilemma for a while. When someone calls, if she goes in, it seems that she will disturb him. Otherwise, she will go in after he has called.

Mu Yun also stayed abroad for several years to study English. She understood what the man said. It seemed that his company was in a bad situation. Mu Yun didn't know Nangong Yao at all. She felt that it was strange for her to come to his appointment.

Although Muyun didn't knock, Nangong Yao saw her, because he had been waiting for her to come, and his eyes looked at the door from time to time. When he saw her standing quietly at the door, his face flashed a flash of ecstasy, and he ended the conversation in a hurry and came to her with long legs.

"Here you are, Miss mu. Come in."

The man whispered.

Mu Yun came in and sat in a position. She suddenly felt embarrassed because she saw that the man had put a bunch of roses on the table. Obviously, it was for her.

Nangong Yao's eyes are warm, looking at her. The bottom of her eyes is deep, which makes Mu Yun feel a little confused.

"Nangong Yao, what do you mean?"

Mu Yun pressed down the heartbeat, raised his eyes and looked at him.

"Moyun, you saved my grandma. I've been looking for you."

After Nangong Yao finished, he took out his mobile phone, turned over a long time ago video and showed it to her.

Mu Yun looks stunned. In fact, she can guess which thing he refers to even if she doesn't see it. But it's all five or six years ago. She's almost forgotten.

"It's you. I didn't find the wrong person."

Nangong Yao wants her confirmation.

Mu Yun frowned: "you are looking for me to repay me?"