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When Tang Xiao Rui heard his father asking for tens of thousands of cars from the Mummy, he immediately frowned. "Daddy, the safety of the Mummy is very important, can't you give her a better car?"

Tang Xiao Nai also chimed in from the side, "That's right, Daddy, please do me a favor. Don't let Mummy drive such a cheap car, if something happens … 5555, Xiao Nai will never see Mummy again, it's so pitiful. "

But now, the two brats had pleaded for her, so Ji Xiao Han did not dare to be impudent, and could only say with a cold face: "I'll get Uncle Yuan to bring a five hundred thousand car back for you tomorrow!"

Ji Xiao Han softly snorted. "I wanted to take care of her, but unfortunately, your Mummy doesn't appreciate it."

Tang You You suddenly did not like this topic anymore, who wanted him to care about it? He had to stop her and her children from leaving the country, could it be that she now wanted to ask him to borrow a car to repay him?

The reason why Tang You You was so confident and confident in staying here was because she felt that this man was simply trapping her with two children. She felt a little dissatisfied and dissatisfied in her heart.

Tang You You still drove Ji Xiao Han's luxury car outside, but this time she decided to park far away from the company.

Ji Xiao Han led the two little fellows and saw two extremely beautiful pocket-sized pony s on a green grassland.

The two pony were definitely carefully chosen before they could be bought. The color of their fur was extremely glossy, one white and one black, they were currently eating the grass with their heads lowered.

The two little fellows seemed to have let go of themselves as they pounced and ran towards the two pony s.

"Sigh, the two of you... Slow down! " Ji Xiao Han who was behind them, suddenly chased crazily without caring about his image.

Last time on the beach,'s daughter had been hit on the face by the sand and her skin had even been scratched.

This time, he was really afraid that his daughter would fall and hurt herself again, so the woman blamed him again.

He didn't want her to find any reason to blame him again.

"Daddy, run faster …" Tang Xiao Nai shouted excitedly as she ran.

Ji Xiao Han, dressed in a suit and shoes, ran to his daughter's side. His hair was messed up, but he felt happy, looking at the figures of the two little fellows running, his heart felt like it was suddenly as warm as spring. Everything was just right, it made him want to freeze the image.

Ji Xiao Han's wish came true. Uncle Yuan, who followed closely behind, had long since held onto a professional camera and was capturing this warm scene.

"Daddy, did you name the pony? They're so small, so cute. " The father and son duo stood beside the pony with happy smiles on their faces.

Tang Xiao Nai extended her hand out to touch the pony, but the pony suddenly raised its head and looked at her, scaring her so much that she retracted her hand, and looked at Ji Xiao Han while laughing foolishly.

Ji Xiao Han half-squatted down, and grabbed onto Tang Xiao Nai's little hand: "Don't be afraid, they don't hurt people, they're very obedient."

With his father's help, Tang Xiao Nai was finally able to touch the pony's head.

"They don't have a name yet. You and your brother can help them get one." Ji Xiao Han said gently.

He grabbed a handful of grass and pushed it to the little black horse's mouth. The little black horse used its tongue and ate the grass in its mouth.

Tang Xiao Rui happily continued to pluck the grass, his happy smile written on his face.

Tang Xiao Nai tilted her head as she tried to figure out what was going on. After a long while, she finally spoke in a serious tone, "Daddy, it's nice to call it Little White. Brother's is Little Black."

Upon hearing how simple it was for to name her, Tang Xiao Rui was immediately dissatisfied. "Idiot Xiao Nai, I have no objections to call you Xiao Bai, but this one is definitely not called Xiao Hei. This does not suit its temperament."

"I don't care what you call him, I'll just call him Lil 'Black. Lil' Black is so nice to listen to. It suits its color so well." Tang Xiao Nai immediately insisted.

Tang Xiao Rui rubbed his forehead. He understood his sister's personality, so he could only accept his fate: "Alright, I'll be called Little Black.

Tang Xiao Nai laughed with satisfaction, as if she was a little fool.

"Daddy, look, it's eating the grass in my hand!"

"Oh, Daddy, he almost bit my hand."

"Daddy, when can I ride it? I wish I could ride it and play with it a little faster. "

"Daddy …" Little White ran away, help me chase him … "

"Daddy, hurry …"

The innocent and cute shout continued to fly without end in the wind. Ji Xiao Han's heart was about to be softened by the two little fellows' shouts.

After half an hour of playing, the two little fellows were still unwilling to leave.

Ji Xiao Han had to patiently persuade them: "Xiao Rui, Xiao Nai, you guys should go to school. Daddy doesn't want you to be late on the second day, this will leave a bad impression for Teacher."

"Daddy, can you help me ask for a day off? I still want to have a closer relationship with Lil 'White." Tang Xiao Nai's soft voice was filled with pleading.

Xiao Nai, no matter how much you play, you guys still have to put learning first, okay? Ji Xiao Han suddenly realised that when children were unreasonable, they were more terrifying than anything.

Tang Xiao Nai's big eyes were already filled with tears.

Although Tang Xiao Rui also wanted to play along with the little black horse, he was still the older brother after all, so he had to set a good example.

"Daddy's words make a lot of sense. Xiao Nai, can you cry at any time? If Mummy knows that we aren't going to school, she would definitely be angry."

After he moved out of Mummy, the tears in Tang Xiao Nai's eyes instantly disappeared. She still remembered how Mummy fart when she refused to go to school.

"Alright, Lil 'White, be good. I'll feed you some grass when I come back from school. I'll miss you!" Tang Xiao Nai turned and bid farewell to her little white horse.

Seeing Tang Xiao Nai's childish behavior, Tang Xiao Rui snorted in disdain.