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C568 give her the best

In the end, Tang youyou didn't stick to it. Under the gentle attack of Ji Xiaohan, she had already been defeated.

At this moment, there is a couple of lovers, sitting on the grass under the stars, watching the bright moon tonight.

In the hillside parking lot of this amusement park that will be opened grandly, a black low car is parked in the dark.

Outside, one big one small two wipe figure, sit on the grass.

In the distance, the street lamp is lit, and it's quiet all around. It gives people a very quiet feeling.

Occasionally, birds and insects come from the flowers and grass nearby, making the night return to the original.

Yang ChuChu reached out his hand and touched a small stone. She raised her arm and threw it. Then she heard the clanging sound below.

"Oh..." Yang ChuChu hurriedly covered his mouth and looked at the handsome man beside him with a frightened expression: "did I break your entertainment?"

"It could be!" Luo Jinyu's thin lips are slightly raised, saying lightly.

"What can I do? I didn't mean to. I was itching for a while. By the way, you brought me here, but you wouldn't let me watch the starry sky with you? " Yang ChuChu suddenly held his arm back, apologized, and looked up at the stars in the sky.

Tonight, the moon is round and the sky is beautiful.

"I just want you to sit with me!" Luo Jinyu said in a low voice, showing a sense of loneliness.

Yang ChuChu immediately raised his eyebrows: "do you want me to sit with you? Not even a bottle of water or a bottle of milk has been prepared for me. "

Luo Jin laughs. Yang ChuChu is still like a child. What he says is always childish.

"I didn't prepare food for you, but I prepared a gift for you. I hope you will like it!" After Luo Jinyu finished, he reached out and took it out of his suit pocket, a delicate small box.

"What is it? It's so dark here. I can't see it clearly! " When Yang ChuChu heard that he had prepared a gift for himself, his eyes were bright and he was excited and eager to see it.

"It's a ring!" Luo Jinyu's voice, with a few low voices: "will you wear it on your hands?"

Yang ChuChu's outstretched hand gave a slight pause. In the dim yellow light, both of them could not see each other's faces clearly.

Luo Jinyu can feel this move by feeling, which seems to frighten the little thing.

"You Are you going to propose to me? " Yang ChuChu suddenly laughed happily. Then, she rushed to Luo Jinyu directly and pushed him down.

Luo Jinyu didn't expect that this woman would ask this question after she was surprised. The response was still so warm. He was also stunned.

"Why did it take so long to propose to me? You make me wait. "Yang ChuChu is really happy with her tears.

Luo Jinyu looks at the girl lying on her chest crying, his slightly stiff arm, inch by inch close, holding her tightly in his arms.

"Clearly, I can't propose to you now. You're not old enough to get married. I just want to give you this diamond ring as a gift." Ear, the man's low voice rang, with a little loss and sigh.

"Ah Are you playing with me? " Yang chuchujue cried in vain. The man gave her a diamond ring, not to propose to her, but just as a gift, which disappointed her.

"I didn't say that after you asked for marriage, you must get married at once. I can wait until I'm of legal age. I'll marry you." Yang ChuChu immediately wiped tears, very aggrieved very sad said.

Luo Jinyu's whole body quivered again. He tightened his arms and rubbed her tighter, as if he wanted to rub her into his body. He just held her like this and never let go.

"If you don't think I'm so abrupt, I'll propose to you. Do you agree?" Luo Jinyu suddenly felt that he seemed to be more timid than before, because he was on the emotional side. Where did the active and active self go?

"It depends on the weight of your diamond ring. I like it so much!" Yang ChuChu deliberately embarrassed him, smiling.

Luo Jinyu also laughed. This little thing is really not satisfied.

"At your own estimation, this diamond ring is enough for you to promise me." Luo Jinyu hands the box to her and lets her see it.

Yang ChuChu continued to lie on his body, shaking childishly. Then, she reached out to open the box and touched the diamond inside. The next second, she was immediately surprised: "isn't this the most popular eternal love recently?"

Luo Jinyu only laughs but doesn't speak.

Yang ChuChu hurriedly climbed up from his body and sat up, but obviously did not know how uncomfortable the man on his body was with such a move.

Yang ChuChu quickly felt for her handbag, opened it, felt for her mobile phone, clicked on the flashlight, and then she took a breath: "really, Luo Jinyu, how can you give me this? Do you know how expensive this diamond ring is? It's too wasteful! "

"I just want to give you the best, no matter how much or how little!" Luo Jinyu's answer makes people feel extremely warm. Yang ChuChu burst into tears again. Once again, he held the box tightly, went to his arms, and cried together holding the box. While crying, he beat him with his hand: "Luo Jinyu, don't spoil me like this. What if you spoil me? I don't want the best. I only want you, I only want you not to leave me. "

Luo Jinyu saw that she was crying so sad. She couldn't tell if she was happy or sad for a while. She had to touch her gently and ask: "do you like it?"

"Of course I like it. I'm sure no woman will not like such expensive things!" Yang ChuChu put the box tightly on his chest like a baby: "I must keep it well, I don't want to wear it."

"Well, you can keep it until the right time." Luo Jinyu did not force her.

"Well, Luo Jinyu, you are so good. How can I give you up to others? Not as good as... We'd better cook the uncooked rice as soon as possible. " Yang Chu suddenly raised his head, a pair of bright eyes looking at the man said.

Luo Jinyu's expression is slightly stunned. The courage of this little thing is really big.

"No, I won't touch you until you're 22!" Luo Jinyu said in a low voice, in a firm voice.

"Why do I have to wait until I'm 22? It's too long. I can't wait!"

"I can wait, why can't you?" Luo Jinyu said he was helpless. "I'm over eighteen!" Yang ChuChu immediately stressed that he was an adult.